Who is guilty, who is innocent?

December 19th, 2006 Print Print Email Email

Andargechew Tsigie, executive member of Kinijit International Leadership and Wondimu Mekonnen, a long time dissident of both Mengistu and Meles, argued that the 15-year long genocide trial of former Derg officials was a complete  travesty of justice. In an interview with Deutsche Welle’s Delnissaw Getaneh, they said that both Mengistu
and Meles (M&M) committed heinous crimes against defenseless civilians. According to them, when it comes to genocide, the ethnoceric Meles regime is more genocidal than Mengistu, who killed his opponents regardless of their race. Andagachew believes that Mengistu’s guilty verdict has not served justice to his brother, who was killed by the Derg, due to the fact that the current government has replicated the crimes of the Mengistu regime with a dangerous ethnic twist.

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