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What is Aigaforum talking about? Last time, he was depicting the tale of two lines in Addis and Asmara, for Sim card and bread, respectively. I personally thought that could have been some kind of joke, Aiga style satire. I thought unless he lost his mind, he wouldn’t dare to say “there has not been a line for 14 million starving people in Ethiopia”, so what else would it be except “satire”?

Of course, regardless of Shabia cadres’ in the west and other African countries out right lies about Eritrea being prospered, developed and industrialized, in surprising and bold move and contradiction of her shameless cadres, the cabinet member of EPLF told the international community that two-third (about 66.67%) of our Eritrean sisters and brothers are in dire need of food. Currently, each family is receiving 12 kilo grams food aid per month, an amount of food a big family in the west would probably consume in a single dining. Guess what? They are blaming Woyanne.

Ethiopia’s case is not different, but the TPLF gang, including Aigaforum, wants us to think that “things happening to the people in Eritrea are worse than what is happening in Ethiopia.” In line with this meaningless propaganda, Aigaforum has accused USA Today, TIME, and NPR for “Blackmailing the nation [Ethiopia]”. It is shameful. Telling the truth is in no way blackmailing. USA Today has told us what is exactly happening in Ethiopia. In case if aigaforum was in haste for his blurry and unbalanced conclusion as usual or had a plane to catch to China for the Olympic and/or visit family (his communist comrades), I beg aigaforum to reread USA Today ball points as stated herein below.

1. Ethiopia , perennially one of the world’s hungriest nations, once again has faced severe famine as result of the drought which killed the entire spring crop, global inflation that has doubled the price of food, armed rebellion in the Somali region that has disrupted food delivery, and assorted plagues, from insects to hailstones.

2. At least 14 million Ethiopians, about 18% of the nation, need food aid or cash assistance, according to government figures and aid agency estimates.

3. The hunger has spread across two-thirds of Ethiopia, from the slums of Addis Ababa to the parched countryside around Konso to the “green hunger” region where the rains came only after the spring growing season.

4. Urban Ethiopians traditionally were untouched by the hunger that droughts brought to the nation’s subsistence farmers. Now all Ethiopians face annual food-price inflation of more than 75%; only Zimbabwe’s problem is worse, according to World Bank economist William Wiseman.

5. Even some middle-class residents of Addis Ababa are being forced to put off weddings, carry lunches to work and eat two meals daily instead of three.

6. The nation’s emergency grain reserve is tapped out, and last month the food ration was reduced by one-third. The government says 75,000 children are severely malnourished. Some people are eating cactus, roots and other famine foods.

7. Ethiopia is addicted to an ever-growing dependence on food aid from countries who now must deal with increasing food problems of their own.

8. Awkwardly, Ethiopian leaders including but not limited to Zenawi and the country’s health minister, who told reporters that “[Ethiopia] does not need to beat the drum of hunger … every year”, are in denial of the famine, so is the Woyanne foot-soldier aigaforum.

9. Ethiopia can ill afford to play down its food needs; other nations’ own economic worries have left them less willing or able to feed the likes of Ethiopia.

USA today also said:

Unlike 1985, when images of a famine that killed 1 million Ethiopians shocked
the West, this year, there probably will be no mass starvation. An expensive,
elaborate social welfare apparatus, erected largely by the world’s rich nations
to avert another 1985, will not permit it. However, since 1985 the population
has doubled to almost 80 million, and per-capita farm production has declined.
Meanwhile, the global cost of raising and moving food keeps rising.
Unfortunately, this year there’s been push back from food donor nations, a
fatigue expressing: “’Here’s Ethiopia again, looking for food again.”

Who is to blame?

1. Beneath the system designed to stave off famine, Ethiopian agriculture is weaker than ever. Per-capita farm production has fallen by more than one-third since the famine of 1984-85, largely because the population has doubled — up to an average of 5.4 children per family — and the average farm plot has gotten smaller and drier.

2. The “green revolution” that transformed agriculture in Asia and Latin America after World War II largely bypassed [Ethiopia].

3. Most Ethiopians farm as their ancestors did — with oxen, wooden plows and rainfall. Farmers agree the latter has become increasingly unreliable.

4. Ethiopia also suffers from a centralized agricultural policy [of Zenawi] that does not encourage small private enterprise or even allow small farmers to own their land.


* Hunger remains a touchy issue in Ethiopia. The famine of 1973-74 brought down Emperor Haile Selassie, and the one of 1984-85 marked the beginning of the end for the regime that ousted him. Now, this famine of 14 million people along with the sprit of election 2005 marks the beginning of the end of the Zenawi regime. Amen! Hallelujah!

* The nation’s reliance on others for food undercuts its sense of itself as the only African nation not colonized in the 19th century, and the only one to conclusively defeat a European power: the Italians at the Battle of Adwa in 1896.

* Being synonymous with famine “hurts the image of the country.”


* Ethiopia needs agricultural development: hybrid seeds, irrigation systems, market roads, storage facilities.

* Zenawi should return to his conscience and do the right thing by opening the democratic space, having respect to the rule of law and human rights, ending the ethnic politics and scrapping article 39, and being amenable to sound economic policies. Otherwise, he would go in disgrace as his two predecessors did.

So why aigaforum is crying out loud?

“Nation blackmailed?” Give me a break. Please ask him if any of these are untrue? Does he know what he is talking about? “ Balckmailed?” Who is forcing the regime of Meles Zenawi and for what sake or what to gain? Who is threatening the regime of Meles Zenawi to reveal what is not out there already? Telling the true face of the famine happening in Ethiopia is not unfair threatening or incriminating of Zenawi’s regime. If aigaforum thinks that the international aid agencies are telling the truth of the famine to avenge the new NGO legislation, he is fooling himself. We all know that law is being enacted to dismantle the Opposition groups and it has nothing to do with the famine, healthcare etc.

Actually, I have my own question for him.

* Isn’t Zenawi’s shameful ethnic politics and favoritism out there?
* Hasn’t he helped the massacre of thousands of Ethiopian soldiers in the hands of EPLF after the down fall of Dergue?
* Hasn’t he compromised Ethiopia’s unity and sovereignty?
* Hasn’t he caused the killing of Ayder School Kids and General Hayelom’s?
* Hasn’t he caused the 100,000 people death for senseless war?
* Hasn’t he caused the death of 20,000 young Ethiopians from the province of Tigray at the hands of EPLF?
* Hasn’t he massacred or caused the massacred of our brothers and sisters in Gambela, Awassa, Regions 3 and 4 at large and indiscriminately, Arba Gugu, Asebot Gedam, Bedno, Ogaden, Afar, Tigray and Addis Ababa etc?
* Hasn’t he caused, as a result of his idiotic economic policy, millions of people to be affected by drought and famine year after year?

What blackmail is aigaforum talking about? What a shame!

  1. T_Z
    | #1

    we ethiopians are fed up with ppl like you comlayen every time. any body who love to help ethiopia are well camed so pls stop bla bla
    we have no time for that. our ppl is back word and not hard worckers so we need time to change the living still of our ppls life.
    but caming here and talking againest some one is very easy. so pls lets stop bla bla.
    we are the most ignorant ppl and poor ppl in the planet. we dont need some american ethiopians rapers kkkkkk shame on you guys.

  2. Zemenu Abate
    | #2


    Thank you for weeding out those who are against the interst of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Sure enough, aigaforum is the source of huge misinformation and hate. Truth has be told and that was USA Today did. To state what USA Today said about our famine as balckmailing is laughable.
    I personally suggest someone has to follow up with his positing and counter it everytime he opens his big mouth.
    Yes, we have a huge problem. Yes, we know the solution. However, the line which connects the problem and the soultion is disrupted by Woyanne. Right on the money Seblewongel.
    Thank you.

  3. woyane hater
    | #3

    T_Z ,

    His point is that you are dumb,fool and idiot.
    So in simple words he is saying to you go back to school and learn few things.

    | #4



  5. Hahu
    | #5

    Any person can sit down through his/her fat ass and comment on any issue of our county. I can tell you that this is one of the problem we the Ethiopian have; we always think beyond our own ability. Thanks God most of the civilized people of Ethiopia are residing in Ethiopia and working tirelessly to repulse to any problem.
    So Negarit Ethiopia! you need to do your part to eradicate poverty for good if you have what it takes.

  6. Bekelle
    | #6

    Ufffffffffffffff..I am so bored by these disapora politics..useless…just barking day and night..

  7. x_eprp
    | #7

    1.T_Z said: “SO WHATS YOUR POINT????”

    Seblewongel’s point: Our people, 14 million of them, are affected by famine, and what USA Today has said is true and not blackmailing Ethiopia. This is her point. Understood?

    2.T_Z said: “We ethiopians are fed up with ppl like you comlayen every time.”

    My response: T_Z, we are demanding our human right be respected, rule of law and due process to flourish in Ethiopia, and democratic space be opened. We are demanding sensible economic policies come in to play so that there won’t be drought, and no body is “comlayen[sic]”[ I take it that you were trying to say complaining] .

    3.T_Z said: “any body who love to help ethiopia are well camed so pls stop bla bla we have no time for that.”

    My response: Yes, we love Ethiopia. EPRP and other pro-democracy forces requested to enter into Ethiopia and contribute in tackling the huge problem we have been facing. It is not that we have not tried. Unless you want us to enter into Ethiopia as TPLF which we don’t qualify based on our and your requirements, the door has been shut on us. EPRDF has not “well camed [sic]” us.

    4.T_Z said: “our ppl is back word and not hard worckers so we need time to change the living still of our ppls life.”

    My response: No, our people are not “back word” [sic] [I take it you were trying to say backward] and we are hard worckers [sic] [workers]. It is the policy of our government which is backward and primitive. When you fail to come up with sensible economic policy but bow for ethnic favoritism and hate, there won’t be development but backwardness.

    5.T_Z said: “but caming here and talking againest some one is very easy. so pls lets stop bla bla.”

    My response: I guess you are naïve. “Caming[sic]” [I take it as you were trying to say coming] out, rather speaking up in a country where freedom of press and speech is suppressed is not easy. Abugida, Addis Voice, Ethiomedia, Abbaymedia, Negarit Ethiopia, Debteraw etc are speaking for those who are forbidden to speak and write. It is healthy to speak out against dictators and evils. Understood?

    6.T_Z said: “we are the most ignorant ppl and poor ppl in the planet. we dont need some american ethiopians rapers kkkkkk shame on you guys.”

    My response: We know TPLF hates Ethiopia and Ethiopians, but please, in the name of God, don’t call us “ignorant”. Yes, we are poor, but it is because of our successive dictators including your prime minister. And, it doesn’t matter who is telling us, what is important is the message. The message in here is that we are the starving nation and do not have a way out as a result of our poor economic policy and dictatorial government. Understood?

    BTW, please take ESL; you are the worst writer I have ever seen.

  8. Dil L Ethiopia
    | #8

    Why is it the ones who write supporting woyanne are always poor in their grammatical usage, spelling and most of all in their presentation?

    This leads me to believe that there is a big correlation between being woaynne and being stupid or retarded.

    I am planning to do a research on this matter.

    My research will mainly focus on:

    Correlation coefficient – Stupidity and Woyanne

    Would anyone volunteer to help me out on this?

    Dil Le Ethiopia.

  9. | #9

    kkkk abogida i bet u aiga is one hunderd persent is better than u for real. what is the deffrent between u and aiga in this matter u are the mouth piece of shabya and aiga is the mouth piece of ethiopia so what is the deffrent between u?? let the people juge so peleas abugida don’t make ur self a fool. meskin come up with onther one sorry..adios

  10. T_Z
    | #10

    dear x.eprp
    i am glad that you care so much for our country ethiopia. me too. i have the same feeling like you .and thats why i said we ethiopians fed up with ppl who talk but not worck. may be you and i we could disagree with
    eprdf. but remember i always respeact your and your likes right. and you should respact my right too.hawever. eprdf is much more better than janihoy & derg for ethiopia divolopement.
    any way mr/mrs X eprp thank you for every thing. and dont worry about my english coz firest i am 19years old i have time to learn
    and 2nd pls do not blive in language. there are many ppl who can speak and write nice english. but blive me they know nathing.
    they cant even change there on life. and best of all you understand what iam trying to say & thats the mater we disagree in what we blive in. thank you again bro.

  11. Dil L Ethiopia
    | #11

    mamo and T_Z did it again! This woyanne stupidity thing. What’s up with you woyannes? Get education!
    I will pay for it.

    Dil Le Ethiopia.

  12. T_Z
    | #12

    TO dil.
    do you think you are educated coz you write good english???shame on your balck ass. there are many africans who can write and speak much more than you. but they are living in the country side. so are they educated?? by the way
    pls do not talk to me coz i know i am better than you. i have my on buisenes and iam hard worker not talkative like you. fating your ass
    with walfare mony wont take you no where. if you do not respeact my right you are one of yederg buchula. by the way go and write a dictionary with your temama english okay?. so give me a break.

  13. | #13

    To dil….look hommy when u left the country for chavinest derg. i was fighting for my right and my country. gebsh pls get life losser learen from ur past mistek.stupid imggrant

  14. | #14

    Unless the weyanes coack roaches go back to where they come from the misery they brought to Ethiopia along with them in 1991 will flourish and there is no ending in site; the other sad part of all is their deadly disease is spreading around the horn of Africa with the help of western powers! death to weyane gang-ho

  15. | #15

    Dear T-Z

    You seem to be sincerely believing that’.eprdf is much more better than janihoy & derg for ethiopia divolopement…’Is this an evidence based statement? Or are you simply repeating what EPRDF tells you? How much credible is what EPRDF says about itself?

    So, in what ways,do you argue,is EPRDF better than its two predecessors?

    Inorder to help you to answer my questions,I suggest you visit UNDP’s website and see UNDP ETHIOPIA HDR 2004 data so that you can compare it with the data of other poor countries in the continent.Please try to read it objectively.I have my conclusions.But I want to learn the conclusion you arrive at before I disclose mine or even challenged by it.

    I am looking forward to your response.


  16. ty
    | #16

    Are you telling us it´s false??????

  17. Dila
    | #17

    So So !!
    you seems very mad of Aigaforum because he write about ERITRIA What ??

  18. ty
    | #18

    The dog barks the camel …………….

  19. One Ethiopia
    | #19

    Everyone should see the big problem…

    Eritrea, OLF and ONLF are against ETHIOPIA not against WEYANE.

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