AFD members invited on the 2007 KING Holiday

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EMF | Dec. 20, 2006 AFD members; Kinijit, EPPF, OLF, ONLF have been invited on the “2007 Martin Luther King Human Rights Symposium”?, January 11, 2007. It becomes African-American culture to celebrate Martin Luther King’s Day in connection with Human Rights and Conflict Resolution.The 2007 King’s Holiday will focus on “Peace on trial in Ethiopia”?.

EMF source said, Kinijit International (KIL) chairman, Dr. Mogess Gebremariam will represent CUDP and the new elected Inspector General from Kinijit North America (KNA), Dr. Abrham Bekele will make speech on the event.

On the Afternoon panel discussion Anuak Justice Council, Carter Center, European Union, Kaliti Covenant, Ogaden Human Rights Committee and other civic organizations will discuss on the Human Right issues.

In celebrating the Martin Luther King National Birthday Holiday, a full week of activities have been planned. The focus of concern will be the same as those of the South African Renaissance. The theme of the week of activities is “Keeping the Dream Alive Remembering the Past; Forging Towards the Future.”

  1. Yigermal
    | #1

    Now Kinijit functioning in Diaspora in a right eay.Every move is inspected the the Inspector general and Check any prblem before it gets too late. There is no a one man lead any more!!Go CUD.We are way too go.

  2. Betru
    | #2

    Go Kinijit.

    Shaleka and his cronies are history.

  3. tola
    | #3

    united ethiopia

  4. | #4

    I’m loving this! I’m enjoying this ride! Way to Go Kinijit and the Alliance for Freedom and Democracy members…….now it is time for valuable civic organizations to serve AFD as an excellent back bone or support group. Co-ordinate talents, energies, the network and maintain the Ethiopia, which is valuable to all her citizens. Also move swiftly to moblize the public against the struggle against the worest threat that Ethiopia have ever had – the woyane beasts!

    Abugida team check your email !

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