KIL released – Calendar 2007!

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KIL released – Calendar 2007!

  1. | #1

    Yes, bravo Kinijit !! These are the kinds of actions that we need to intensifye the struggle!!

    Abugida Team check your email !!

  2. Youseph Alemu
    | #2

    Bravo Kinijit our Leader, especially Bertukan the the litter women Hero!!! I really appreciate you, you are my role model, I am really proude of you fot the job you have done.

    Everything has its own time, please don’t fadeupof Weyane. One day you will be Ministry of Justice, I am sure.

    About a century or so ago, it was unthinkable for most people to abolish slavery from the world. But, because of strong anti-slavery movement what was unthinkable becomes a reality. In the same way, about a decade ago abolishing apartheid from South Africa was like pushing a mountain – doing what cannot be done. However, because of strong anti-apartheid movement the South Africans succeeded in dismantling racism. If vigorous and rigorous actions are taken, what seems impossible can ultimately be proven to be achievable.

    God bless Ethiopia!!!

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