Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week Of December 23rd

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December 23rd 2006

Watch this week’s Abugida TV Program

  1. Yenie
    | #1

    Hi Abugida,

    I like your program very much. One comment i have is that during NEWS peroid, why is that Asheber says his name as well as Yemisirach’s. I think he should just say his name and then allow Yemisirach to introduce herself.

    hope you act on my suggestion.

    may God be with you all!


  2. Aklil
    | #2

    selam le hulachehum !

    progeramachehun betam teru new ketelubet be ena ayin tensh sehetet ayichalehu esum betam telek ayidelem gen le hedeget sibal setetun ayito malef teru ayidelem ena new.
    1/ programun setasetelalefu wendoch bezuhun sehat yiwesedalu 50% bihon teru new.
    2/ engeda kale meteyek setaderegu weha le teteyakiwem leteyakiwem akerebu,
    3/ kale meteyekunem satochen enditeyiku aderegu wend becha serawen ayisera. beteref betam teru sera new bertu bertu Del Le Ethiopia Hezb. Aklil ke sweden

  3. mohamed
    | #3

    Hi Abugidawoch,

    I was very disappointed when I miss your show yesterday and today but finally you guys are live and here it is wonderful programe Inshalah Ethiopia will prevail and you guys rewarded.

    Bertu Bertu..


  4. Zeleke
    | #4

    Hello Abugida;

    I like your program, but needs some improvements. Let everyone introduce themselves. Please try to provide water for the guests during interview.

  5. selamawit
    | #5

    Nice program kepp up the good news. I heard a news about meles being tired of leadership if it was true i will bee very happy by the way.I heard it on tensea radio could You please tell us if it was true.I believe them but it is better to get second voice.

  6. | #6

    I love your tv ,you do many thing fir our promise land (ethiopia)god bless you all and ethiopia.kill meles bring kenjet.

  7. selam
    | #7


    I like r progrmme.

    Go ahea, it is so nice

  8. Yosef W. Degefi
    | #8

    You are performing a good job IN GENERAL.
    you are doing very good work in our country’s politic. ABUGIDA TV is ALSO intersting in entertainment. Keep your effort up until democracy is established in Ethiopia.

    May God help you beside your effort.

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