Ethiopian Warplanes Air Bomb Baledweyn, Central Somalia

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Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu)|December 24, 2006 Latest reports from Baledweyn, central Somalia, indicate that Ethiopian warplanes are bombing the main town of Hiran region.Witnesses said the planes air-raided market vicinities, where people were shopping. They also said large numbers of students in the area were supplied with arms to fight with the Ethiopian troops.

The Ethiopian air raiding is reportedly going on in Baledweyn and around the town.

Baledweyn is 350 (220 miles) south of the capital Mogadishu. Earlier Islamic Courts called on Muslim fighters around the world to come to Somalia and wage their jihad war in Somalia

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  2. Debesay
    | #2

    Mamo You said Good job? really Mamo

    Aye Mamo “semen melak yawetawal alu “

  3. Aba Dula Gemeda
    | #3

    Before criticize wait”¦We all know that Meles and his followers are hated by ethio ppl and Somalia ppl as well “¦ but this war is not about hate the government or not “¦ It’s about defending a motherland “¦ as you know the Somalia ppl did unforgettable crises in Ethiopian ppl and property the past 6 month “¦they demolished a lot’s of Ethiopian ships in the border and they blocked roads and smuggled the trucks with the point of gun which comes from the border to the cities with the loads of a lots tons of cements to Somalia “¦and so on “¦so before we start judging about this conflict let’s find out the source “¦even if there is no benefit from war we not supposed to let them muumuu their shit on our head “¦we have to teach them how to live peacefully with neighboring countries
    The thing is they already now what happen b/n Ethio & Eritrea, they wanna take advantage of it “¦wanna get a peace of land or something”¦”¦WORYAs pls”¦

  4. kemal
    | #4

    this is not the time to critcize! it is time for all ethiopians to support our troops. our country is fighitng for its very existance. all ethiopian historcal enmys are united and they are in somilia. olf, shabia, onlf and so on……. have been in somilai for quit sometime now. they have come together to ablirate a county called ethiopia

  5. solomon debebe
    | #5

    I just want to say some thing. before we start judjing about this war we should know how somali making lot of damage to our country . we don’t let them chance for shabia and somali and olf . those are our enemy .

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