EPRDF Launches Airstrikes in Somalia, Bombed Airports and Bridges

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By Guled Abdi Mohamed – SDWO.COM |December 24, 2006

Ethiopia has launched a massive attack against the Somali Islamic Courts. Ethiopia airplanes launch and airstike through out the country destroyed Beledweyne’s Civilian Airport, Bridges and Roads. Ethiopia has about 20,000 combat troops in side Somalia. Ethiopia and Somalia have been rivals throughout history, and memories of the 1977-78 Ogaden war between the two are still fresh. 1977 Somalia invaded Ethiopia after Somali Troops run over the Ethiopian troops and went within striking distance to Ethiopian’s capital city Addis Ababa. Former Soviet Union, Cuba, Yemen and Libya help Ethiopia to re-capture their lost territory in 1978. Ethiopia’s foreign affairs spokesman, Solomon Abebe said too much patience, the Ethiopian government has taken a self-defensive measure and has begun counterattacking the aggressive extremist forces of the (Islamic council) and foreign terrorist groups,” The Council of Islamic Courts has vowed to drive out troops from neighboring Ethiopia, a largely Christian nation that is providing military support to Somalia’s U.N.-backed government Ethiopia’s information minister said his country’s forces had launched “self-defensive measures” against the Islamic Courts Union. This is the first time that Ethiopia Admitted their forces are fighting inside Somalia.

  1. Debesay
    | #1

    “Ethiopia defending it self by attacking the capital city of somalia” joke of the year
    solomon Abebe
    Berane Halu
    meles Zenawi

    Actors: Ethiopan Army

    I hope this theater win Oscar

  2. Mamush
    | #2

    I think it is time for all Ethiopian’s to differ their disagreement with the tyrant in Addis with the country’s long term stratagic walefare. Regardless of how hard we try, this is a war we can never avoid- it could only be delayed if Ethiopia decides to stay on the side lines while the ICS gains momentum and strength. Please let us be citizens who could understand both issues at hand – Domestic and regional.

  3. solomon debebe
    | #3

    ethiopia are plunged in to war with somalias islamist forces .we have to do it this life and death if we don’t defend our country .who is gone be defend our land .we know we have two enemy in this world shabia and somali so we have to defend our country .

  4. | #4

    VIVA MELES -Z. da son of king yohanes.

  5. Selam
    | #5

    I hope you know Meles is the son of an Italian banda who was kicked out of Axum and run to Eritrea to hide with other traitors of Ethiopia and lovers of the Lossing Fascist “colonizers”!

    Ethiopia has been free of foreign colony, but it has yet to free itself from internal enemies who want to distroy a three thousand year old legacy our fathers maintained only through their blood and faith to ONE Ethiopia!!

    As always, Ethiopia will prevail!!

  6. solomon debebe
    | #6

    we don’t have time for somali they are our enemy they nevr give rest for us .

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