Obama’s Speech to Ethiopian Americans

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Obama’s Speech to Ethiopian Americans – Political Humor

  1. i can make a difference
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  2. dessie
    | #2

    The attempt on Barck’s clp vedio is good, but the messege is naive, wishie washie, the jokes are also ugly and senseless. Stop contempting Ethiopian in america, they are all kind and all level beyond your scope, as any of minor commnity in US, pls take time and watch one more or more time the already recongized as “Masterpeice speech on Politics of the 21st century”that far more vivid and powerfull than Kennedy’s and MLK’s “I have a dream”

  3. Tigist
    | #3

    Would you pleas get ride of this dam clip? It is not either funny or give any sense.

  4. maza
    | #4

    what u wanna say pls.dont kill ur time useless message or jok ha ha ha … better try to explain real OBAMA u can do more & more still ……

  5. gemoraw
    | #5

    Wey dedeb Ethiopians…bilachu bilachu…you started a joke on US politics?? nobody will even the americans make an ugly phone on the great person obama like this.

    This is realy embrassing.you see that is true we are rude.

    Abugidas pls pls pls get delet this damn missage.I would like to say….izachu meles lay kelidu.lemada!!!

  6. Dil Le Ethiopia
    | #6

    Hey People,

    Come down!!! You need not to freak out over a humor. No presidential candidate is immune to jokes.

    What is so different about Obama?

    If you can not laugh over a simple joke like this then you people need to go to Monastery and become a monk!!

    Don’t Freak out!!

  7. dinka
    | #7

    I do not get the humor it is really lousy.

  8. Nebeyi
    | #8

    Sorry Abugida,

    When do you start this idiot job ? That is good
    for woyane

  9. elyas
    | #9


    when you post this nasty joke I mean if it is a joke..I can tell that you guys will never be a media person at all.

    Go and broad cast this childsih humour for KES temariowoch.I am sure they will not lough on it but an to you.


  10. simon
    | #10

    NOT funny at all please die slow. UGLY u aint even funny some one needs to punch him on his tooth

  11. asmamaw
    | #11

    The person who make the trash fun on obama and abugidas, we understood that you dont know what you are doing. Then there is no ways that some healthy minded person will listen to your subordinative idiology.

    we dont leasten to you. You guys need some improvement.

    fuck you abugidas and the ignorant person who post this garbagge joke. I think you guys came from the street of MERKATO.

  12. peter
    | #12

    abogida i used to read your web site with interst,after i see your post in your site about obama i am so disapponted in our ppl how low understanding they have on the politcal side of life . i have soo much admiration for his politcal view and underatsnding his countery’s need and the world problem .I belive if he become the next presidant the world will be in peac and the country will prosper and america will be loved by the world .i wish him all the best to be come the next presidant of u .s .A .

    to abogida would you be kind enough to remove this clip from you site and try to educate our ppl with a postive message . thanks

  13. Isaac T
    | #13

    This is the poor people’s idea in that we know each other that is why u presnted this for us.u stupid creature.Never learn and never grow at all.To be honest I never expect such thing in this web site.So digusting and so stupid.I am very sorry to say that but I can’t.Please grow up.

  14. Mammo
    | #14

    This video was made by a woyanna!! I can’t believe Abugidainfo posted it!!! You can tell by the flag in the backgroud and the sarcastic tone of the “ugly” voice-over!!! Please take it off of this website…a genuin person with a positive motive would not put it this way whether it is to be funny or not!!

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