Birtukan Medeksa New Year Wishes

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  1. kuma
    | #1

    i wish mengistu come back to lead ethiopia
    then we real know who is terrorized the contry.
    but any way its all about power.

  2. | #2

    It is a great and precise NEW YEAR MESSAGE!!

    A message from a leadership that is well- devoted for the betterment of lives of the people of Ethiopia.

    It is full of POSITIVE ATTITUDE and DEDICATION for the real cause of the EHIOPIAN PEOPLE.That is the quality of leadership.

  3. belay
    | #3

    happy new year for all ethiopian,belay.
    thanks,the message of queen birtuquan medeksa
    GOD please you?

  4. elyas
    | #4

    fuck you burtikan…you my bitch!!!

  5. Hagos
    | #5


    I can see you are one of the law class person no no, no, not person but you are dog however what do you know you are Meles’s son you are acting just like your lord or geta I want to see you and your gata Meles to get out from Ethiopia. God bless Madam Birtuquan. We Ethiopns love you very much. Happy New Year to all Ethiopian and this year we will have our government in our hand

    | #6

    elyas why?? iam also woyane supporter but pls we dont need to insult ppl.
    after all if you dont agree with her you have the right to disagree but insulting ppl it shows us haw weak you are iam ashame of you poor man. any way happy new year for all of you ethiopians. i wish 2001 will be a good year for all ethiopians.

  7. dinka
    | #7

    Thank you and God bless & protect you Judge Birtukan

  8. Belete S.Tufa
    | #8

    Thank you Birtukan. I hope Ato Meles and his party will listen to you and people like you.

  9. selam
    | #9

    Than U Birtukan for ur wonderful wish. But….How r u going to keep on ur struggle…by taking part in the upcoming election…Haven’t u got some lessons from May 2005 election….
    God bless u

  10. goitom
    | #10

    elyas, you are stupid woyanne. we don’t expect anything from a person (hard to call you a person)like you.

  11. abe
    | #11

    Here is a satire of the Millennium in Amharic in cybereth.

  12. Kassa Ayeleg
    | #12

    Brutukan you are god ladar.god bles you.

    | #13


  14. M_zenawi
    | #14

    to all ethiopians. i wish you happy new year.
    my ppl pls do not talk too much poletics we need onley hard worckers to grow up our economi
    so help me my ppl. god bless you all.
    2001 will be a great year for all of us.

  15. asfaw
    | #15

    i know what a great leader Birtukan is , what i wish her 4 now is 2 come & join z G7 movement.
    Birtu we always respect & love u.

  16. Gashaw A
    | #16

    What a wish!! Fantastic!!
    What is change? To change things we need to be changed first. Birtukan is struggling for her own freedom. We should be part of the struggle too. Don’t expect Birtukan or others to bring change alone. We have to get involved some how. We need to have a vision. And have a plan to move ahead to realize our vision. We should know how to act [get involved]. The opposition groups should formulate a mechanism in which each and every one of us have something to contribute in the struggle. There are a lot of thnigs anyone can/should do. With out the people practical involvement the struggle will be costy in terms of life and time. Uless we stick together and stay firm the leaders will be an easy intemidation, harassement and attack targets for the ruling party. We have to protect them by geting involved. We have to prove everyone can be a leader in the struggle.

    God bless Ethiopia.

  17. genet tesfaye
    | #17

    el mensaje es muy preciso y muy claro mesiento bien por ser etiope “we live together or daid together”

  18. | #18

    May God bless you with patience. keep up with the good work.
    It seems to me that Birtukan Medekssa has massive political assets at her arsenal. I don’t doubt the Ethiopian mass is behind her. This I believe has created a sense of insecurity and intense fear to the government. Indeed she must have scared the hell out of this government to put her in jail. Otherwise, any sensible government would not take a vengeance stand and arrest a lady by a group of armed men. Certainly, the method deployed by the government of the arrest her itself speaks volume about the intensity of the government’s fear Bitukan paused in the eyes of the government. I have personally witnessed Birtukan’s skillful political strength, her charisma, her down to earth affable personality, while she was here in LA to addressed Ethiopians. She possesses everything it takes to become a Leader. Someday

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