Two Ethiopian stowaways – Fikru Mekonnen and Ashenafi Bekele – Abugida

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Fikru Mekonnen and Ashenafi Bekele have been released after 8 months of confinement. They had an interview with Amharic VOA’s Solomon Kifle. (more…)

Fikru Mekonnen and Ashenafi Bekele have been released after 8 months of confinement. They had an interview with Amharic VOA’s Solomon Kifle.

According to U.S. Customs & Border Protection, Ethiopian Airlines flight 500 departed Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, stopped in Rome, Italy, and landed at Dulles International around 9:30 a.m. The two adult male passengers were found by a security guard, hiding in the ceiling of the kitchen galley after the passengers disembarked the plane. They had no plane tickets or bags and were wearing Ethiopian Airlines uniforms and I.D. badges.

They were jailed and subjected to sever physical abuses by the woyanne regime for being supporters of Kinijit(V). Hence, they had no option but to flee their country.

Please Listen to their Interview with VOA

Picture: Courtesy of Andnet DC

  1. dinka
    | #1

    Well what does it tell us? such young people leave their own mother land with such sad stories risking their life because of such an arrogant leader.They chose to die like this (though they did not) rather than in the brutal government hand just becasue they voted kinijit.How long must we wait for this ugly government while they do what they do to the young Ethiopians.Up until now my heart was also for a peaceful struggle from hereon I am all for arm struggle.Brothers and sisters let us not fool ourselves.Big thanks for voice of America.

    | #2


  3. Maru
    | #3

    the American government should return this criminals

  4. tazabi
    | #4

    Beautiful lie!
    political asylum is a tool to get resident permit.
    anyways,Injera filega ende hone hulum yigebawal.

  5. | #5

    hey guys u did good job it’s better 2 dye than administerd by meles melatawe & thanxs 2 u.s gov 4 let u free god bless america land of migrant

  6. Tsega
    | #6

    Here is the questions needs to be answered before we blame or give justice.

    the first things how they return back to their work in Ethiopian airlines if they had been arrested by the government becuase EAL is government company and for sure they won’t get back to their job.

    so from my point of view those guys don’t have any problem against the government.

    the other things even if i don’t like the Melese government personally, it is really bad presenting such silly story as a news because we are not stupid to take everything against Melese regim so pls be resonable when you present something to the public(this message goes to the website director)

    the last good thing is these guys are lucky being accepted by the US government since it was bad if they were denied by US and return back home. so i say Good luck to you guys.

    at Last, i have a message to the name “Maru”
    pls understand how many of your freinds and relative are in line applying and crying to get their assylum case here in US so pls try to be reasonable and honest.

    And we need the right information and we won’t be happy by reading and listening all news again Meles Regim.

    God bless Ethiopia.

  7. | #7

    This is happens because we are poor.
    It will continue as long as we remain
    poor…POVERTY by itself is a good reason
    to run away from ethiopia…

  8. hagos
    | #8

    meles sonof bich you dont know who is your ppl and who isent. why you give a good job like this two laiers. where there are many ethiopians who fight for ethiopia and now they are in shit b/s you get them out of there job like former tegadeltis and many supporters. and now here is what you get from your enemy ppl. like thoes two laiers. not yet there are many arrogant ppl againest you in ethiopia offices shame on you man. pls give power to other tigraians. you just make me sik.

  9. | #9

    These guys simply came to US due to poverty they have back home. I am sure that they don’t have any political problems with the governemt but to back up their claim for political asylem, they are creating good idea as if they are torturing and detaind by the governemnt, Imagine, if they were members of KINIJIT, how could theyget back their job in the Ethiopian Airlines? This is really silly arguement. So, please let us talk the right thing than blaming Meles for nothing.
    Any way good luck but try to tell the truth.

  10. dinka
    | #10

    Tiger and similar minds!!! these young people are victims because they support Kinijit they said it so,Meles is a monster and his actions are speaking louder he does not want to see and young person to decide his won destiny unless he or she bows for him and becomes an ignorant cadre like him; we have been witnessing similar dirty patterns for the last 18 years!!! guys Meles has been spending money only to the group of people who follow his agenda and most are from his tribe the 20 years selected cadres are now about 40 with children and education with the blood money from Ethiopia many of them are ready and Meles replacing them by firing genuine Ethiopians from their jobs with robots like him.So,those of you who are linient towards Meles on this forum and others, dismissing these young heroes grievances shows you are the same people who are oppressors out here in the west & and oppressors children back in Ethiopia.This is a regime that has sent Teddy Afro with fabricated charge a regime that denies about so many that are dying of famine….Woyanas!you can fool some people sometimes but you can not fool all the people all the time…!!!This young courageous people should be honoured and respected for the stand they took.
    Good will win over evil!!
    Democracy will win over tyranny!!!
    Power to all anti Melles pro pan Ethiopian struggle.

  11. Mesfin
    | #11

    Good job guys! Meles is an evil man and every one should stay away from him. Weyannes are behind evil Meles just because they are dogs. Weyannes are loyal dogs for Meles. Just like any other good dog they take command from their owner such as sit down and run. They can’t think rationally as human beings. They are so loyal to Meles, he call them “golden”. Well, we should call them “golden retrieve”. That is a certain bread of dog.

  12. mono
    | #12

    u gus God bless u

  13. atuba dolla
    | #13

    Over the last 18 years since the woyanaetplf murerers arrival in Ethiopia, it became the end of the future of the young men and women of Ethiopia.

    For years and beyond that the enemies of Ethipiopia had collaborated with the external enemies of Ethiopia of all sorts to harm the country and the people with eventual goal of shutting down the gate of opportunities on all citizens of Ethiopia leaving the country void of prospering.

    First and foremost, congradulation to the young men who endured the long journey to a total freedom. Yes,the brutal regime of Meles Naziawi and his crimefamily spent their time on looting the county and murdering citizens of all ages just to enrich themselves and to depelete the resources of the country leaving nearly nothing for the rest of the men and women and children of all ages.

    Citizens of Ethiopia are not only imprisioned they are also bored by the presence of the invading brutal forces in their life. The courage and committement shown by Ethiopians in getting rid of forces of destruction will continue with a shored goal of achieving a total freedom.

  14. tamerat
    | #14

    atuba dolla.
    i wish they can live better than you this two huys. but remember you are living in hell mr looser. no country is the same like your on country old man. i know now you are about 55 to 60 years old who have no future. but coming here and blame or your time to ethiopian gvn. wont take you no where nor change your darck life where you live now. hi why dont you ask your slfe alon in your smol room hahahahahahaha.
    sorrrrrrrrrrry looser your future is hell sooon.

  15. atuba dolla
    | #15

    Tamerat,you don’t have a thinking mind chiefly because your brain has been totally brainwashed beyond a cure; this is why people of all ages ignored you all the time.

    you willingly submitted yourself to woyanaetplf propaganda and cult so that you are conditioned to act in defense of the brutal regime. Your life is supported by a sucking tube of tplfwoyanae brutals; when they captured, you will have to go with them.

  16. Zoreyalech
    | #16

    I never visit this kind of website before and I don’t think any real Ethiopian lady’s have time for this and I am almost sure all of the coments above are only from guys.
    Who didn’t lie to get resident of United State? almost all of us did. Most Ethiopians is not trying to do anything for Ethiopia. It is clear that every Ethiopians and young generation are scape the country mostly because of poverty but some of them can be because poletical problem. However this kids know what is best for them. You guys should leave them alone. My sugestion for most Ethiopian guys that they spend their time on gossiping is, please get a life. If you have a wife and kids try to spend time with them,try to suport your family in back home. Most of you have a kids at home and you don’t even see them because you have to attend that bar get together everynight and some of you don’t even have someone in your life and you hate to be home alone on your fiftys. You can get a great person on your age and start your life today, that young spanish or blond lady you tip everynight is just in your dream. GET A LIFE!!! WE FEEL SORRY FOR ALL OF YOU GUYS!!!

  17. Zoreyalech
    | #17

    By the way Ato Maru. You gave a coment that “American government should return this criminals” Do you even know what is crime means? This kids left Ethiopia to survive,just like every Ethiopians. Don’t you should have some feelings for your Wogen. Twenty two hours with out water, food and using the bathroom doesn’t mean anything to you.
    I think they must have a big reason to diside that on their life. Anyways, I am picturing you with the glass of scatch on you hand saying this. So I hope you didn’t mean it.

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