Hizbawi Imbita (HI), Yes! But Against Confused Dictators

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A response to HG: Hizbawi Imbita, posted on these website


or http://www.kinijit.org/content.asp?contentid=2179
Dear HG:
Thomas Hobbes talked about the notion of what you call “Hizbawi Imbita”? in a relation to an important theory known as social counteract- literally means society agreement or choice to stay within the society without violating the agreement. (more…)

A response to HG: Hizbawi Imbita, posted on these website


or http://www.kinijit.org/content.asp?contentid=2179
Dear HG:
Thomas Hobbes talked about the notion of what you call “Hizbawi Imbita”? in a relation to an important theory known as social counteract- literally means society agreement or choice to stay within the society without violating the agreement. This does not, however, mean to lug peoples like Shaleqa and perhaps his advisors, who do nothing except divide the Diasporas, monopolize public organizations, and secure public fund in a modern underground pot (Tegera birr masqemecha) called CD.
HG tries to confuse the Diaspora by fetching those fake letters, once more, on the table. Why does not he leave our courageous leader alone to dwell in that confined cell without additional intrusion if he really worries about him? Why is he trying to convince us that the honorable Ato Hailu encouraged and pushed Shaleqa to be a dictator that could do any thing under the earth on us? Do not we know Ato Hailu as one of the most democratic individual of this time? Who will believe this cunning approach of HG?
Many blame Shaleqa for what happened. My view is different. No doubt Shaleqa has lots of limitations that disqualify him to be a ruler let alone to be a leader. However, I don’t think majority of the Diasporas understand where the core problem lies. Shaleqa is just a symbol. The root causes of the problem are HG and his associates. Because of the HG and associates Inc endless voracious appetite for power, and of course relentless effort of woyane, the Diaspora has been failing to be united for more than 20 years. Whenever any kind of united front is established, this group wants to be the source of the prime actors. If someone refuses this selfish and injustice intention, the group starts extensive blackmailing campaign against the individual as they are doing it currently against the most hard-working people.
Members of the HG and associates have spent most of their life time in the free society (The West) more than most of us have. And yet now in the 21st century, they believe the dictatorial action of Shaleqa was right. They believe it was right because, most probably, the idea was baked by HG and associates Inc in the first place. HG tries to connect his one year underground work of dividing the organization to our courageous leader. What a merciless thought and ambition! What HG and associates Inc is starved for is “silitan”? or to put individuals who will do whatever this underground organization wants them do in that position. Will Ethiopians allow this? Should we once more fail to be united because of these people?
Kibur HG
At last, I would like to inform you that I agree with your idea of Hizbawi Imbita. But Hizibawi Imbita against HG and associates Inc that harbors confused dictators, not against the hard-working people, whom you are spreading unfounded accusation (HAMET) about.

Sileshi Yimer: sileshiyimer@yahoo.com

  1. shotolay
    | #1

    who righat who pleas guyes you have to no you talking about some people you given big atention for an educated and a local bar warmer you call hem shaleqa this caind of person he don’t deserve atention
    so meny meny woyane tigray racist faremers around you they don’t no even whawe they live they live by guess
    they talk by geuss .

  2. Shifraw Betru
    | #2

    No one knows Shaqa better than Shaqa himself. Shaqa is painfully aware that he can,t comprehend political concepts,or strategy, he can’t read English, he can’t write English, he can’t speak English. During his tenure as chairman of Kinijit for one year,he never ever spoke with even one congressman, senator, staffer, or any state department official. Even in Amharic hhe couldn’t impress,express or convince anybody. As a result he couldn’t lead the struggle. All he could do was to conspire,gossip,cheat, lie,and embezzle public funds to the tune of $300,000 dollars. When the chickens came home to roost,he left,of course with his bounty. Now,without any thought for accountability, integrity or democracy PROF HG the gallant knight with shining armour of EWQUINNA and IMBITA,comes to the defence of his hero. What track record can HG cite about Shaqa’s CHILOTA to lead a HIZBAWI IMBITA? none,nil,nought,zero! If HG wants to follow Shaqa it is his choice. The rest of us have expressed ‘HIZBAWI IMBITA’ to Shaqa’s corrupt and inept leadership.

  3. Sosena Kebede
    | #3

    HG is well known hair splitter. The guy never writes any empowering article
    or opinion except vicious tabloid trash on that kinijit website that they
    hijacked for this purpose. Anymore it is hard to tell their website from AIGA’s. Aren’t there any sane shimaegeles around them to tell them that they have become such a disgrace to the struggle?

    HG take this simple advice.. go away! move on! the more you whine the more
    you sound like a bitter sore loser. What part of our HIZBAWI IMBITA don’t you understand?????????????????????

  4. | #4

    who is H.G
    Dr.Habte Giorgis Churnet
    check this link


  5. Tedla
    | #5

    It is absloutely right.

    Habtegiorgis Cherinet and his friends are the major obstacles for the diaspora for years and years. They always think the struggle should be lead by them. The real thing is they don’t know how to lead. They just act like “Awuraja Gezzie” in the 21st centry.

    Ethiopians should say “Beka” to these people. They don’t have to devide again merely because we refuse to obey their orders.

    Thank you1

  6. Shemelis
    | #6

    I know Habtegeorgies

    He is the most ridged person who never intertain others opinion at all.


    Never never listen let alone follow this man

  7. Yohannes
    | #7


    Why are you wasting your time on debating and writing on issues that will never solve our problems?

    I have no doubt in my mind that all the above writers are supporters of the Andargachiew/Mewa faction.

    And “Hizbawi Imbita” was written by a supporter of Shaleqa Yoseph with the intention of bashing the Andargachiew/Mewa faction.

    Diaspora Poltics has now become useless and boring.

    The solution lies on:

    #1) getting rid off Shaleqa Yoseph, Andargachiew Tsigie and Berane Mewa.

    -Yoseph for incompetency
    -Andargachew for being a mole for the EPDRF
    -Mewa for being a puppet of Andargachiew

    #2) Suspend KIL until further study and investigation.

    #3) Remove the ridcoulus title of “Kinijit Ethiopia” from the newly created websites and replace it by “Kinijit Support Commitee”. There is only one Kinijit Ethiopia and it is on the battle field in Ethiopia. Teltafi Kinijit is the work of Tsigie and Zenawi.

    A mediators committee must be created immediately to solve the crissis.

  8. Betru
    | #8

    At yohanes

    You just blindly labled the above writers as Andargachew supporters there is no Andargachew group or Shaleka group Shaleka was fired by KIL and North America elected new leaderships Shaleka and his gropus are washington and losangeles Yekinijit Shefta they are already history people here trying to comment blind support of HG for this dead people period.

    Kinijit is the way.

  9. zoma
    | #9

    oops! Yohannes,

    You gave yourself away when you said “teletafi kinijit”
    Yes,there is only Kinijitethiopia and Berhane and
    Andargachew, the hard working duo, are part and parcel
    of it.

    Go away! The woyane moles are the people who stole our
    Kinijit’s money and temporarily weakened the struggle, thereby helping Meles.

  10. mandefrote
    | #10

    kinijit is dead dog.A dog before dead who lost in both word even the try to bit back but u already dead BUT I HAVE ONE SEGESTION IT MAY HELP YOU YOU SHOULD LET CLINTION SLEEP WITH YOU SISTER SO YOU WILL HAVE A CRYING SHOLDER BECAUSE HIS WIFE HAVE GO CHANCE TO FOR 2008

  11. helena
    | #11

    Shaleqa is tool for the shrude people who are after advocating to divide the diaspora. Other than dr habetegiorgise, there is another one from minnesota called Dr getachew haile. These indivdulas and other called by shaleqa groups ”opinion makers of cud NA. Dr getachew played a huge role to divide the diaspora church and synod. Now he is on the busness of dividng cud by lableling cud supporters as eng hailu and dr berhanu. pls read his comment about berhanu’s book. You can see how shrude he is

  12. alemayehu amsalu
    | #12

    I wonder if everything is kosher with this fellow HG. His article says something about luba! mass circmcision!,Thomas Hobbes and hizbawi imbita.
    Can anyone please tell me the connection between hizbawi imbita and one’s genitalia(circumcized or otherwise)?

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