UDJP held press conference for international and local Medias. – Abugida

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Today, September 25, 2008, UDJP held press conference for international and local Medias. (more…)

Today, September 25, 2008, UDJP held press conference for international and local Medias. Amharic Duetche Welle’s Tadesse Engdaw interviewed UDJP’s Chairwoman, Wzrt. Birtukan Mideksa prior to the Press Conference.

According to the Chairwoman, the woyanne regime claims double digit economic growth on one hand and high rising inflation grips the country on the other hand. The Regime’s explanation for the economic crisis is insane. The dire economic situation and famine gripping Ethiopia is blamed on the bankrupt woyanne’s economic policy and extravagant expenditure to strengthen its own party line. Andenet supports S3457 but argues it is short of HR2003′s list.

Please listen to the interview.

  1. aha!
    | #1

    Stop looking a gift horse in the mouth, you and your K-5 were not for it in the first place. Review your testimoney and assess Ato Bruke’s interview with capitol Hill. Whether you support it fully or partially the benefit is for both loyalist oppositions and true opposition factions. That may provide your dissident party a better chance to gain a little more seats when the atmosphere for fair and free election becomes a reality under S3457.

  2. Moregna
    | #2

    no need to talk too much the only way to change this parasitc woyane is fighting with iron. Period. no peacefull struggle anymore. Brtukan you are woyane slave not Ethiopian hero anymore. Do not try to lie us again.

    support all armed struggle against woyane!
    Death to all traitors!

  3. Change We Believe In – UDJP
    | #3

    Thank you, Ms. Birtukan Midkssa, the future leader of Ethiopia. We, Ethiopians, appreciate and support your progressive ideas for democracy, justice, equality and unity in Ethiopia.

    Hope. Change. UDJP!

  4. goodstart
    | #4

    Thank you Lady Liberty. I think you and your party are doing good at home while G7 is backing you all up from both inside and outside. It is important that we have Andenet continuing the genuine opposition at home. However, it is my hope that you will come out stronger in the near future, and be the voice of millions of frustrated Ethiopians as opposed to becomin a loyal opposition to Weyanie…My prayer and support will alwayz be with you all, our heroes and heroines…May God Protect Ethiopia!!

  5. Azaria
    | #5

    The best is yet to come…. forward with Andnet

  6. Cobra
    | #6

    Birtukan While you are fighting for ur country your partner in crime General Birhanu is planning to send 2 battalion of mechanized force to Somalia what ashame.

  7. Mozart
    | #7

    I am really happy to hear the voice of our lady liberty those of who old fashioned politicians who paralyzed the struggle for freedom in democracy good by our struggle is in good hands any more.


  8. atuba dolla
    | #8

    One can not say, believe it or not when the story of woyanaetplf is told. Members of the current criminal regime as it is known by all that name THE CRIMEFAMILY have driven the country into greater depth of unending catastrophy from which the country will never come out unless the ongoing struggle by millions of Ethiopia is intesified till a complete victory is achieved.

    Members of this cruel regime have been customized and modified the economy and social structure of the country suitable for them so that creating unbalanced social, economy, and political advantage over the overwhelming majority of Ethiopians by creating a unique class distinction, one the tplfwoyanae elete the have class and one the not have millions of Ethiopians. Is it fair?

    As the chairwoman said it,there is no justice and equality in Ethiopia so that there will never be social equality under the current anti-Ethiopia regime of Meles Naziawi.

    Millionss of Ethiopians have been quite aware of a good number of the citizens are near crushing famine in which millions of Ethiopians are bound to death as a result of cruelity and neglegence by Meles Naziawi regime.

    Who owns Ethiopia? The answer is,members of the crimefamily.Period. Nearly all manufactring industry, service sectors, Banking and Insurance, Transportation, Defence, Social and Political system are owned, run and controlled by the very few memberss of the crimefamily. They built bridges and roads in order to build their own economy. when they said or announced that the economy has registered a double-digit growth, it means more and more millions of dollar goes to their sweet bankaccount while more millions and more millions of Ethiopians are remaining with no money to buy food for their loved ones.

    Curently, more and more thousands of children have stopped going to school mainly because they don’t even have a piece of bread to put into their hungry mouth only once a day. Where is the destination of these hungry and helpless children of all ages? Not to school or college or to university. There are hungry custmers in the middle east and the sudan waiting for the arrival of the children of Ethiopia.

    The Meles Naziawi regime has created an illusion to the observers on their arrival to the city seeing all those skyscrapers that are built in the capital, Addis Ababa belong to the country and the public; not so. All that everything anything under and above Ethiopia is belong to the one and the only members of the crimefamily.

    The war that was initiated and started by woyanetplf in Somalia brought death and destruction to all citizens of Moquadishu, the city, once upon a time, that Meles Naziawi roamed around, walked to the market and bought chat and rice, once he spoke to the gathering what he planned would be for those who held hand high in the air and raised arms against Ethiopia whould have their fair share of a piece of Ethiopia, once he sat down and studied the local language of the city and talked their langugage and promised them something is no longer is a city that he will see again; nearly everything is destroyed but his tplfwoyanae army is lossing the battle.

  9. Robele Ababya
    | #9

    I see the emergence of a strong, democratic and prosperous Ethiopia united in diversity under the leadership of UDJP, which I had pledged to support. I salut the charismatic, intelliget, young and able leader Birtukan and her illustrious colleagues.

  10. BOJI
    | #10


  11. kemekem
    | #11

    Most of the commentates are weyanes who scared the real opposition Ginbot 7 hahaha…. The only thing weyane puppets in the diaspora can accomplish against Ginbot 7 is by showing fake support for UDJP. I really respect what Birtukan and her friends doing in Ethiopia even if there is no light at the end of the tunnel and I will criticize them if I see they are going to be Lidetu party or Beyene Petros party “Loyal Opposition” I hate it

  12. aha!
    | #12

    How can UDJP claim as heir apparent to CUDP, when they have not answered for plotting against their party to the general assembly. What entitles them to collect money in the name of Kinijit, and an an attempt to legaaly restore the Kinijit party. on the contrary, they went ahead and established a party called Andenet=Kinijit, instead of spliting with the name Kestedamena, whose constituency, they are from, which again broke down into Ginbot 7, which at opposite ende of the spectrum, inspite of a scheme behind it. Surprizingly, enough, they got certification, in the likes of of loyalist opposition, eventhough they claim to be/camoufledge as Kinijit. When UDJP has declared as loyalist opposion in the letter sent to pro. Isaac, accommodating the the existing stance and abandoning the actual peacefull struggle, other than to prepare for election. Are they trying to overpower the current regime through the legislative process two years down the road, or are they speculating that they win the hearts and minds of Ethiopians in the country as they did with the diaspora, during their honeymoon.

  13. shegole
    | #13

    Kemekem,, you said all. thx a lot. we are more aware of the dedebit 101 course more than them.
    they wanna fool us again. kkkkk. “Birile ke neka ayhonim eka”.
    Down with woyanne.

  14. goanche
    | #14

    we are waiting you in dedebit or where ever you want can you come to fight KIZENAM HULU.
    we gonna put you all in hell. pls come back shit i love to shot and kill thoes talkatives.

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