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Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJ), the heir to the former CUDP, (more…)

Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJ), the heir to the former CUDP, wishes to announce to the local and international media community that it is officially ready to operate as a duly registered national party and to launch its programme of activities for the year 2001 (E.C). UDJ has pledged to pursue the goals, objectives and the inspiring vision of CUDP with a new spirit and greater determination.

To achieve its objectives successfully, UDJ needs the support of many sectors of the national society and international community. One of these sectors is the local government and private as well as the international media community. UDJ believes that seeing democracy take root and flourish in Ethiopia is the wish of the government, private and international media. Therefore, it hopes that in its endeavor to contribute its share to the fulfillment of this common cause, it will enjoy the support and cooperation of the media.

The purpose of this first get-together is to share views on how, through concerted efforts, we can complement each other’s contribution to the common cause and avoid communication and interaction problems experienced in the past.

In view of the fact that working together for mutual benefits and resolving communication problems through dialogue takes time, UDJ has worked out a programme of regular meetings with the media. Today’s meeting is the beginning of the continuous and regular dialogue that UDJ wishes to maintain with the media.

UDJ will contribute its share to enabling multiparty system to flourish in Ethiopia. Even though recent legislations affecting political parties, the press and civil societies threaten to further narrow the political space severely, UDJ believes strongly that if we worked diligently and with determination and patience, it is possible to widen the political space that, we believe, is deliberately being narrowed and to revive the hope of the Ethiopian people to see democracy flourish in their country. UDJ calls upon the Government to contribute its share to the fulfillment of this hope by broadening the political space in a manner that demonstrates responsible leadership.

UDJ wishes to see the media as a true mirror through which it looks at itself and as a cause for continuously correcting and improving itself. It is ready to learn from your insightful editorials and reportings and to be your steady partner in your endeavors to bring reliable information to the people.

UDJP Press Release in Amharic

  1. Belay Zeleke
    | #1

    The Voice of 75 Millions Ethiopians Suppressed by a few, but can’t be buried

    Despite restless misinformation and disinformation and suppression by the TPLF propaganda machinery, UDJ is keeping its eyes on the prize i.e. a Transparent Democracy for all Ethiopian.

    They say “Rome was not built overnight” for that matter a true democracy for our country may not be achieved overnight however; the ultimate destiny for freedom after 17 years of misery by TPLF dynasty is within reach. By means of domestic and international media outlets UDJ will mobilize citizens while exposing the dysfunctional administrative structure of the TPLF tyrant regime.

    We Ethiopian…..! The multitude of different ethnicity, religious and social background shall come together as a people to contribute our share so that history will not judge us as a bystander when our motherland needed our minute contribution in times of danger

    For all TPLF tailgate supporters followers you shall be reminded that all dictators have the same destiny: Their unwillingness to submit to the will of the people a hunger for power will bring their ultimate downfall.

    Long live Ethiopawinet!

  2. Woregna
    | #2

    hezebune atatalute leboche.

    Death to all woyane and Traitors!

    Support armed struggle!

  3. Lema
    | #3

    Leba hulu! UDJ is another branch of the TPLF. You are asking the government to give you a space and on the process you are killing the morale of the people. Ethiopians will fight for their right – they will not beg Zeanwi for their right. Enjoy the huge handout given to you by the US. Molacha Leboch!

  4. teru
    | #4

    Woregna- your name says it all WOREGNA WOYANE

    Lema =Derek Afew FOKETAM WOYANE

    Viva UDJ & Ginbot7 dawn with EPRP and Woyane

  5. mesob
    | #5

    The hope of Ethiopians ANDINET.

    GO UDJ. death for Woyane.

  6. aha!
    | #6

    Melke tifu beseme yidegifu. I used to listen to radio station Andent for unity and democracy, which is now extict, for reason I don not understand. Then came the dissident Kinjit group with the name Andinet equted to to former kinijit and claiming to be the heir of CUDP.

    Their agenda is “no Change but durable democracy”, according to their last press release during their end of their tour in US.

    As a split party they should have formed distinctive party like Ginbot 7, and Kestedamena, the constituency of both without having to infringe on CUDP, which is the property of majority of Kinijit members and population at large.They were attempting to get it through the legal process but in vain.

    If at all they have base from which to launch their campain it here in US from which they were campaigning during their tour with the help of media in the diaspora and KILL-6 of Andargachew Tisgue and Berhanu Mewa, whose names you do not here any more. They initiated the split and Elias Kifle of the ER.

    I do not believe they have the support of Ethiopians at large. They have weakened the party to say the least and deflected the attention from the agenda at hand to infighting within a party. It is diservice to the Ethiopian people, I belive.

    The elites in the diaspora need to open up an open a dialogue to challenge the approach followed by UDJP.

  7. Wodagu
    | #7

    Andent is the only party Woyane fear the most, an Ethiopian party that refuse to take the Woyane design game to prolong its treachery. Those who bad mouth the Andent are only those who make sure Woyane plays the same game it played before or others whose mission is not democracy but the removal of Woyane.

    Woyane have a rotten junta and have noting to stand on, the only thing to do is, put the spot light on it and reduce it to a common criminal it is.

    The struggle will go on until Woyane submit to the will of the people noting short of that.

  8. goanche
    | #8

    woyane is killing you softly guys so when did you come to fight? we are woyting you in dedebit. so do not talk to much come and fight then you gonne see soon your dream HELLLLLLLLL.
    or accept the rule of the great woyane. i hate ppl who talk to much shit for nathing.shame on you loosers. i love to shot and kill narrow ppl
    but you are smart b/s you dont like to come and fight but bla bla bla. shit shut up woregna hulu. i miss to see dead shit like you guys.

  9. | #9

    I rade the short and stupid comment which is written from one of Woyane’s supporter.We know that Woyane is a group of evils that callculate life interms of money.But,this temporary and unstable power will collapse withen short time.”Balegen kasadege yegedele tsedeke”Woyane have missed the golden apportunity of transfering the state power to KINJIT.Woyane was not patriot and hero but,Woyane is poweless and frastreted vagabond group.We Ethiopians will make it Woyane and Woyane’s follower’s to the greve.

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