Judge W. Michael Meshesha on Teddy Afro

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EthioTV – Judge W. Michael Meshesha on Teddy Afro’s Illegal Arrest. (more…)

EthioTV – Judge W. Michael Meshesha on Teddy Afro’s Illegal Arrest.This is a three part Interview. It automatically plays all three back to back. Please be patient and wait for all three to play.

  1. koster
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    Ethiopian state terrorism sooner or later knocks at each door. It is better if the Ethiopians are aware of this danger, unite and struggle for a free and democratic Ethiopia where nobody should be terrorized by anybody. Every citizen including the non-criminal Tigreans have a right to live in their country peacefully.

  2. Ethiopian1
  3. | #3

    I just finished listening to Mr. W. M. Meshesha’s opinion on the case of Tedy Afro. I truely appreciate his concerns about the injustice Tedy faces. Last time, he wrote an article which disappointed many in the country. That article was also about Tedd’s and his ordeal, but tainted with racism and insult to Prof. Mesfin W. Mariam. This time he looked professional and to the point.

    Out of anger on the article, I left a short note pointing out the major flaws M. Meshesha demonstrated. I feel that all of us deserve an apology from Mr. Meshesha.

    I have copied and pasted the note below for you to see it.


    I wonder how some of you praise the ex-judge. First, ask him how he was appointed by Zenawi to qualify as a judge. Unless he was a “yes” man that bowed to the instructions of the government, he would have not sat on the bench for years. Ask him also how he won the trust of Zenawi to investigate the post May 2005 election massacre. Zenawi would not have assigned him without loyality. Worth remembering is the statement made in parliament about the inquiry commission. It almost said don’t you worry since the judge and other members of the commission are with the government, the police and the security. Second, the judge was unable to build consensus among members of the commission on the most important single issue. Was excess force used to quell the insurrection? Two majorities emerged from a single commission. Zenawi said the majority found him not to have used excess force and he showe them on TV. That should have been a disgrace for this unrepentant ex-judge who facilitated the defense of Zenawi in the future. In effect, the judge mocked the death and meaming of innocent people.

    The article the ex-judge wrote is as chauvinist and racist as Meemmehir G. Kidan’ book he condemns. Read line eight of the first paragraph in which he mentions the imminent danger Teeggrreeans would face once the situation changes. Teeggrreeans are proud Ethiopians and are not to be threatened for what Zenawi, G. Kidan or Leeuul said or did. As an ex-judge whom I believe had somekind of legal education, he should have known that criminalization should be individualized unless there is a good legal reason to think in terms of the collective. We do not believe there is an impending danger to Teeggrreeans form other ethnic groups in the country. In fact, it is this type of sensational article that frustrates rapprochement among people and force them to drift apart. We beg him to dessist from similar cheap talk.

    G. Kidan’s book represents an extrimist view on the Teeggrray question. To the surprise of many, a number of Teeggrreeans believe in what is written in the book and praise it in public and private. A minority of Teeggrreans even feel as if their dream of restoring Teeggrrean dynasty has came true. Honestly speaking, we are living in some sort of Teeggrreean chauvinism and racism. But G. Kidan’s type of books and works of art including songs are not in short supply in the country. Teddy’s song can fairly be put in this category. Still, some Ammhharas, Oroomoos, Ogaadeennis and southerners lash each other in every thing at their disposal. It is a terrifying experience for those of us living in the country, but chauvinism and racism are real, alive and kicking. If you are angry as much as the ex-judge is, you can speak or write about it in a manner that refutes it. Countering chauvinism and racism in kind is a sign of lack of civility. Each of us should work hard on himself or herself.

    Teddy might or might not be a victim of conspiracy. As to me, there is nothing concrete to absolve him from the alleged crime. Given the known practices of the government, oppostion to its infamous administration might expose one to the risk of persecution but allegation of homicide is something that should not be ignored. Rightly, the case is in court and he has a lawyer to speak for him. He cannot walk free because he is popular if he has allegedly killed someone. He has to defend himself if he has to. Double standard threatens rule of law and justice. If convicted and sentenced, there are appeals. If appeals do not help, there are Elder who can intervene. The ex-judge can also help if he focuses on provding legal advise to his defense lawyer whom he says he knows for years. His racist rhetoric will help neither Teddy nor anyone else.

    Prof. Mesfin is an accomplished speaker and writer in his own rights. G. Kidan’s book cannot trash his image built close to five decades. He does not need to reply to every little mind bent in defaming him. He will not, for example, reply to the ex-judge’s seemingly provocative but childish article. The good professor allows many to pass. He will do the same this time too.

    God save the country.”

  4. | #4


    teddy will be free man,they going to release him at this time,they kept him to see who is who.

  5. abebe
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    I would like to tankyou for ETV and tank you also Judge W.michael meshasa.

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