Denver Kinijit on the move…

January 3rd, 2007 Print Print Email Email

Denver Denver metro chapter elected its leadership democratically

Cherie Admassu – Chairman
Yohannes Bizuneh – Vice Chairman
Abebe Adane – Secretary
Andualem Zeleke – Treasurer
Mazengia Zeleke – Auditor
Kassa Mazengia – Member
Solomon Desta – Member.
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  1. Tegbar
    | #1

    I and my friends are living in Denver. We strive in all directions to support Ethiopia and the spirit of Ethiopia. I am sure that this is the best forum to contribute for our beloved country. Those of you who has elected for Denver Metro Chapter leadership, you are so great, we thank you indeed. We, Ethiopians living in Denver promise you to do any support in any time and please. We do want to be participant. Please read the following quotation from Professor W.M.

    “I am neither holy, nor a fool. But I just live a life, a life of involvement. For me a life that is not involved is not worth living “¦. Either you live that involved life or you remain a body, an empty body that could play several roles depending on the opportunities the times that you find yourself in. You are a square you have a shape, you live, that life. And that is not holy and it is not finish.”? (M.W., 6may 1998)

  2. Kassa
    | #2

    Bravo Denver

    You have at last defeated all the hurdles set up by the relentless lady of Denver. I am sure you will accomplish a great deal in a short time what she has failed to do over the years.

    Keep on moving

  3. MYS (Seattle)
    | #3

    It is good to hear CUD being strong and organized in every corner of the globe. I wish and hope that the Denver Chapter will turn out of a fruitful one and contribute immensly in emanicipation of Ethiopians from the tyranny of Meles.

    I congratulate the Denver and its environs Ethiopians and wish a fruitful time for the elected leaders.

    Justice and freedom for all!!!

  4. Mengesha
    | #4

    Congradulations a million times!!!

    As always,I am proud of you board members and Denver Metro Support chapter members. You started it with Kinijit Spirit and you made it to success. What can I say BERTU, INBERTA

    Lets work together for Kinijit, our beloved leaders in woyane prison and for mother Ethiopia,

    For our lady:

    I sincerely ask her to think, we are one family, no more fighting among us. I ask the Board to open its peacefull hands to her. she is our sister too. We ask her to listen, be sincere, open, transparent, humane, avoiding bossy and abusive characters. It harms the spirit of Kinijit. Remember Our leaders are in prison. We need to unite not fight among ourselves.

    Bravo Kinijit Denver Metro Chapter.

    Once again I am proud of you and I have the confidence that you will be much, much, better in leading us to the struggle to the causes of Kinijit.


  5. Betru
    | #5

    Hello Denverities,

    Good Job Denver that is what Kinijit Sprit means Shalekas Ewqina or Weklina that Era is gone new sprit new leadership. You guys need to work more for the release of our leaders. Here In Texas we will do the same thing very soon.

    Betru Dalas Texas.

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