Animated Musical about Lalibela

October 5th, 2008 Print Print Email Email

Animated Musical about Lalibela The shortcoming about this video is that it has a woyanne flag.

  1. Dinka
    | #1

    True the short coming of this wok is the blue shit on the flag.
    Not only that, if you follow carefully it is the blue thing that is preserving the church almost all the solution is done by the blue.It is funny inside the blue it is a white person with technlogical miracle while we stand aside and look.Thank God many African scholars aleady established the making of lalibela which gave a way to this animaion.Check out DR.Anta Diop from Senegal and Laureate Tsegaye G.Medhin from Ethiopia.

  2. Liala
    | #2

    This a very interesting animation always good to know who is behind it.

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