Dr. Hailu Araya on the National Assembly of Andnet Party – YeAndnet Dimits

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Dr. Hailu Araya on the National Assembly of Andnet Party
YeAndnet Dimits

  1. hjh
    | #1

    Bravo Hailu go for peace ful struggle

  2. gion
    | #2


  3. sheriff ali
    | #3

    If u are against armed struggle,after 17 years of the woyanne terror and the 1997 election,it means that the Andenet party is propagating decadent values.Is it not shame to be certified by woyanne as a legal party??

  4. hulu
    | #4


    Where are you?????? I hope not in Ethiopia.When do you start shooting ..never so let them alone ..

  5. aygud
    | #5


  6. Anjamo
    | #6

    the tragicomedy is that to be certified as a legal party by the illegal WOYANNE.

    | #7

    Ato Hulu, an armed struggle is the highest form of political struggle. It is not an individual adventure as u mentioned.

  8. yikerbelen
    | #8

    sheriff, ethiopia has more than enough human resources to fight against weyanes in different strategies.

  9. dani
    | #9

    good.job .andnt paty

  10. Geniiee
    | #10

    Hey, guy when do we appreciate peoples struggle. Are you saying let them sit and wait. They are at least trying to use any possibility. Instead you are doing nothing but critisize. Keep on ……………Bertukane and your alies.

  11. | #11

    The best thing that we have to do is,to make an inventory towards our life.We need to change the current Woyanes werobela groupe with the best national and democratic government.But how it can be real and true.We have to change our attitude and opinion towards life.Think god,do god,find allways true,fight evils,etc.

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