To the insanely indecent former KNA leaders – A call for decency

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By Voices for Sanity | January 4th, 2006

It appears that the defunct Kinijit North America clique being led by Shaleqa Yoseph, and their lousy website,, have made a decision to not say anything against the Woyane to which they claim they are struggling against on behalf of Kinijit. The only literature they have produced since they were chased out of leadership, a couple of months ago, is only lies and false accusations against sincere compatriots of Kinijit.

As genuine supporters we only thank God that we are no more a part of this group of sick individuals and for the success of the November Atlanta Conference that brought a vibrant North America Kinijit Support Leadership that looks like the real kinijit itself. The defunct Shaleqa clique, that is now routed out from every corner of the Ethiopian Diaspora is merely represented in few localities by their appointed “Enderassies”? who fraudulently call themselves “chapters”?. Sometimes they have one man chapters as in the case of Denver, Colorado. Thanks to the wonderful brothers and sisters in Denver a vibrant chapter is in the making there now and we shall stand with them. The defunct shaleqa group is making desperate claims that they are alive and even pretend to speak for Kinijit. Over the last several months there is hardly anything they produced either in the form of literature or public action. None. In fact they have totally forgotten the Woyane and almost all the crap they write on their disgraceful website , the website that even the woyane did not even care to shutdown while shutting all other pro-democracy websites, is busy name calling two compatriots in Kinijit International, Ato Berhane and Andargachew.

In fact, they are doing the bidding of the woyane by engaging in spreading blatant lies against genuine Kinijit compatriots who are the legitimate and accepted leaders of Kinijit by a vast majority of the Ethiopian Diaspora and by the leaders in prison. Recently the clique has lost all threads to hang on to as the Diaspora kinijit supporters have deserted them and moved on to the newly reconstituted Kinijit North America and Kinijit International who have taken the mantle of the struggle on behalf of our imprisoned leaders and our people suffering under the yoke of Meles Zenawi’s dictatorship. The shaleqa clique travels from state to state sometimes in groups of four and five, spending the hard earned money we raised for Kinijit like drunken sailors, and spew their unmitigated and shameless lies. They have our money under their control.

Their contempt for the intelligence of the Ethiopian Diaspora makes you think that they have taken that stupid racist Japanese evolutionary psychologist who thinks Ethiopians have lesser IQ. Sometimes they lie to us on things that we can verify by a single phone call to Addis Ababa or ask a first-hand witness around us to find the truth. For example, they tried to lie about Andargachew Tsige’s membership to the Leadership Council of Kinijit. They said he is not even a member of the 60 Person Council of Kinijit. Well, the real information is only a phone call away and we called some members who were at the Kinijit Merger Conference in September of 2005. We also found some activists of Kinijit who managed to escape the woyane onslaught from Ethiopia and are living among us in the Diaspora. Daniel Assefa, a young hero of the struggle and member of Kinijit leadership lives in Washington DC area and wonders if these shimagile individuals surrounding Shaleqa Yoseph have a sense of shame at all and take their age seriously. He says they could simply give him a phone call and he would tell them all details including documents and references since he was there on the spot from beginning to end. But that is not their goal and in fact they are not even making a mistake as it looks. We have credible evidence that they know Andargachew is a member of the Leadership Council. But they think that the Ethiopian Diaspora is goofy enough to take their word without verification. In other words, they are insulting all of us, supporters of Kinijit, who live in Diaspora. Ato Tesfaye Mengistu, who was made their public relations chief, seems to think that public relations means spreading phantom lies. Sadly this man is in his mid seventies and God only knows how he sleeps at night after making the lies he keeps making. He recently said that “Ato Alemayehu in Washington DC chauffeured Berhane Mewa to a DC hotel of Lidetu Ayalew to conspire with the renegade Lidetu Ayalew”?. The real story is actually that Lidetu asked the Hotel management to call the police when he cited Alemayehu in the Hotel lobby and panicked that Alemayehu may hurt him. Alemayehu, by the way is one of the leaders of the DC Kinijit Support chapter who works twenty four seven for the causes of Kinijit. The other day Ato Tesfaye was being interviewed by a DC extortionist who stole 30 thousand dollars out of money raised to support famine victims in Ethiopia and runs a closed circuit radio program with a saying with straight face that he stands for our people. As they say, birds of the same feather find each other.

If this is the kind of honesty Ato Tesfaye and the Sheleqa clique teach their children and grand children, folks, we really have a serious problem. These are a group of people who have no respect for our dignity as a people and our intelligence. If you remember, Sheleqa Yoseph, Almaz, Solomon Bekele and Syum Solomon were members of the Kinijit International Committee. Shaleqa was in fact its chairman. Now with a straight face they tell us the KIL is illegitimate and is a fabrication formed outside the will of Kinijit’s leaders. They expect us not to ask them a simple question ““ Why were you in the committee if it was what you are claiming it to be? Is this a fabrication you came up with when you are challenged about your ineptitude and corruption?

The sickness of this group is extremely terminal. They are now even engaged in a satanic mission of attempting to make it look like there is a rift among Kinijit leaders in prison and everybody needs to watch them carefully before they drag us in this direction. They try to create division between our heroes in prison by positioning themselves as Hailu Shawul’s men and by trying to portray him as an autocrat who makes decisions on his own without consulting his compatriots. In reality they are dragging his great name and integrity in the mud. They are using the name of our hero to satisfy their egomaniac desire to dominate our movement in Diaspora.

See what they are doing to a respected Ethiopian professional Accountant who exposed their fraud and their mismanagement of our resources. Mind you, this is a successful Ethiopian in America a certified accountant who has done numerous high profile auditing and accounting in the United States. He is one of us who we all should be proud of. There is no bad word on the planet the shaleqa clique have not called this genuine son of our country who volunteered to help Kinijit by going out of his way and taking a huge responsibility of over looking our financial contributions. Ato Tesfaye, the Auditor, understands that his certification will be in jeopardy if he accuses anyone with a lie and, in fact, has told them upfront that he is making the reports on them fully aware of his responsibilities. Yet, they go from state to state trying to make him look like different from what he really is ““ an honest person who supports every allegation he makes with a valid document and reference. He is a genuine Ethiopian who was angered by the abuse of trust he puts on them and by the abuse of all of us who worked hard to make Kinijit a strong organization.

Now they have turned to accusing Aklog, the chairman of the New Kinijit North America Support leadership. For people like Ato Tesfaye and most of the defunct former KNA leaders he could be their grandson. Aklog has served Kinijit with diligence, commitment and dedication that parallel no one. It seems they are not sparing him too and we hear they are working hard to cook-up some lies to tarnish his name. Stay alert folks. The other day Ato Tesfaye Mengistu was saying Aklog has raised one hundred thousand dollars for Kinijit and attributed his election to the chairmanship because of that money. What is it they say in Ethiopia: ” leba enat lijuan ataminim”?

The saddest part of the story is that many of the people engaged in this lie making and destruction of our movement in Diaspora are people aged above or around their seventies.

Now that every one of their plots is falling apart they tell us that Shaleqa is anointed leader and should follow him whatever mess he does. A certain HG, famous for scribing bizarre commands from his desk writes for example,

Those in the Diaspora, who respect the victory of the Ethiopian electorate and who struggle to make that victory a reality, must listen to Shaleqa Yoseph Yazew, who has the ewqinna from Kinijit Ethiopia. Failure to listen to the leader brings disunity and tears down the society

This man must be living in the middle ages. Does anybody want anybody’s ewqinna to fight for his freedom? Nobody said that shaleqa was an appointed leader of KNA until a few months ago and there is a serious allegation of fraud and corruption hanging on his head that he has to clear to everyone of us who have toiled to raise fund in millions. He has refused to be investigated by a committee set up by the most supreme body of decision making in KNA- the General Assembly. It must be only HG and the folks around him who think that we accept to be led by the blind while traveling on the edge of a cliff. HG and the others can do us a favor by giving us a detailed accounting of our resources in Shaleqas hands than ordering us to march with them toward the abyss.

Yes Kinijit is one. But it is the one we have made to be democratic, transparent and accountable. We don’t need anybodies ewqinna to fight for our freedom just like those who die and languish in woyane prisons did not seek anyone’s ewqinna for to fight for their just cause. Can someone tell the HGs to practice some decency and get off of our backs and the backs of our compatriots? We are busy working for the greater ideal of the Ethiopian people and our leaders in prison.

Voices of Sanity

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