The Dumb Woyanne Band & Their Admirers

October 9th, 2008 Print Print Email Email

Couple of Lessons:

Scrap that Ugly Blue Icon off of our flag.
Learn How to hang Ethiopian Flag – It is supposed to be hung horizontally, not vertically

  1. miki
    | #1


  2. Tigre GEDAY
    | #2

    Well said: scap the ugly blue woyane icon from our Ethiopian flag and hung it up correctly! Sendek Alama Vs. Woyane’s “tcherk” that is the issue!

  3. Mammo
    | #3

    The flag in the T-shirt is our real flag! Not the one with the blue and ugly pinacle in the middle of it!!

    Meles and co live by the gun and they will die by the gun! That’s their uncompromisable destiny and I am sure they know it!!

  4. AnduYH
    | #4

    Good point!!!

    Once we kicked the woyanes and their cronies out of Ethiopia the first thing we should do is reclaim our country’s pride and dignity by restoring its original flag and erect statues in memory of our fallen heroes and of course hang Mele Zenawi and his subservient dogs up side down at Meskel Square for the whole world to see.

  5. borruu
    | #5

    This singer thinks not that far from his nose.He never realize that his days would be over.But the truth is he will be mekele street begger in a few month.Let him sing today.For he is not last long.Ye shiroo dinfata yiluhal yihi nechi.

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