Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week Of January 5th, 2007

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January 5th, 2007

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  1. Meaza Ashenafi.
    | #1

    Selam Abugidawoch Voice of the Voiceless.

    your programe is getting better and better from day to day I always pray for you guys strength God bless you.


  2. | #2

    ohhh..ABUGIDA IS TOO LATE TO PRINTE OUT THIS CALANDER..weak up and smel da coffee. by the way how meny ppl did u lost on da somalia war? u know what i mean. i hop u learn some thing from this war. pleas don’t mess with EPRDF. LONG LIVE EPRDF.

  3. Meles Zenawi
    | #3


    As the Americans say ……”TALK TO THE HAND”.
    We have been ignoring you. Don’t you get it ?

    Your Master and “Yedur Guadegnah”
    Zenawi.(Yedur Dimet)

  4. yitayal
    | #4

    i am realy apperciate your program.i dont even think i will watch this kind
    of tv program keep it up thank you

  5. | #5

    The mamo !!! Never give up?
    Are you still finding a way in come on body get lost why waste trying to fit in while knowing yourself you are not belong here got that?at least get this one thing right we all think schools are still open and there are teachers as well so body never too late its OK try again by the time you know some who knows of course?

    The middle east

  6. | #6

    dear SAYS…thank’s for u advise. but since i got brilyant leder like meles i don’t think i need to go to school.b/c he is gon’t gaude me what ever i want to go. don’t u think ? i know u wish to have smart leder like meles but to bad meles is only for rell ethiopian.we know u leder’s is dame azzz like u .that’s way they end’up in kality. so what u think is gon’t be u chanes? kality.kkkk. for rell. trust on this.after that u call me the son of king meles.i’m proud of him.GOD BLESS P.M.

  7. Testuka,
    | #7

    Hey, mamo,

    You reallyare dull and ignorant. You need to go to school, you are behind millions of Ethiopians. Here in after please do not blame ABUGIDA. They are Ethiopains and for only Ethiopians.Long live Abugida and thank you for your effort.Please ignore those terrorist,ignorant and uncivilized woyane terrorists.
    God bless ABUGIDA

  8. | #8

    The mamo – Are you really are the living disaster and call him self Ethiopian. I have no doubt how many of us want to see you to spit on. are you trying to get attention here by saying your nonsense sentence and understanding. to be honest none of us don’t get what you really want to say that’s why at least be who you are. Nation was been and are accepted by who they are and doing what they can do. After all don’t learn from your root less leader at least learn to dig and dine. In addition don’t stitch the curtain of ignorance which as been torn by your mother while mengistu was on your brother seat.

    listen you disgust me get the hell out of here.will u?

  9. makau niko
    | #9

    you guys are doing well. i hope our support will be realised and through your voice our voiceless and powerlessness can be part of the greater Ethiopia. Bertu, Tagesu ena nulilin

  10. | #10

    kkkkkk…what a bunch of MAFERYA.any way i promise to u one thing u like’t or knot u are still in our property. we will tell u what to do .your job is fallow da order’s and do what we tell u to do.simple is that. if knot ohhh..god know’s what will happen to u NEFTGHENA azzzz.let me ask u one thing did u think we get this with out pay’n da price or ABATEHE YESETUN WERS MESELEHE?no.no.no. that’s way u rong .we pay’d huge price for this. ther is no free ride SON. get u on. why are u NEFTGHENA ppl only know’n is give me this and give me that ?u been ther befor over 100 years don’t u think is inff ? oh.. u need more come and get’t bastard. GOD BLESS P.M.da son of KING YOHANES.

  11. NATHAN
    | #11

    The mamo-this is my first time to act on the comment section .What i want to you do is;have a point and do not dare try to divide people.And know the meanning of “NEFTEGNA”.By your meanning,who is the “NEFTEGNA”now?

  12. Dedessa
    | #12

    Who is responsible to take Meles to face the same faith as S.Hussien? Who begins the process of taking him to the Hage?
    It is time to act before Meles escape to Harare. What do you think?

  13. Eb
    | #13


    I appreciate your program but why you repeat Dec. 28 broadcast on Jan 5, 2007?


  14. | #14

    Selam Eb,

    We did not repeat Dec. 28th Program. Could you be more specific on your comments ?

    Abugida Media Center.

  15. selamawit
    | #15



  16. Haile
    | #16

    Abugida is product of pure Ethiopians…what are the rest of us doing for our nation? Atleast why not help those who want to make a difference? If I want to write a check what do i make it out to? You need to have a paypal account on your website so that other Ethiopians can contribute. Please respond if possible. Thanks.

  17. | #17

    dear selamawit.. look NEFTGHENA u don’t sound like u nike name so baby girl get’t street ok. u know what i think ? i think u need a men in u life that’s what u need BEKELU.kkk. talk’n a bout this and that. mamo u days are number da.da..what number are we talk’n about 50 years from know? kkkk. any way good luke for every thing u wish for’t . GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATE OF ETHIOPIA.

  18. bolllell
    | #18

    mamo you need to know who you are ,you sound unedcated man you can’t even express you thought proprly .p.s we have you for 100 years befor now it is time for you guy’s to run to the desaret and eat your ambeta for another 100 year’s .

  19. NATHAN
    | #19

    Hey Bolllell,that is exactely Mamo KILO wanted you to say,do not be a victim of his ideology.Like as said before,this Momo person does’nt have a point.Let us all ignore this guy and descuess some other issues.

  20. Liben
    | #20

    Guys, it is intersting the way you read the news: “The weak Somalia interim goverenment has won the strong Somalia islamists”

    You dont seem to acknowledge the truth and simple fact that the regional superpower Ethiopian governement forces have changed the balance of power against the Islamists.

    Well, after that I just lost the interst to watch the programmme and left, not because I am Weyane sympathizer just because you are just twisting facts for your political gain. If you thgink you can decive people in this information age, Good Luck!

  21. kal
    | #21

    the thing I don’t understand is why in the whole world Meles zenawi becomes America’s lawyer… talking about “they did not kill any civilians during the air strike” …….I think he took an ass kissinn class and he must has had scored very well….**Just the thought**

  22. Melaku
    | #22

    Hi Dears,
    First and formost I would like to express my appreciation to you for broadcasting the Tv program on the website. It is something to be encouraged. However, I have two basic comments:
    1) As many people all over the world watch the program, you need to give much emphasis for the language. Common language errors definately affect the program.
    2) I’m the one who follows your weekly Tv program on the enternet from Europe. To me, and my frieds of course, the Program getts interrupted quite often times. Because of this effect, I would say, I couldn’t follow the broadcast for the past couple of months. Therefore, I would like to recommend that you have to manage the problem.

  23. | #23

    Selam Melaku,

    Thank you for your comments. Would you be more specific when you say
    “Common language errors” ? Do you mean the spelling errors ? Sometimes we
    catch these errors at the end of our video editing and it is too much of a
    problem to re-edit it. Video recording and editing usually takes roughly
    24-48hours. We spend our time on this on top of the time we spend on our
    regular jobs.

    What kind of connection do you have to the internet ? dsl ? modem ? dialup ?

    If it is dialup it is usually very hard to transport video files over
    dialup connections. If it is the other two we will see what we can do. We
    did not hear complaints from our viewers in the UK and Germany. We usually
    upload our videos on google and embed it in our websites. How is it for
    you watching any other google videos ?

    We are here to serve you!!

    Please do not get discouraged and shy away from us but help us to achieve
    our goal .i.e become the voice for the voiceless.


    Abugida Media center.

  24. keduse
    | #24

    mamo wht a character u ar …
    well am not really into politics but i will say meles should havent got involved with somalia but he did … but i dont get the war… cause thier killin eachother thier own ppl … so mamo i dont see how u can be proud of ur EP…w.e hell it is … cause were all humans and i dont see how u can be killin ur nighboors… well wht ever….peace 1

  25. louise
    | #25

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