Talks between Meles and Kinijit leaders break down

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January 6 (EZ) The Ethiopian dictator has broken the negotiation he started with Kinijit leaders in Kaliti, EZ learnt. After the Kaliti prisoners meet mediators seven times, the talks fell through as Meles kept on moving the goalpost every time. His last demand was for the CUD leaders to admit their guilt.Meles first asked the leaders to quit politics. The demand was utterly rejected by the prisoners. Then he demanded them to dissociate themselves from AFD and condemn OLF and ONLF. The mediators were told that CUD’s policy was not to condemn Ethiopian political organization but to create a process, which accommodates them.

In the subsequent two meetings, there appeared to be a glimmer of hope that there would be a solution as Meles reduced his demand to “an agreement to work under the constitution”. Prison sources confirmed that the negotiations had become hopeless after the Ethiopian army swiftly defeated the UIC in Somalia. In the last three discussions, Meles returned to the two old issues of condemning OLF and ONLF and seeking pardon after admitting guilt. The prisoners had previously rejected both demands.

“It seemed Meles was emboldened by the victory in the Somali war and the international recognition he got as an ally in the war on terror,” one prison source said.
In the later stages of the talks, the greatest Ethiopian sportsman, Haile Gebresillasie, joined Professor Ephrem Isaac as mediator.

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  2. Mesfin
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    I hope he will do something constactive for his family and his own seak. We Ethiopians deserve a leader that we elect, and we are marching towards that. There is no way Meles can stop that. It would be wise for him to releas our leadrs from jail and work with them. Otherwise, he will get it soon or later. We have seen dictators fall so badly. He will be counted towards those either.

  3. Hagerun wedad
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    Hello to all my beloved Ethiopians!First of all,i would like to say Happy Christmas to all Ethiopian Christians.
    Having wished you a happy holiday,i would like to say something about this banda government of ours and its stupid leader,Meles Zenawi.
    I really don`t understand who this government is standing for.I have never seen&heard of its kind.Infact there have been bad governments both in Ethiopia and around the world.But one thing that makes the Meles Government unique among others is its being extremely(totally)against its country and people.

  4. curu Ethiopia
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    I wish happy christmas to all Ethiopian.i hope ato Meles would think more to releas our Leaders soon.Otherwise more delay more phobs to him. kidate be ethiopia hizb laye yebelte berasou laye aemero tsigeremanoroun yasayal.Godgive his peace.

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    one can not ask to quit politics.even they say can not be practical.It is a foolish question. No one have right to oblige others to quit or not to quit.Only dectater ask such silly qustion.

    Wayane was saying ethincs politics results peace, democracy and unity why do wayane asks our leaders condmen the OLF AND ONLF.It is aginsst even its owen policy. Ethiopia is the country of all party can not
    adminster without reconcilation all parties.Therfore the policy of kinjet should not exclude weather party based on national ,etincs,small or large.Leadership comes only and only through democratizion procces. no one allow any party out of this process.Therfore I am saiisfied with our leaders answer.i realy apriciated on their stand.I am very very sad of being under prison for thier princple of peaceful transtion government.Let all ethiopians stand for being released our real leaders. Peaceful transtion is the only remedy for all poeple even for wayanes. wayane is not a government he is simple killer.It is out of our heart long time.

  6. | #6

    dear MESFIN..i don’t think u dispora know what mean’s is break dowen. when EPRDF means break down.. that means we gone BREAK U BACK BONE one’s for all and we will be happely after.kkkkkk. MECHEM ENANTEN EHUDEN SENBET KALALU AYEGEBACHUM.kk..GOD BLESS P.M.M-Z. da king of all SHABYA and NEFTGHENA.

  7. tes
    | #7

    Mamo kilo your grammer stinks.Your P.M.M.Z must have sent you where to be schooled.

  8. mandefrote
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    Meles is winer you guys just losers long live the king(meles) kinjit will never see that day befor that the world will come to end we know most of how u are what u stand for. when weyene took the power u lost u know what kind of crime u cimte for 17 years the only way u can go to ethiopia when the country burn down so you got nothig to loss and u will do anythig excpit put u own life on line you were cowerd for 17 years and you still you are a cowerd. it is bad addiction the good thing about u in the western world and u cann’t abuse people bad bad bad addiction to bad u will never find wey to full file the addiction u carrying

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