Caught Red-Handed! – Mushie Semu aka Dossegnaw Emagnu – Abugida

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On Thursday, October 23, 2008, We received an email with attachments from a person who goes by the name of Dossegnaw Emagnu. (more…)

On Thursday, October 23, 2008, We received an email with attachments from a person who goes by the name of Dossegnaw Emagnu. He claims to be a victim of 2005 post-election violence. We found out without much ado that the actual person who sent us this email was “Mushie”. Yes, Mushie Semu, Lidetu’s right-hand man and UEDP-Medhin’s High Ranking Official.

Here is how to find out who the author is:

Download the pdf file and Right Click on it.

Select Properties and the PDF tab.

There it shows who the author is – in this case “Mushe”

This is how it looks.

Debteraw follows the footsteps of Aigaforum and posts this fake letter since it satisfies their quest to discredit Andenet Party.

Abugida’s advise to Mushie – You can still try to fool us but please don’t leave traces next time!

  1. Yichalal
    | #1


    Bertuln Bertuln Bertuln.

    LEBAN LEBA KALALUT AYIGEBAWUM. TINISH SEW TINISH NEW. ALL TPLFITES and TPLF messenger lidetu afiyalew and mushe are politically dead already. Thanks to technology the dirty hand is caught. Can’t hide

  2. Lema
    | #2


    I said well done!
    But where is the letter Bitukan & Andenet wrote to the Zenawi government – to have a presence in his rubber stump parlamient through 40 representaives who join it in the name of Kinijit?

    The letter which was leaked to the public is circulating in Ethiopia. And people are shocked and beyond belief that the UDJ can do this.

    Are you disputing the existence and legality of the letter? If not then why not post it on the front page.

    I thought you are indpendent and to the fact.

    The letter can be seen posted at: / while you do that please post also Dr. Hailu Arya’s interview about the subject.

    It has the signature of Birtukan.

  3. muleta
    | #3

    I am confused. What is going on? Anyone who can help me understand the case, please?

  4. Elias Kifle the Confused
    | #4

    You can say whatever you want about UDJ, but UDJ will get stronger every day.

    Tell us about the DO-Nothing EPPF..

    Top 10 Items on EPPF To Do List..

    10. Kiss Isayas Afworki’s Hand
    9. Make food for Shabia’s Soldiers
    8. Collect money from Ethiopians for Isaya’s Welfare.
    7. Make Elias Kifle look a fool.
    8. Liberate Sawa from Donkeys.
    6. Fly from Germany to Sawa.
    5. Recruit Soldiers for Shabia from Germany
    4. Apply for Asylum..
    3. Announce Elias as Shabia’s Dog
    2. Give Secret Information to Woyane Embassy
    1. Join the Criminal Woyane.

    I hope you enjoyed it Elias…

    Don’t delete it.

  5. solomon
    | #5

    Aye debteraw,why dont they join Woyane through so called Meto aleka Girma the Father-inlaw of Eyasu who owns EPRP???

  6. Robele Ababya
    | #6

    Abugida does sterling job as usual. Thenk you for your patritism.

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