Georgetown University Honors First Ladies of Zambia, Rwanda and the wife of an African dictator, namely Azeb Mesfin.

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Washington, DC ““ Today, Georgetown University announced that it will award the fifth annual “John Thompson Legacy of a Dream Award”? to the First Lady of Zambia Mrs. Maureen Mwanawasa, the First Lady of Rwanda Mrs. Jeannette Kagame, and the The wife of an African dictator, namely Azeb Mesfin in honor of their leadership in the Organization of African First Ladies Against HIV/AIDS and their service toward the ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The first ladies will be honored during the annual “Let Freedom Ring”? Concert to be held at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on Monday, January 15, 2007 at 6:00 p.m.

It is a shameful act on the part of Georgetown University to honor a wife of a dictator who literally butchered, tortured, and brutalized Ethiopians. Such Award should make Georgetown University subject to Embarrassment and Public ridicule.

Call or email at the contact below and Voice Your Concern.

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Andy Pino 202-687-4328

  1. | #1

    i am not expecting any thing for the united state of tamerica police it is clerly seen that they need the melese zenawie dectater sheep party to rull ethioip and i dont wont to be serprise to nominate the first leady hazeb to be prizes whay not she take the prise becouse her hazband make a gift for anew year for presendet gorge w bushe by invading somaliya to bend the us police against his internal dicataterial leader sheep

  2. Mesfin
    | #2

    It is very sad that while our beloved leaders are in jail Meles’s wife is coming to receive some kind of award that she doesn’t deserve. However, we should not see as a big deal. We need democracy, we need peace and we know that we have to work to get those and earned them. Let us focus on the real struggle.

  3. aygeze
    | #3

    Hi Friends,
    Let us get ready.I hope all the opposition party’s in the US are doing the necessary prepartion to show her how well come she is here. Our Fathers,mothers,brothers and sisters are being killed every day by her TPLF party and she want to come here and enjoy with this fake award. We are not stupid.Those who deserve any award for any humanity are in JAIL.

    Long live Ethiopia.

  4. Dave
    | #4

    We have to bombard the university with telephone calls and emails for their shameful act!!! And we deserve explanation for the reason of this election: Is that being a wife of a notorious Woyane killer?!!! This kind of act shouldn’t associate with MLK’ s day!

  5. | #5

    QUIN AZEBE IN DA HOUSE YO! wazzzup heater’s. u know what. u can keep heate’n and we w’ll do da job. any way keep up da good work QUIN AZEBE. don’t worry about thos loser’s. they are confused and they don’t know what to do or wich way to go. they are in the middil of no were.LONG LIVE EPRDF.

  6. henoke
    | #6

    What is the point if the award given to her or not, i mean what the American people or government is going to do towards the atrocity done by her husband. Lets as open our eyes don’t look for help any where, it should be us only us who can take MELES down nobody else. The other thing i can recommend to my Ethiopian brothers and sisters is that lets not waste time something which really not going to get as any forward to our struggle.

    Down to meles and his supporters

  7. berhanu
    | #7

    Honoring oppressors, dictators and fascists is no different than promoting the highly developed, global and well organized racism against Ethiopians and other people of the world .
    Surprisingly, the event is scheduled on Dr. Martin Luther King’s day. That makes this worse and even more insulting to the ideas for which Dr. King sacrificed his own life.
    I understand that in Ethiopia there were many ordinary people who made heroic achievements in fighting AIDS to save their own peoples’ life.
    If they believe that first ladies should get awards, for whatever reasons, they should postpone or give other reasons rather than linking the fight against AIDS with Dr. King’s day which is meant to honor his dreams of equality and justice for all humans.

  8. Dhin
    | #8

    Whereever you are and whoever you are, all that bark and talk like street kids, go to the land and actout all your blurs.
    Do you remember about King Haileselasie and the people who suffered from humger? Do you remember about the RED Teror durign the DERG? Was there a leader that stood for the poor Ethiopians?
    Was there a First Lady that shook hands with poor Ethiopians?
    Mind you, your statements show real ethnic bias/hate not not a real democracy for all. If you are a real Ethiopian, who believes in the Ethiopian mind set, then ask yourself and the people like you, what can Ethiopians do to better the lives of Ethiopians?, not to throw your empty realization out here.

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