Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week Of January 13th, 2007

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January 13th, 2007

Watch this week’s Abugida TV Program

  1. | #1

    Selam ABUGIDA TV
    I am very happy when i saw your tv program
    please congratulations

  2. ayalew
    | #2

    i would like to watch your program

  3. kal
    | #3

    Hi abugida how are you all with your wonderful TV broadcast. I have a suggestion to make this time. as good as your program is I just crave to watch it on full screen but couldn’t. I am just wondering if you can do something about it. even youtube started an option to watch full screen on PC that they did not have before so if it possible that will be very nice, but if not I still love to watch it.
    Thank you for your effort.

  4. Mesfin
    | #4

    Hello dear Abogida TV net broadcast,
    I’m happy to watch your every week program. Thanks for you effort doing great job to get information as well as ‘thanks Inofrmation tehnology’ to fellowe the true world even we are far each other.
    I wish you good year and work, yours follwer.
    Peace,love, hope in this planet.

  5. Miss
    | #5

    Abugeda TV is the best option for Ethiopians.


  6. i love yemeserach
    | #6

    ow boy boy…i think i am falling in love with yemeserach….each words that escape from her buterfly lips is musical to me…me yehsalgnal fekresh asabedognal!!

  7. Fesseha Atlaw
    | #7

    What a tribute to our treasure Laureate Tsegaye Gebre Medhin…What a tribute to this Ethiopia’s proud son… Thank you for doing this !

  8. Helen
    | #8

    That was a joke. I really love abugida Tv most of the time.

  9. kolew
    | #9

    thise not some kindda bunna bet that you said you love yemisrach if it is the other way lets encorage them instead of tinking such kindda of things thise girls atleast she is doing her part please les dont forget where we came from and why we are where we are thx

  10. | #10

    ”kolew”Hi – listen its ok to say what the guy fells.and after all he’s doing his part too in other way.flierting her and make a point of what he fells in his way so whats wrong with that? if you just pass it as if like someone’s idea it wouldn’t be exaggerated as it looks right now.after all what do you do on your part?and using cheap words is not going to make it better other than makes you look nothing like it did on you.instead their is some other issues to comment for than what u pick.

    The middle East.

  11. sami
    | #11

    when ever i see abugida tv i feel like iam back home.i hope good will help us one day .anyway you guys are doing great.thank you

  12. Debebe getachew
    | #12

    I would say that you guys did wonderful job for all Ethiopia people and please keep up the good work.I am personally really like it.please continue the good work.

    Thank you all of you

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