Open Letter to Georgetown University

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A Disgraceful Award to a Criminal.

Mrs. Azeb Mesfin, the wife of Mr. Meles Zenawi, the Ethiopian dictator, set to be honored and awarded by Georgetown University for her purported role in HIV/AIDS control is not your ordinary first lady that does ceremonial duties, oversees humanitarian works or runs charitable organizations that many first ladies commonly do.

Mrs. Azeb Mesfin is a member of the Central Committee of the TPLF, the hard core of the ruling party the TPLF/EPRDF, and one of a handful of people that control everything in Ethiopia. She is also a member of an illegitimate parliament who secured her election through intimidation like all other TPLF/ EPRDF parliamentarians who were rejected by the people but made their way through the daylight robbery of votes in the election of May 2005. The robbery of the votes and widespread rigging of the election by Mrs. Zenawi’s party is well documented by the testimony of Observers of the European Union and the Carter Center. This corrupt lady also runs numerous multimillion dollar business conglomerates that are directly controlled by the ruling party TPLF with little government oversight and accountability.
Mrs. Azeb Mesfin is a member of the leadership of a government that has killed hundreds of unarmed protestors in June and November 2005, confirmed to be a massacre by none other than the Inquiry Commission, whose members were hand picked by her husband. The Chairman of the Inquiry Commission and two other colleagues had to flee the country with the documents to tell the truth to the world including the United States Congress. Mrs. Zenawi was watching from her palace as tens of thousands of young people were arrested and sent to malaria infested concentration camps in the lowlands of Ethiopia where many died of hunger and disease.

Like her husband, this lady’s hands are soaked in the blood of the Ethiopian people.

The award is too ironic for a woman, whose ruling party TPLF has used one razor blade to dry shave multiple political prisoners in a country where the prevalence of HIV/AIDS is one of the highest in the world.

How blind are the officials of Georgetown University to these crimes against humanity? Couldn’t they have, at least, talked to one Ethiopian on the streets of Washington DC or any of the Ethiopian students studying at the University? We wonder.

Georgetown University is putting a huge black spot on its good name and reputation

This Award is a disgrace and a shame on the part of those who made the decision on behalf of the University.

Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans Against Tyranny in Ethiopia.

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    we love u QUIN AZEBE. keep’t up da good work.don’t even worry about thos losser’s. we’ll take care of them good AND WELL. THEY KNOW WHO WE ARE ALL READY.LONG LIVE EPRDF.

  2. Mesfin
    | #2

    Hi MAMO you are back”¦ all you could do is one line of kkkk”¦ I feel sorry for you. No wonder Meles has been using you and yours alike as biological elements for his evil agenda. Did you notice that you never even try to make a point and convince us. The reason is so simple, it just because you are not capable of such a thing.

    Hey brother MAMO when I respond to your none sense, it is with two main goals. First, I see you as a brother in the darkness, and I don’t mind to give you hand, so you can see the day light. I will try to keep it simple like 1+1=2. I know that you don’t seem to realize either 1 or 2, but I don’t mind to start from scratch. That is 0. The second goal is you are a typical Woyanne, and I intend to use you as biological element to demonstrate how a Woyanne thinks. It is because I believe the more people know how Woyanne thinks; the more interested they will be to get rid of it. But, hey, unlike Meles, when I use you as biological element, you are not going to die. Is that fair enough? Let me know ok!
    I also urge my Ethiopian compatriots to call Georgetown University to express their outrage at this shameful act of inviting Weyzero Woyannite on MLK day.

    Contact info: Andy Pino: 202-687-4328

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  4. Mesfin
    | #4

    Yes, that is what a typical Woyanne thinks. He thinks he is better than everybody else. Let me tell you, not only the rest of the world , what most Ethiopians think of Woyannes. Woyanne is an offspring of Shabia. Shabia created Woyanne in its effort to separate Eritrea from Ethiopia. Hay, that is why the leaders of Woyannes are Eritreans such as Meles himself and Berket Simon. Shabia knows that most of Tigrayans, they call them Agames, will not figure this plot out. Apparently that works for them. Other Ethiopian historical enemies also put a lot of money and efforts on this plot to weaken Ethiopia. Besides that the cold war became at the end and then the much heated Ethiopian government could’t sustain the war. Now, that his historical fact. Woyanns fought a fight as biological elements for Shabia and Meles. If you really think what they got out of it, you would see that they got nothing. If you think that Woyannes are conservative Tigrayans, look what they have done to Tigray. First of all Tigray is a peace of land with full of rock and dust. It can’t be functional as a country at all. They really need the reast of Ethiopia to even feed themselves. And, the whole Ethiopia including Tigray would have been better off, if we have ports such as Messewa and Assebe. Woyannes helped Shabia and other Ethiopian enemies in the region to take those ports away from Ethiopia. Now, how does Woyannes benefit from this. They benefit nothing. Actually, once Shabia used them, it through them a way as if they are old donkeys and call them Agames. I think of them the same way. They are confused, they are stupid and they can’t even figure it out what would be best for them in the long run. They have not rational thinking what is so ever, and they think they are better than everybody else. It is like “Gudishen besemashe gebya balwetash”
    Now, the so called “MAMO” when you post on this site, make sure that you say something constructive to convince us ok! Otherwise, as I promised, I am going to use you as biological elements to demonstrates how a Woyanne thinks.

    Talk to you soon!

  5. Tigist
    | #5

    Hi MAMO you said to Mesfin “WOW..MESFEN.I THINK U LIKE PLAY’N WITH FIRE?” What is that suppose to mean. Are you going to shoot Mesfin on the head on the internate? If you have something reasonable to say, say it. Don’t try to treat anybody with fire. We are watching Mesfin’s and your’s agruments. You see, you need to communicate your points and try to win peoples’ mind and hurt. You can’t do it with force. I hope you will learn that pretty soon.

  6. Demiss
    | #6

    This is not the first time that special interst groups created fraudulent stories as part of their propaganda initiatives and masqueraded the evil as a hero all the way up to regional and international institutions.

    The current award to the vampire woman is not different from that of her partner. Three months after the 2005 massacre of civilians in Addis, Yara Foundation and Jeffrey Sachs backed up the dracula dictator and awarded him a dubious African Green Revolution prize. These days, the cycle of shame is gripping Georgetown University that is celebrating the bogus records of Madame comrade Azeb, in a way the University of Bologna awarded a honorary PhD to the fake scientist Elena CeauÅŸescu who was actually a fourth grade dropped out, and never attended a high school. She was later executed alongside her husband as they were found guilty of crimes against humanity.

    Likewise, Mr. Meles has received a world peace prize and a honorary PhD and now his wife is on the line, picking up the trick. It does not seem the lobbyists put a lot of effort this time, though, because the HIV/AIDS story has successfuly worked for Mrs. Janet Museveni. But, as the wheel of time revolves the horror couple will be sooner or later stripped of the facades they try so hard to hide behind and reduced to their bare selves. That is when we will receive expeditious responses from Yara, Sachs, Georgetown University, CAF and the like.

  7. | #7

    wow mesfen good shot..when u talk about tplf. u my think u know about’t wich is u don’t even have a clue at all. any way u know what i think of u ? i think u are so losser and u can even stand up for u self or for u country. u are bran washed NEFTGHENA period. correct me if i’m be hounest with u idon’t even know why i’m respond to u son. u are knot my level and quit play’n with me . i pay’d huge price to get the pelac were i’m at know. u fill me ? so pleas stop act like childish and get back to da business ok. what is the most thing that u roght and kirak me up is shabya created u and they call’d u agame. so what ? the ppl with big mouth like u only they talk garbage. agame is a rigon small town in tigray . is very luky to be agame in this time blive me. let me ask u one thing. did u ever relayz’d how power full we are know? that’s way we gave back da favor to ERITRAN by sagin da referondom. we did’t for us knot for them.don’t ask me why. cuz this is our secret. finally i hop u lik’t da name that i call u AREFEHE TEGEZA ADEGY.kkkkkkk. LONG LIVE EPRDF.

  8. | #8

    dear TEGEST…i know u look’n for attintion. is too bad baby girl i’m hopply marrid so 2+2=4. do da maths if u don’t know da answer ask MESFEN he w’ll help u out. thank’s to u boy i teach him how to be a man.kkkkk. what a MAFERYA PPL u are ..GOD BLESS QUIN AZEBE.

  9. Mesfin
    | #9

    No, you have no secret with shabia. That is what you want us to believe. You are stupid Woyanne that worked for Shabia and thrown away. Everybody knows that Shabia looks you down more than anybody else. You both stupid can’t even stand each other. As you said if Woyanne still has secret with Shabia, why is that Sahbia attacked banch of kids when they were in school in Tigray? Why did you guys fought for a piece of dusty land called Badema? Why Meles put Siya Abrah in jail for so long? You have no secret at all. The only reason that helps to stay in power is Ethiopia is in a very bad neighborhood and those neighbors don’t like to see a nationalist government in Ethiopia. They had been bothering us for centuries. Now, they figure they should use the moron Woyannes for their purpose. Apparently they found you more stupid than they thought.

    “MAMO” it seems to me that you think that you Woyannes are naturally different from the rest of us, the rest of the world. You are “GOLDEN”. That is Meles’s bull crape to deceive you, so he can use you as biological elements for his evil purpose. Not even very successful people don’t think of themselves the way you think of your self. You know what you are? You are in fantasy world and afraid to face the reality. You are afraid of opinions and people’s confidence. If you are courageous, you would respect the people’s voice and go where you belong to. You serve others with out knowing their true intentions as bandas, you killed innocent children and you think you are something. If Woyanne is what it say it is, how come it blocks internet in Ethiopia? That is primitive. How come it afraid peaceful youth’s demonstration in Addis and the rest of Ethiopia? How come it prevent the Tigray people from reading free press that the rest of Ehtiopians used to enjoy? Woyanne is minority traitor with no long term vision. No minority group sustain in power for so long against the majority, and you will go down. I hope you will live to see that. All you got is that bold head, short and weird looking evil guy. If not for any thing else that guy can die due to natural couses. Then who is going to take over? You “MAMO”? I don’t know where you are at but, you can’t even communicate what you have in your chicken head. If you are in USA, I bet you are a bad student in ESL program or not in school at all. Finally, brother I would like to advise you to walk up and see what is going on in the real world. Read books and try to use your brain. By the way, I noticed that what I posted yesterday kind of bother you. Well, I heat to be the one to tell you the fact that what most of Ethiopians think of you. Now, your job is to stop bulling your self and face the reality. One more thing, next time before you post any message on this or any other abesha web site, make sure that you run the spel check. My guess is probably, you don’t even know how to do that. If that is the case, ask the better Woyanne. When you put words on this site, it is for the whole world to see.

    Talk to you soon!

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