Eng. Gizachew Shiferaw

October 30th, 2008 Print Print Email Email

Eng. Gizachew Shiferaw on UDJP’s Accomplishments

  1. mesob
    | #1

    This is very refreshing and promising. We all should support UDJ and strength the struggle.

    Down with the Eritrean puppet Elias Kiflom

  2. | #2

    Go UDJP we will support your sturagle

    Down ER.Elias KIflom

  3. Yemiserach
    | #3

    I am very elated by the information this is what Ethiopia need grass root movement and get ride of Woyane thugs by the peoples power.

    Birtukan Mideksa = Taitu Betuel

  4. Demeke
    | #4

    I heard Elias Kiflom joined the Hailu Shawel group. Is that true? He got chased out of the Current Affairs Discussion Forum. I am really sorry for this demented and arrogant person.

  5. Cobra
    | #5


    I was in Diaspora room last night Elias Kifle was attacking UDJ and current affairs room with the help of Stench supporters of Hailu shawels and some Eritrean cadres. What a shame full act of Elias, unholy alliance to the grave.

  6. Netsanet
    | #6


    | #7

    The BEST is yet to come !!!!They are doing their part lets do ours.Be consistent and determined. DO ANDENET !!!!!

    | #8

    The BEST is yet to come !!!!They are doing their part lets do ours.Be consistent and determined. GO ANDENET !!!!!

  9. way too gooo
    | #9

    wow andinet bertu !!! where is d`r dree i haven`t seen him after his first cd ginbot 7 song ?

  10. wow
    | #10

    Bravo UDJ!!!!

  11. gobanna
    | #11

    yes this what we need to bring what ethioipian deserve.

    in ANDENTE we trust!!!!!!

  12. habib
    | #12

    bertu weyanene lemasewgwd kegonachehu nen

  13. | #13

    How can find the addres of UDJ?
    I want to get accaunt number of UDJ ?
    Please send me answer of this qutions, thank you..

  14. | #14

    Eliyas Kifle is shabia.he is enemy of ethiopia.he is masseger of shabia.We must avoid him.

  15. andenet
    | #15

    To all Etiopians

    Let us focuse the change in Ethiopia after the change in America I know so maney Ethiopians involved on the obama campaighn can you all help UDJ to bring the change we need to mother land.

  16. Blete
    | #16

    What ever said , Andenet is a loyal opposition, which has 38 members in Weyannes fake parlament. The game is over.

  17. Aklilu
    | #17

    Thank you Abugida (Ato Ashebr )
    You are doing a good job. We have to unite this time. We have to help Andnet. It is heart breaking news. Please organize some thing so that we could help. Thankyou

  18. lesanework
    | #18

    Eliase a one time respected friend of you and your bose till he start exposing, now you want to make him a member of other party what a disgustin pathological lie . what interested me is the so called current affairs discussion forum. if try to provke them by saying or writing what they don’t want you will get the result. that is what they call democracy. to my understanding if this kind of moderators get a chance to power imagine what they be other monsters

  19. hana
    | #19

    Down with traitors

    Down with Woyane!

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