Queen of Mega faces protest at award ceremony

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January 15, 2007

Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi’s wife, Mrs. Azeb Mesfin, member of the Central Committee of the TPLF, Chairman of the Social Affairs Sub-committee of the controversial parliament, and former head of one of TPLF’s owned multi-billion dollars businesses, Mega Enterprisewill receive, along with the wife of the President of Zambia Mrs. Maureen Mwanawasa, the wife of the President of Rwanda Mrs. Jeannette Kagame, the fifth annual “John Thompson Legacy of a Dream Award” to the Organization of African First Ladies Against HIV/AIDS on behalf of the organization, and their work. They will be “honored” during the annual “Let Freedom Ring” Concert to be held today, Monday January 15, 2006 at 6 p.m. at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, 2700 F Street, NW Washington, DC 20566. Ethiopian protesters are expected to turn the event into an opportunity to further expose the crimes of the tyrannical regime. Many Ethiopians believe that Georgetown University has dishonered and betrayed the dreams of Martin Luther King Jr. who sacrificed his life fighting against injustice, discrimination and racism. Please call friends to attend the protest rally and distribute the following letter at the ceremony. [Organisers]

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Open letter to Georgetown University

“The award is too ironic for a woman, whose ruling party the TPLF has used one razor blade to dry shave multiple political prisoners in a country where the prevalence of HIV/AIDS is one of the highest in the world.”

  1. Yoans Abebe
    | #1

    We are so proud of Mrs. Azeb Mesfin. We hope more Ethiopian ladies will join her.

  2. | #2

    Congradulations Mrs. Mesfin! I am proud that an Ethiopian woman is among the “John Thompson Legacy of a Dream Award” and I can imagine that Mrs Mesfin deserve it for her hard works and contributions she made for Ethiopian people unlike her husband and dictator Meles Zenawi. Keep up the good job Azeb. thunmb up for you! Down with TPLF!

  3. Ewnetu
    | #3

    The blood sooked TPLF will cellebrate king day with aspiration of more Ethiopian Killing plus Somali.

    Mrs Azeb you better wash the blood spil of Ethiopians before you go the ceremony.

    Ethiopia will prevail.

  4. admassu
    | #4

    She is one of the most corrupted individuals from the TPLF. She has amassed millions of dollars stolen from the aid money sent to our people. She is one of the ruthless bureaucrats in the TPLF circle. Like her dictator husband who has been a chicken in front of gallant sons and daughters in the diaspora, , she has to face the opposition and enjoy a shamful experience.

    By the way, when the 193 ethiopians were murdered by agazi forces, she and her husband were celebrating daughter’s graduation at Sheraton.Imagine How blood sucking couples they are.

  5. Demiss
    | #5

    This is not the first time that special interst groups created fraudulent stories as part of their propaganda initiatives and masqueraded the evil as a hero all the way up to regional and international institutions.

    The current award to the vampire woman is not different from that of her partner. Three months after the 2005 massacre of civilians in Addis, Yara Foundation and Jeffrey Sachs backed up the dracula dictator and awarded him a dubious African Green Revolution prize. These days, the cycle of shame is gripping Georgetown University that is celebrating the bogus records of Madame comrade Azeb, in a way the University of Bologna awarded a honorary PhD to the fake scientist Elena CeauÅŸescu who was actually a fourth grade dropped out, and never attended a high school. She was later executed alongside her husband as they were found guilty of crimes against humanity.

    Mr. Dracula has received a world peace prize and a honorary PhD and now his wife is on the line, picking up the trick. It does not seem the greedy lobbyists put a lot of effort this time, though, because the HIV/AIDS story has successfuly worked for Mrs. Janet Museveni. But, as the wheel of time revolves the horror couple will be sooner or later stripped of the facades they try so hard to hide behind and reduced to their bare selves. That is when we will receive expeditious responses from Yara, Sachs, Georgetown University, CAF and the like.

  6. Tigist
    | #6

    “The award is too ironic for a woman, whose ruling party the TPLF has used one razor blade to dry shave multiple political prisoners in a country where the prevalence of HIV/AIDS is one of the highest in the world.”?

    When they see the angre Ethiopian demonstrators, the Georgetown University staff will regrate thy invited Mrs. Woyanne to their university.

  7. Tigist
    | #7

    Take a look at this Meles and his inner circle are not getting rest.

    EACA: Georgetown University Insulting Dr Martin Luther King’s Dream

    Learning the Georgetown University Presidents announcement to honor the “John Thompson Legacy of a Dream Award” to the Organization of African First Ladies Against HIV/AIDS for its leadership and service toward the ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King was unbearably painful and very embarrassing to those men and women who are living every day the Dr Kings dream at various African jails and in Diaspora.

    Unlike the Georgetown University Presidents knowledge or perception of those who may have nominated those honoree, neither of the dictators’ wife’s has the courage and determination to promote “compassion and create social change” in the way Dr. Martin Luther King envisioned. Rather, the honoree played significant role to the misery of millions with and with out HIV, and contributed that many others end up in catching infections at various concentration camps that are owned by their husbands. The Georgetown University honoree and their husbands daily exercise their unlimited power to incarcerate their opponents, torture, and murder their fellow country men and women instead of bringing positive social change and promoting compassion.

    For instance Azeb Mesfin of Ethiopia, who has taken the self appointed first lady status in a country of 72 million people since almost two decades is Chairwoman of the Social Affairs Standing Committee, a Member of Parliament as well as the a multi-million dollar monopolist in a country where opposition figures, civic society representatives and journalists are currently facing trial for treason and genocide for demanding democratic changes. The nomination by the Gorge Town University to honor the self appointed first lady of Ethiopia, Azeb Mesfin, who is a major player in escalating the destitution in the Horn and making Ethiopia to rank 170th out of 170 countries in development; 92nd out of 95 countries in poverty, and 137th out of 144 countries on gender-related advancement, and a center to harbor over 3.5 (5%) million people with HIV along over a million orphans, is a disgrace to the institution and an embarrassment to the Gorge Town University community.

    Georgetown University action insults Dr King’s legacy by supporting the social injustice, human right abuse the struggle for freedom in Ethiopia and Rwanda through honoring dictators’ wives who are also self appointed first-ladies. If Dr King and John Thompson were still alive, they would have been at the Kennedy Center with many Ethiopian Americans and freedom loving people, protesting and denouncing against the Georgetown University announcement to honor the “The New Emperor’s or Dictators’ Wives” on the behalf of their legacy.

    The action taken by George Town University not only insults Dr Kings and John Thompson’s legacy but it also undermines the peaceful democratic movement in the entire Africa and all over the world.

    Kassa Ayalew, M.D., M.P.H., Chair
    Ethiopian American Civic Advocacy (EACA)
    Phone: (703) 665-4042
    PO.Box 1292
    Lorton , Virginia 22199-1292 USA, eacadvocacy@gmail.com

    CC: Speaker, Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi
    CC: Congressman Tom Lantos
    CC: Congressman Donald M. Payne
    CC: Congressman Christopher smith
    CC: Congressman Rahm Emanuel
    CC: Congressman Mike Honda
    CC: Congresswomen Barbara Lee
    CC: Congresswomen Maxine Waters
    CC: Congresswomen Diane Watson
    CC: Congressman Charles Rangel
    CC: Congressman Tom Tancredo
    CC: Dr Joseph E. Lowery
    CC: Human Right Watch
    CC: Andy Pino
    CC: Amnesty International
    CC: Keif Schleifer

  8. | #8

    I think Azeb is smarter than her blood sucking husband. She looks good too.
    Proud of you Azeb.

  9. Tom
    | #9

    She better tell her husband to leave the Ethiopians.

  10. | #10

    who is there in the university selles his mind and diginity for a few dollar?
    I think woayane lobby this man in Jorgetown university

  11. | #11

    hey do you what i hate the ethiopian telvison (TPLF) porpogand line will present for the coming two or more weeks news that mes hazeb nomintaing news mexing with the tons of fols news and events like some of the addis abeba citezen sayes it is wonderful to have the first leady have awarded from united state and very amezing they wil say this
    good eving this is braking news mis hazeb wife of our beloved prime minister melese zenawe have awared and presedent bushe send the gritings to melese hahahaha
    you know this is what i expect becouse bushe dont folow the ethiopian news so how care for him any way let them play the game unitl the game play on them

  12. Seyoum says
    | #12

    What a shame? its realy funny when we mix such a big name equal too ” Martin Luther ” with such Ethiopian fascist Melis wife Azeb, We Ethiopians feel her end is like former Rumenian President Chauchesko & his wife. Duing the TPLF gorella strugle Azeb was known as a girl friend of KInfe one of higher Security officer in the new EPRDF regim & shott to death in the streat of addis ababa which is still abstract………..why he killed? Now queen Azeb get such a big name……… ” O ” Lord watch Ethiopia & its people! Amen

  13. meshesha
    | #13

    Congra Azeb!

  14. shotolay
    | #14

    she robed our country the last five yers
    now she get hawared
    sheme on george state they hawarding criminal.

  15. ewnetu
    | #15

    i was one of the person who protesting ms.azeb awarde in jfk center i realy prowed my self to fight the fascist wife i was may be 25feet from her sit she proken her neck to down when we say murder,killer,she is not diserve the haward,she is one of how signed to shave the prisoners with one razzer more than 10 prisoner and sooooooo.the people who was gathering in the kennedy center they was shoked when they heared our protest.then the gorge town uni presedent start to introdiused her the hall was so loued and clear sayes ethiopian protester shame on you gorge town presedent then he quait a few minite then the police come to arested as.after that she is invited to give speech and i sow her her face was so inbaresed.then after that she want say dr.martin luther king but she forgot to say his doctry the people in the hall screming to her say docter then after that she say i am sorry.continued her speech then again she want say mehandise gandy in stedy of mahateme gandy any way our voice our protest was lowed and clear we left our measseg to the people sit in the ouditorium.
    if you have a quetion i can answer.
    god bleased ethiopia

  16. ewenetu
    | #16

    this is for you “ewnetu”. You can not even write english properly, you are so stupid. You might be some idiot taxi driver from DC. That might be the reason why you were arrested. hahaha. VIVA AZEB SHOKORINA!!!!!

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