Woyanne panics over UDJP’s Recent Movements – Abugida (Western Gojam, Dembecha City Ethiopia)

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Amharic Report

It is not only by UDJP that changes will come to Ethiopia but by the participation of its citizens. (more…)

Amharic Report

It is not only by UDJP that changes will come to Ethiopia but by the participation of its citizens.

Today, UDJP Vice President and head of organizational affairs, Eng. Gizachew Shifferaw and two parliamentarians were arrested for three hours and released. The arrest happened in Western Gojam, Dembecha City after opening offices in the area.

The defunct Woyanne regime is using the same old techniques to intimidate UDJ Party officials, supporters as well as the general public. Woyanne has panicked as UDJP continues to open more offices and shores up its base. In the coming days, we expect more intimidation and arrests. This is a wake up call for all Ethiopians to roll up their sleeves and join UDJP’s freedom train. Nobody can stop the freedom train. However, the speed of the train is determined by you, the people. Now is the time to forget the past and look forward as UDJP shores up its base in Ethiopia.

  1. L
    | #1

    To those of you who are wondering why the government allowed the opening of offices so far, and why all of a sudden they are arresting Andinet people/organizers in Bale, Mettu and now Gojjam…here is the thing: they were confident that they have scared the people enough in 2005 that they will never come out and support Andinet the way they supported Kinijit ever again. They were wrong, again! Any government cadre that listened to Eng. Gizachew’s uplifting interview the other day must be burning all over his body! No, Ethiopians are not frightened! They are willing, again, to stand behind an opposition party of their choice!!! No, they have not lost hope! They are optimistic about their future and what they can do to improve it!

    Government officials and their cadres are so incapable of listening to the heart beats of the people that they only hear what they want to hear. That is why they keep getting surprised about the intentions of the population. They were caught off guard in 2005 and that is why they went out on their killing spree. That is what is happening again. They saw a light of hope they didn’t expect from the people, so they have to stop Andinet.

    This is when Ginbot 7 comes in people! It is not bound by the rules and guns of the government. It can do whatever it wants when it wants! Support Ginbot 7 and pressure the government to create the necessary atmosphere for the likes of Andinet! Become members, donate money, etc…! They cannot control 80 million Ethiopians and we have to show them that!!!

  2. dinka
    | #2

    Indeed nobody can stop the freedom train these people(UDJP) have assured us so many times that they will not waver to this tasting time.We who are not under this cruel regime must do what we have done in the past even more.The spirit of change has touched us all.Melles is not for change.He has no soul may god give us the strength.By the way I am listening to G7 radio what a timing when Birhanu Nega says …”though we knew this regime is vicious like a wild animal we have done what we could in a peaceful manner” it shows us Woyanay is leaving us with no option when we read what they have done to Ato Gizachew.

  3. Loyal Opposition
    | #3

    wore wore wore wore wore wore wore yemataferu woregnoche

    We support armed struggle against woyane not tlaker!

  4. Geleta Tulu
    | #4

    Way to go my fellow Ethipians . Melese and his cadres will try to stop the fight for freedom. But there is something he ignored and do it anyway, to supress peoples’ fight for freedom will never be stoped by killing, by aresting, by torturing and so on. It will always rise again. Let us be together. We Ethiopian people are one people one race. Regardless of our diffrent relegion and ethnic group. We respect each other. Not like he is trying to make our history dirty.

  5. atuba dolla
    | #5

    Make no mistake and mark millions of Ethiopians’ words. In the struggle that millions of Ethiopians had waged against the invading forces for the last 18 years,there was no as such a word PERHAPS and there won’t be one now or in the future ;this time, as it happaened in the 2005 election, for sure,millions of Ethiopians will defeat the Meles Naziawi’s regime to its final exit. Amen.

    Millions of Ethiopians have pulled moves for the 2010 elections to repeat a lsating victory over the eprdfwoyannetplf forces and regime.

  6. Tesfaye
    | #6

    Fake party

  7. BETE
    | #7

    It is an old trick to make PUPPETS POPULAR.

  8. assefa
    | #8

    abugida, you lost your credibility. this is only Birtkan’s website.
    why abugida only posting udj and ginbot7?
    why you dont do fair reporting? is this how you fight for free press?
    why yidnt ypoiu post eng. hailu’s interview where he said he dont support entering parlama before the 8 preconditions are met??
    It is shame that UDJ applied to enter TPLF election and parlama eventhough the 8 pre conditions are not met.
    why you dont report anything positig about AEUP, eng. hailu etc..??

    AEUP members also arrested in ethiopia ! Post it!

  9. Yalfal Belachew
    | #9

    “Meles Naziawi’- Well said. God will show a miracle. There will come a daylight for our beloved Ethiopia inspite of the long darkness.

  10. abdul
    | #10

    Udj political leaders wake up .Do not try to open offices out side Addis .stay stick to Addis for moboliztion .learn from past mistake and experienc .What you need is to capture the vital organ of Woyanne,s Testicel. Know your self and know your enemy you can win hunderdes of battles.

  11. Robele Ababya
    | #11

    Nobody can stop the freedom train. Judge Bertukan said: “What is man without his freedom”. Indeed, our lives on earth are meaningless without freedom and respect for human rights.
    Long live UDJP!!!

  12. Muluken
    | #12

    I think it is time to keep on our struggle. I beieve that what UDJ officials doing right this time is a wonderful jobe. We have to be on their side…After all, don’t forget that we are the reason for the democracy seen in South African. Think of the sacrifies that Mandela paid. We gat to be united and help UDJ to be the next leading part in 2002(E.C) election. God bless Ethiopia.

  13. lesanework
    | #13

    what a cone “now is the time to forget the past and look forward” who you are kiding is that why your leader Birtukan claimed there are only 100 political prisoners while thousands, did she forget those who died defending her before she was imprisoned and appologized for the killers in the pretext of tigray people (cover ups) a criminal is a criminal till justice is served.

  14. lesanework
    | #14

    don’t talk about free dom while you subdue others which are not on line with you. if this website is the mouth piece of udj only declare it. if it is a news outlet report about those which are imprisoned for more than three hours(i mean from others). actually which is a lie to buy cheap popularity as it was reported few months ago that birtukan was detained in the south of ethiopia while she was in a working visit(the biggest lie of all time). how many villas did you built while you make for the poor ethiopians unaffordable. please stop mechandising in the name of ethiopians.

  15. | #15

    the woyane regime will be losing big brother of thier own whom they were over confident to do any thing and geting the green light for every thing they aske for. not this time! change is coming to Africa hello! this is our time this is our moment! democracy will prevaill in Ethiopia!!

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