Somali FM radios including Shabelle and Aljazeera TV are shut down

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Aweys Osman Yusuf | January 15th, 2007

At least three FM radios and a TV. Were ordered to close their stations.

A decree issued by the security department of the Somali government ordered the Shabelle Media Network, Horn Afrik, IQK and Aljazeera TV stations in Mogadishu to be shut down.

The decree says, “From today 15 January, 2007 the above mentioned radio and TV stations to halt their broadcasting operations as soon they receive this decree. The managements of the media are being informed to come to the government security department that lies in Bar FIAT in Mogadishu on Tuesday”?.

All radio stations including Shabelle Radio instantly went off air.

The news comes as all local and foreign journalists were busy covering the events in Somalia. in

the past the Islamic Courts have closed down some of the local FM radios in the country after they broadcast music and songs.

The government did not specifically justify why the free media in Somalia was shut down.

  1. Mulata
    | #1

    Birds of the same feather fly together …. yibal yele ? Kewoyane min yimaru tadia … woyane has shutdown all free news outlets and media and the somalis are doing the same … next is to jail all oppositions and learning how to shoot and kill demonstrators — and woyane has demonstrated to them this last week … the next will be how to aim to the head and kill excution style … step by step they will learn all kinds of crimes and deceptions from their friends in Addis Ababa.

  2. Debesay
    | #2

    Mulata “Kedemekegn ”
    That was the saying come to my mind after i see the news
    Any way we will see if that is the solution

  3. shotolay
    | #3

    they need to live hary thos somali nomadic people they never a vere ben under low meles he think he wine war in somalia that wrong very wrong
    he don’t no thos people beaveor those somali our historical enemy ethiopia she don’t need strong unity
    government they when they unite they start to attcking
    as we have to suport somali spilit land
    somali land north side and punt land must they have to get recognetioal after this proces we are safe.

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