Breaking news: Protestors call for the release of political prisoners

January 19th, 2007 Print Print Email Email

January 19 (EZ):. Crowd of young people celebrating the Holy Epiphany denounced EPRDF’s rule. The protestors shouted slogans, which called for the release of Kinijit leaders and other political prisoners in front of the palace. A few demonstrators were heard chanting, “Woyane is thief!” as palace guards watch them alertly.

The celebrations were low key this year with thousands of people preferring to stay at home, opposing the political partisanship of the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

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    Please don’t call him ‘the patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox church’ He is not; he is a woyane patriarch appointed by Woyane and serves them very well. He will go to hell with them. What I’m ashamed of are the other religeous leaders who stand with him, pray for him, and serve with him. This has made the contribution of the Ethiopian Orthodox church a disgrace in history, a black spot on what they preach vs. what they practice. I’m not sure if the followers of the church today do not find themselves as flocks without a sheepherd. Where are the ‘Abune Petroses’ of the 21st century??

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