Body of an Ethiopian Housemaid Lying in UAE Morgue for a Month – By Bassma Al Jandaly, Staff Reporter (Gulf News)

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The body of a housemaid has been lying in the morgue here for more than a month because the sponsor and the labour agency are haggling over the responsibility of repatriating the body home, Gulf News has learnt. (more…)

The body of a housemaid has been lying in the morgue here for more than a month because the sponsor and the labour agency are haggling over the responsibility of repatriating the body home, Gulf News has learnt.

The sponsor and the agency who brought the housemaid to the UAE are also refusing to pay the cost of her visa cancellation and repatriation of her body.

Alemintu Girma Hailu, 19-year-old Ethiopian woman, who came to work for a family in Ras Al Khaimah, fell ill after a few days of her arrival due to heat stroke.

She spent two months in the hospital in coma before she died on October 9. Her body is still at the morgue waiting to be sent home.

Alemintu is the eldest daughter of a poor parents who sent their daughter to work here in order to support them in their hard life.

While the mother and the father of Alemintu are waiting to receive their daughter’s body, the sponsor and the labour agency are haggling over the onus of the cost of repatriation and the cancellation of the visa.

An official from Ras Al Khaimah Naturalisation and Residency Department (RNRD) said that the ministry of interior’s law clearly states that in the event of the death of the domestic worker it is the employer’s responsibility to repatriate the body of the deceased to the home country and repatriate his or her personal effects as soon as possible, in coordination with the concerned authorities in the worker’s home country.

“The cost of visa cancellation and obtaining departure permission is not more than Dh200 and must be shared by both,” the official said.

The official who refused to be identified said that he is aware of Alemintu’s case but neither the sponsor nor the agency were cooperating in the case.

“The woman’s body has been at the morgue since October 9, and we hope to sort it out before the end of the year,” he said.

Alemintu worked only two weeks for the Arab family in Ras Al Khaimah when she was admitted to Ebrahim Bin Obaid Allah hospital in Ras Al Khaimah for heat stroke, septicaemia and pneumonia.

It may cost Dh4,500

For repatriation the deceased will have to be embalmed at Al Maktoum Hospital in Dubai and will cost about Dh1,200.

A temporary shroud will be provided by the hospital and a simple zinc-lined coffin can be obtained for Dh1,000 (optional).

The casket will cost Dh1,000. Airlines may charge about Dh2,000. Hence the repatriation cost (without the temporary shroud) is about Dh4,500.

    | #1

    What about “Ethiopian Embassy” in UAE if it exists? If it doesn’t exist there what about the embassies of Ethiopia who are located in near by countries? or “the Government of Ethiopia”? Why can’t they Take care of “their citizens” at least at this kind of time of sorrow?How many Ethiopian bodies have been left in the bed floor of the red sea because they were drawn while trying to escape from an enemy ran “Government” in their mother land? How many bodies of Ethiopians have been left in Mogadishu streets? How many bodies in the desert of Sudan? How many in Kenya?
    Of course not forgetting the bodies of over 100,000 soldiers left to wild animals to be eaten?( the boarder war with Eritrea in 1998 – 2000 – war of tyrannies)? How many in the hidden concentration camps of tyranny around the country? The concentration camps in ZIWAI, DEDESA, BIR SHELEKO and others still exist and tens of thousand of our country men and women, young and old continue to suffer as we speak.

    Very, very sad moment for Ethiopian mothers!
    Very, very sad moment for all Ethiopians as people!

    Shame on “Ethiopian embassies” Worldwide! You earn much from the poor tax payers of Ethiopian farmers and couldn’t even send the remains of their children home in honor!
    Shame on the “Ethiopian Government”, who allowed the Ethiopian GOLD to be stolen in day light and yet couldn’t even solve such miner cases!

    Let our sister Alemitu Girma’s soul rest in peace!
    It is the responsibility of all Ethiopians around the World to denounce the continued suffering of our compatriots else where!

    Thank you

  2. Emaelaf
    | #2

    Thank you Wegeshaw, you have stated all properly. Shame on the Ethiopian embassy and the Ethiopian community in Dubai. MINALEBET BEHAMSA LOMI BIMOKER… LELA LELAW KALTECHALE. How times shall the poor family of Alemitu will be punished? I am very sorry….

  3. Emaelaf
    | #3

    Thank you Wegeshaw, you have stated all properly. Shame on the Ethiopian embassy and the Ethiopian community in Dubai. MINALEBET BEHAMSA LOMI BIMOKER… LELA LELAW KALTECHALE. How many times shall the poor family of Alemitu will be punished? I am very sorry….

  4. fuad
    | #4

    Shame on the people of weyane and their supporters. It is so misserabel!!!!

  5. Hibret Selamu
    | #5

    There is an Ethiopian Consulate in Dubai. And also an Ethiopian Community organization.

    It’s absolutely shocking that both the above are silent while so much humiliation is occuring to a national of Ethiopia.

    I suggest that the Consul-General as well as the leaders of the Ethiopian community entity should be dismissed. They only deserve the maximum punishment for bringing such shame to Ethiopia in an Arab country.

    How could others respect us when we disrespect each other so much!


  6. BONGA
    | #6


  7. | #7

    it’s so sad to see this girl letf helpless while TPLF feeding thire pucket i’m so surprise if ethiopian community exist in dubai which half of ethiopian popeltion lives is that difficult to collect small amount of money? insted of puting our citizen on spot light let’s GOD judge u i wouldn’t never think our people learn from there mistake go to hell who ever ripresent ethiopian community in dubai

    | #8

    What a beautiful place is BONGA if at all you have ever visited that place? I had been there some 18 years ago and got in loved with the land ever since, as it was and still is part of my motherland even though now irresponsible “Government” may have destroyed it as the rest of the country? Brother (Sister)”BONGA”,why are you so in confident you chose this beautiful screen name? Is that what we say “MELKE TIFUN BESIM YIDEGIFU”? Where is your input?
    Where is the dough in your discussion?
    Look at the substance of your discussion.
    All the trash name callings are good for nothing. You wrote only “Belgina” words like:
    For your statement “Go and fight if you could change any thing” I repeat what the historic first black president of America said in his speech recently: “When the time becomes hard, we say YES WE CAN”, I am not a president but I have learnt a lot from him as it was addressed to Americans at the first place and the World in general. But from your discussion you seemed to be happy with the state quo in Ethiopia today. Are you a beneficiary of the brutal “Government? It seems so, otherwise you wouldn’t have gone mad at me that much.
    Any way the discussion is now about 19 years old compatriot of ours who couldn’t be berried in dignity in her mother land. What ca you suggest here Mr.BONGA?

    At last please let me change your screen name? Not BONGA but MENGAGA
    Of course with your permission.

    Take care

  9. Hibret Selamu
    | #9

    Bonga is an idiot who only deserves to be ignored.

    Seyoum Mesfin, the so-called Minister of Foreign Affiars, where are you? Shame on you?

    | #10

    there are alot of brave Ethiopians who died for their mother land Ethiopia every corner of the country in the battel feeld. just to defend our mom Ethiopia from enemis and No one of you have been proud of your defence force EVER. but when one or two guys dead for the sake of their better life you come here to open your nasty mouth against governement or officials. PLS think if you could die one day I hope soon no 1 gonne care for you any more. but I don’t mean I don’t feel sad for the 19 years old women. but it has nathing to do with officials. but for you anemployed ppl the time is NOW to write your arrogance against any officials whom you don’t like.hawever.that doesn’t change any thing.
    you can always come here and open your nusty mouth as much as you like.
    how many of you care for your PPL back home? I’M dead sure there will be no 1 ; so pls go and look to get better job retherthan talking nonsens here and there. you don’t even care for your on family so STOP pretend as if you care for the 19 years old women. you better think 2morrow death will come TO YOU. so try how to accept natural death and save money for transport back home to your dead body.
    there will be no 1 to care about your dead shit. GOT IT ? .

    | #11

    Thank you for accepting my proposition to your new screen name and left beautiful BONGA alone. I’m happy too that you liked MENGAGA. Coming to our civilized way of discussion:

    1) There is no Ethiopian army as such since 1991,becouse only one ethnical group is dictating and pursuing it’s hidden agenda “Abay Tigray”. Don’t tell me that there are army members who are from other ethnical groups, yes that is true but they never had any decision making and their voices are suppressed. Don’t tell me that I prefer the “Derg” or the emperors Army, they had their positive sides and negatives, but at least they represented all Ethiopians and defended their territorial integrities not given their land here and there.

    2) Every Ethiopian would have preferred to stay at home,
    “Home sweet Home” ,silu ferenjochu alsemahim?
    The problem is there to be seen: Ethiopia has become “Guantanamo of Africa”
    Journalism and mass Medias closed, the land has been sold, the Gold has been stolen.
    No food, no freedom and no democracy.

    Previously I thought I’ll propose a pen name with SENGA, but then I refrained as I have to respect you as you are a human being. We could have different views but argue to bring about some positive results concerning our common mother land.

    Dehna hun MENGAGAW

  12. Rahel
    | #12

    Dear Ato Wegeshaw,

    Is there any update about Alemitu if so please let us know me and my freinds are ready to help!

  13. MUNA
    | #13

    my name is muna and i fell so sorey for her self and familylike what i say araib pipel is not good and i hate themon my self i wes working before for dubai home amde and thanks god i skept wes working out side then gat marege know my life is good so i know how maney of us oure family is not aford to pay the bill so thats why she did this i fell so sorey for her family and her self

  14. MUNA
    | #14

    like i know the ethiopian embasy is not helpany badey bat they self they self fish all time thinkg they salary in dubai i fell bad on my embasy .

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