UDJP in Germany

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  1. tesfaye
    | #1

    She is rejected in Ethiopia.
    Birtukan is also rejected here in Europe.
    She is a traitor who tried to dismantle kinijit.
    Death for Brtukan!

  2. Hagos
    | #2

    Tesfaye betam dedeb neh

  3. gutu
    | #3

    you are all worthless.

  4. | #4

    Birtukan and the other Kinjit leaders are harassed, intimated, jailed etc. This didn’t stop them from going to diffrent part of the province to moblize people and open office’s to be ready for the election in 2010. They showed courage and determination. We should be supportive.

  5. Yonathan
    | #5

    Death to all ETHIOPIAN FREEDOM haters. I will come in hell and beat u . I am fed up with Ethiopian men leaders, it is about time the women take the lead, to take Ethiopia out of this mess. I am living a good life in the US but everyday I wake-up I feel bad for the millions that suffer under Meles.Let us give this woman the chance, I truly believe women make better leaders than men because they pay attention to details.

  6. Freedom after death
    | #6

    wel-come, Birr-Too-Can.

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