Azeb Mesfin, wife of dictator Meles Zenawi faced humiliation in America at the Legacy of a Dream Award ceremony.

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Video: Courtesy of Addis Voice | January 19th, 2007

Watch the video here. She looks very agitated and confused.

  1. TATEK
    | #1

    Despite outlandish claims by the hooligans on their Paltalk meeting places, the one IDIOT who tried to disrupt the First Lady AZEB did not even faze her at all. The difference between First Lady and the weak man who tried to intimidate and disrupt her is night and day. Weizero Azeb a lady molded by fire is too much for this coward who is too dumb to realize that protesting at a function in the honor of Dr. Martin Luther King is counterproductive. Nonetheless we are impressed by First Ladies ability not to blink an eyelid when the attempt to intimidate her was started. She displayed true Ethiopian dignity and poise. We say kudos for her very elegant response in the face of hooligan democracy!

    The Award ceremony held at the Kennedy Center for Ethiopian First lady was attended by world leaders and dignitaries. The evening was a resounding success and the recipient of the award First Lady of Ethiopia Mrs. Azeb Mesfin was honored as a guest of honor. Three hooligans who attempted to disrupt the meeting were herded out of the room by security agents without being given a chance to disrupt the program. Some said the actions by the security agents reminded them of the manner in which the Ethiopian defense forced evicted the ICU in an efficient and stealthy manner.

    Honorable Azeb Mesfin received the award on January 15 at an annual national ceremony,which is observed annually to commemorate the works and life of the famous civil rights activist and leader Dr. Martin Luther King.She was honored for showing in practice that empowering women for leadership is mandatory for the success of HIV/AIDS prevention

  2. | #2

    hi what a sad Lady,Tatek tried to defend one of the worst criminal of our time,her husband better known by spreading HIV/AIDS all over Ethiopia he is killing young kids in a day light.poor man Tatek I don’t know how much you got paid,but it’s futil attempt, the whole world knows the crime committed by Nazi-TPLF aganist the Ethiopian guys never ever get peace in every corner of the world,until you return to your cave,again you are struggling to export you Nazi idiology to Somalia it’s a disgrace the price would be huge.

  3. | #3

    How much are you paid to call the audience “dumb”? Are you sure about who you are trying to defend? Or are you living in an entirely different world? Please do not be blinded by what ever alimony is being thrown to you today. Stand for the truth! Stand by the poor families who lost their loved ones. Stand by those who are languishing in jail for defending the rights of the Ethiopian people. Question yourself, if you have a conscious, as to whether you are standing with who ever has the power or with those who are denyed their basic human rights. The sun that seemed to have set for the time being will rise soon!!

  4. Dora Daba
    | #4

    Poor Azeb, Pity you. You look like a mouse trying to get out a trap.

    When I think of my brothers and sisters whom you killed …I feel like cutting of your head and put it on my x-mas tree.

    You pathetic little rat.

    Your man

  5. zoma
    | #5

    Tatek, the knuckle head
    somebody could have at least taught your tegaru imebet to dress properly. Where did she think she was in dedebit washa with her
    kinibneb…..LOL. Oh God, and that tegaru English was a killer.
    How come Samuel Assefa did not teach her when she was holed up with him at the woyane Embassy?

    Oh yeah! this tegaru is so dumb that she said in the woayne PaLTalk room that she did not know the Lioness, Bertukan Mideksa. There are lies and then there are lies>>>>>>>>>. At least the other dictator’s
    wives sounded semi-educated, appropriately dressed and prepared.

  6. Endelebu
    | #6

    How come you guys expecte a perfect things and civility from this wild beast Azeb who knows nothing except killing and sleeping with different Tegadalays? This lady even don’t know from whom she got the three kids who are now under the coustody of Meles Zenawi. One is said from Meles but the other tow are from TPLF security chief and General Samora Younus. I don’t know now also whom she is sleeping during her stay in USA.

  7. Liben
    | #7

    This video version is `edited` in the way the presenter wanted us to see it here. In all the others version we saw no such big noises were heared inside the hall the ceremony was held. It was a smooth ceremony.

    Putiing aside the lies shown here, it is UnEthiopian to go to such low levels to criticize a credible institution for its decision to honour a woman from Ethiopia, for her active role in the fight against Aids.

    This kind of hate will not get us anywhere.

  8. Gobena
    | #8

    Lieben! do you mean to honour this tigrea bitch for spreading HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia south of Tigry? (for sure she is not an Ethiopian). This brave ETHIOPIANS presented her the disgrace she diserveed.

  9. TATEK
    | #9

    please grow up! what is your intation !
    do you really think a azeb or meles just diapperae because you hate them.
    no they would not.
    a kid like you who have never and will never bring a chnage to tetzh. ppl.
    i think you personal hate come because tplf send your family out of addis ababa.and that was the only way to keep your family alive.
    was it not meles your family were treated like afewerk treated the ethiopin ppl. in asmara . tink twice kid.

    if you want a well dressed women just go douen towen .azeb is a freedom
    fighter and has a brave man like meles how treat her like angel.
    dig it


    inselting azeb would not help the ethiopian ppl. in any way try it with love . love can onlyor meles is

  10. | #10

    Tatek, Ethiopians are living everywhere the whole humanity of our era living in samll global village,are you dnying the fact and reality?or are you preaching Nazi-TPLF idiology to us? how on earth some one try to deny well documented facts of ovre 16 years? please Tatek get a job and sort out your life, it’s too little too late.Azeb is the wife of a mass murderer, no where in history happened honoring the wife of a child killer and mass-murderer,did you ever heard the wife of Benetto Mussoloni or the wife of Pol pot being treated as a celeberity?Azebe and meles are different side of the same coine,from the same tribalist killer party(TPLF)Just it’s a matter of time for Ethiopian people to smoke them out,every thing gonna be in order the unity of 78million Ethiopian is achieveble goal in the near future,3%TPLF MINORITY nightmare and cmplex become endless delusion.

  11. Afe-Gubae
    | #11

    How long the Woyanyans and their sympathizers leave with shame? In our homeland they are killing, torturing and arresting us arbitrarily. Is it extremism if we disgrace them in any international stage? Till justice is served in our land we have to deny them honour, the greatest reward for an official.

    Sure I do not know what the hell Azeb is doing now, but she was deadly silent when the HIV epidemic infect the whole nation outrageously few years ago.

    Though the out come is unhappy and contrary, in Tigray they have been taking several preventive steps from the very begining. The government’s double standard regarding AIDS prevention is shockingly true. At one time we were leading the globe in the number of HIV victims, if this is considered as a merit for such prestigious award sure the self-appointed first lady deserves it.

  12. | #12

    One must be blind to deny the reality of the present Ethiopia,I don’t bleme people like Tatek for them it’s a living to serve the murderers and lawless regime like melese.but honoring the wife of a mass-murderer for GU In the name of Martin luther king is one of opportunistic and graviest mistake of all time,Geore town university officials those who involved in this matter must be responsible for the crime they committed.may be they don’t want to talk about the thousends of young people those who had been forced to shave their hair using the same blad by many,deliberatly to spread HIV/AIDS and kill the generation,isn’t it a crime against humanity?how on earth a dictator like Zenawi and his wife become selected in the face of gross human right violatins and injustices?isn’s it a shame for GU Chairman not to talk about the oppostion leaders langushing in prison rather than honoring the wife of a mass-murderer? shame on you!

  13. | #13

    Georegetown University begotes, Good luck if you think it’s correct measure,but you will never escape from the real judgemnet of history and the great American people,as an Ethiopian I feel ashemd of you,your credibilty is seriously damaged all over Africa who knows TPLF and melese as a mass murderer,as one of the best Learning center in America you should stand for people’s cause, promote democracy and the rule of Law. simply to talk nonsense in the world of 21st century is sucidal to everyone including the Chirman of GU who is far from the real world, The sprit of Martin luther king is with 77million Ethiopian people. we know we shall win!!!!

  14. TATEK
    | #14

    Sorry ppl. around, i have to disapprove you once more .
    your standerd of comparsion eprdf/tplf to nazi is exponentily exaggrated.
    with that you can only cheat your old mother who have noting to do but drink coffe the day long in addis and your relativs whom you send 100 bugs a year to just to shut there mouth.where the hell were you all in the derg time? are you maybe the old derg and derg kids like somebody put it!
    i woldnt dear to say that . for me derg is dead and schabia too.

    i live here in the center of germany/berlin and i know what nazi is and i have bin in the last 10 years allmost every year in ethiopia , all over ethiopia , because i kann mange it and love it. love it so much that i can even die for it not only work and even paid for it .when you think i was so good by defending tplf i may charge them as you said it .
    just for your information i was there when the eprdf comes and the derg
    were runnig for there life and taking evry thing which can move after killing thouseds and tousends of ppl. ( THE CREAM OF THE ETHIOPIAN GENERATION)the cream of the ethiopian ppl. ) do you think that somebody can forgt that?that is why we have ppl. like you and meles to day.

    but this way or another the fact is you are against the progress of
    democracy in ethiopa who a lot have died for it .you with your hate propoganda are about to fight the democracy in ethiopia like you do it befor the election (misgeided by schabia) and you are still crying because you are incapabel for any better are responsibel that the vote of the ppl. turned to zero.your political approch was not to develop democracy but cann be only used to change a rigim.the means you have used and still using is totally you sold the ppl. vote
    to eprdf ,they were smart in that just lost beacause you were to agly.
    most of the politicans have pognosiert befor the election that the oppsition might get enough seat in parlament and by next time that there will be a posiblity for a rigm change . you dispolt even this chance.
    how with your unblivebel hate to your country .
    i will say your principle is ( enen yegodach mesloat emswan benchete )

    so ppl. come to your sens and the schabias i just cant help you you are a dead case. i just cant cure it

    Bay Bay
    and bleiben sie gesund man sieht sich.nicht personlich nehmen
    (dont take it personaly)

  15. Hana
    | #15

    I feel sorry to one of the very few honourable human beings ever lived on earth (MLG) treating him the way the GTU does. The award to a cadre/guerrilla fighter’s wife who is directly associating with gruesome crime against humanity for many years shows how Africans are again becomes victim to individuals, institutions and GOVT. I have no doubt the to a criminal has it’s own secret agenda rather than so called about HIV/aids or human right.
    I hope humanity will stop them from using the martin Luther legacy again for their personal advantage at the cost of many innocents, which very much contrary what respected MLG did stands for.

  16. | #16

    I don’t really understand why the world ignore facts and day to day misery murder torture corruption inhuman and barbaric treatment of oppostion leaders,the so-called developed nation international organsations human right groups become powerless,specially the American government’s strong comitment for democracy and the rule of law vanished on space after the end of the cold war,the American energy focused on the fight against Islamic-terror rather than encoureging and supporting nations towards democracy and the rule of law. the American value which have been spreading like a wild fire during the cold war stopped without any choice of the University of Georetown calling the wife of a mass murderer as a champion of social justice,I think they forgot one of the leading principles of Dr.king “injstice anywhere is injustice everywhere” in the name of the young the old and the disabled people langushing in TPLF tribalist prison stop it! we want you offically apologise to the people of Ethiopia for honoring the mass-murderer wife for nothing,a great shame it’s like honoring the wife of mussoloni or pol pot “A white spot which will spoil your name forever”

  17. Meressa
    | #17

    Whoever is appreciating this bitch(Azeb),u will get it paid.U r stupid cause u r denying the truth i.e the frog look alike Meles and his banda group r against our country and people.I will b follwin u bastards to hang u like Saddam.

  18. TATEK
    | #18

    Dr. King’s didn’t teach lies. He didn’t preach hatred. He didn’t advocate divisions or mistrust. He called upon all humans to live in love and harmony. He preached for mutual respect. He taught for peace and solidarity of the human races. Contrarily, this advocacy group is advocating hate, lies, divisions, and mistrust in the name of the Legacy of Dr. King within an ideal society where such evils are least possible to happen.

    It would have been helpful for such groups mushrooming on every other street on western cities to learn the core concept of democracy. Democracy has rules. It is not open ended. It has boundary and context. It has meaning within the rule of the land. It develops by popular participation over a long period of time.

  19. | #19

    Zenawi and his tribalist party TPLF are well-known pathological liers,Tatek you must be cruel and blind who stands to defend narrow mass murderers? what sort of solidarity what kind of democracy are you preaching? do want to ask the judges Frehiwot-Samueal or W/mechale meshesha or Mitku Teshome,what does it mean to you democracy and solidarity?does it mean to kill 10 years old boy in a day light? does it mean to kill 200 young Life in a single day or what is the meaning of democracy in TPLF’s dictionary,we know you are one of those HODAM-banda I don’t blame you, for you it’s a means to survive may be you get paid in people’s blood,the blood of ETHIOPIAN! but the question is for how long can you keep sucking human blood?

  20. | #20

    Martin Luther king teach Love solidarity unity and trust,we all agree but after forty something years after his death it’s still difficult to say that his vision for freedom is accomplished,Dr.kind’s vision for equality and freedom has no boundary his struggle and sacrifice was not only for American “Negros”his real dream was for all humanity to be free from the yoke of barbaric and inhuman rule,his vision was to set free all human being from repression,his legacy is one of the viberant driving forces of the 21st century towards freedom.For nations who are suffering under dictatorship Dr.king’s legacy is a leading principle to set them free. Ethiopia,Palistina,Zembabwa,Burma, Sudan,and others whom tormented because of minority and dictatorial rule will see the light through people’s struggle,TPLF,ZANU-PF AND other rejected thrashed parties will go to hell because of the crime they committed.

  21. | #21

    We know you for long time you bring nothing postive talk talk,few Amhara and narrow oromo can do nothing in ethiopian politics TPLF is a liberator,we are doing the job you are plying the paltalk, that is the differnce b/n us and you guys. we fix anyone for the coming one hundered years,learn from somalia our next journy would be obvious, against the organiser of UIC shabiya lol—–

  22. | #22

    please Ethiopians whatever the differences may be and inspite of a bitterness that has fragmented and distroyed everythng that Ethiopia could stand for,let us be civil and pretend if need be to restore a semblance of dignity to a people who once were proud.Let us honour the lady,together let us convince ourselves and the world that even Meles can be mistaken and we together will have a dialogue as people

  23. | #23

    TATEK, you are right everyone really can understand your stand when you make clear like the above message yes TPLF is war monger suffering from inferiority complex no credibilty rejected by 75million ethiopian the worst corrupt regime in the horn of Africa,that is why the Ethiopian people spoke in 2005 election against the Zenawi’s brutal told us you plan to attack Afeworki,Good luck to you but we still feel sorry for the poor foot-Soldier who became forcibly joind TPLF Army. elected leader of the people are lagushing in barbaric way in your prison,all this time you didn’t learn what human diginty mean oh did you? you never feel ashmed when you talk about the legacy of Dr.King,you never feel ashemd when you send the mass murderer’s wife to be Champion of social justic while her husband deliberatly spreading HIV/AIDS all over the nation in order to kill a generation just for political reason, we will never sleep until we get justice! we will fight the coward TPLF in ever international and national arenas never never and never!

  24. TATEK
    | #24

    dear omer semmeter,
    the last message is not from me but it sound not coud be a nice idea to make free my beloved eritrian brothers from isayass afework once and for all.
    ethiopia miss the ertrian guys like sugar in a tea. when you try to make a picture how the eritrian are now doing i feel pity , well we ethiopian are not much far away but it is really a difference . what i hate is this hate propaganda . you know i am for love . i know it is not easy but i would like rather stand for love and try to incourage ppl. who try to make a change in the african life . i am very disappointed with the so called diaspora who propagate unrealstic news .they talk how they love thier respected country and at the same time practice very ditractiv ways to satisfay their igo.
    there is a lot to do and i would´t wait till eprdf live office ther is enough play ground to practice democracy and to fight poverty for the sake of our beloved african brother somali, ethiopia ertria or sudan .
    if we don´t manage to bring a change in this centuray then i think we are lost and have noting to talk about.

    take care
    wish you a nice day

  25. balehager
    | #25

    ene yemelewu! MLK must be rolling over in his grave. The great black man who promoted equality and justice is being ridiculed by political games and score settling. I am insulted and hurt that the uncounted Ethiopias lives that perished post-election and through out the EPRDF’s regime are being trampled upon by glorifying those that are accountable.
    By the way Azeb is techinical not even a first lady (u’d have to be married to the president to assume that title).
    Yasazenal betam Yasazenal

  26. | #26

    Ato Tatke (Tagaye)most of you guys are living in a dream world far from reality manupulated by cynical brain of Zenawi,driven in a blind ego for greed and controlling others. Tagay Tatek ask your self before you start blaming the diaspora or oppostion politican. don’t you feel ashemd when you talk about all nonsense after 16 year?don’t you regertte the killing of over 200 kids in a single day,I am sure your answer would be no that’s why the Ethiopian people call you “cowards” is there any thing that the diaspora can help you?imagine Tigray judge, Tigray Generals,Tigray civil servant,Tigray prime minster Tigray business every thing TIgray Tigray Tigray—-?what do feel in the country of 77million if belong to the others?that’s why the Ethiopian people gossip you as a blood suckers.that’s why the oromo the Amhara the sidama the somali all most all Ethiopian people rejected you,in our long history never ever such kind of unimagineble cruelity documented.

  27. TATEK
    | #27

    Gashe Omer Semeter (Getaye yene Koda ),
    what is wrong with all in all TTT Tigray officials
    - they are very dedicated to fight poverty
    - the good hard worker
    - they are very religious (I.or C.) – Human moral
    - they are less corrupt
    - they brought us democracy
    - they cure us from affewrki canser
    for a long long time ( 16 years ago ) it was all amhras and the oromos have to change their name it dosen`t help much ( enesa and asusa ).and the others who couldnt be amhara have to pay and paid it in life and time
    with a great sacrification . did you said 200 kids ?

    so now we can talk : if you need power again and want to ditribute it equaly all over the land then you have to talk to them .
    but they will never never give it to derg back.
    How the hell did they ( mesfin and Schawel the 2 bad perverse old guys) come to the idea to get power from EPRDF ? at list they must have bin a littel bit smart and keep behind . ( Ayen Mawtat ) (Fetatanet).

    it is not the ethiopian ppl. who reject E P R D f THEY WERE only from addis and may be some province towns which were paid and aggrasivly aggitatted ( like you maybe !! ) with the propaganda that land have never seen. lies hate very primitv and unfair ways as long as democracy is conserned.we know all how such things function but to use it is another thing.
    if we are now brave enough let us think about possiebel way to get reid ouer problem. there are a lot way that we chnge tings even the rigim
    with consractiv and peacfull way if we are really intersted and
    have gut to move in a positiv direction.

  28. | #28

    “wesha bebelabet yechohale” Tagaye TATEK it’s waste of time to exchange whatever idea,(Awko yetegnan bekeseksut aysemam)I can imagine the endless agony of the Tigrian people,it’s really nonsense to reply the crap you wrote,simply you can’t be part of the solution rather you are the core cancer,from the very beginning TPLF grows from tribal to national cancer,now the struggle is to save the nation from this deadly killer,I hope the 77million Ethiopian agree with me.The struggle continue,with God we shall overcome all hardship!

  29. TATEK
    | #29

    Hi Ato Omer Semeter,
    take it easy and come to ground. It was not my intention to make you mad or convince you to think like i do . I want you only to be resonabel and that you try to help your beloved country, at list that you strat thinking that there are thoused another way of solving the political problem of east africa.
    Your application to the problem are too old and very feudal . You advocte against tribal and ethnic politic where as your ideas are so tribal allmost rassist.
    you talk about 77 milion ppl. . I would be very geneouros and give you 4 milion for the all oppsition and 30.000 for ppl. who think like you (Derg+EsePa+Kid diaspora+Anti meles+Schabia+ and some eritrian who have to live addis) aganst 10 milion who work with eprdf.The other ethiopian are working or just for their dayly life and dont boser themselves with
    the scheisse ( shit).
    Ato Omer Semeter if you dont belive me come and see it.The best time wil be for the ethiopian millinum 2000 .i will be around. may be i will spend you a beer in Omer Semeter Resturant ( a nice place which i visit allmost every year . It is not like you have seen it for 25 years but you know just for the sake of good old days.)

    Try to love only love can save us

    i count on you
    good day
    auf wieder sehen ( see you soon)
    mit freundlichen grussen ( with fraindly greetings)

  30. Ethiopiawit rider
    | #30

    W/ro Azeb Yelekunu Baleshen Mekerina Lejocheshin betasadegi Teru Yemesleghal. Kemeche wedih new degmo anchi HIV/AIDS keager enditefa yetewagashew? Negeru men taregi hulu bejish hulu Bedejish . bedehaw hezb seam ena Genzeb temneshneshi enji. sishom Yalbela sishar yekochewal aydel Yemibalew. Ande kean kean yegodele leta bekofershiw gudguad kenegelewochesh tegebwatalachehu.
    Egzyabher lezya yadersen.

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