Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week Of January 19th, 2007

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January 19th, 2007

Watch this week’s Abugida TV Program

  1. meshesha
    | #1

    Wonderful program!

    Continue educating people about the people who are in jail to librate the destitute people of Ethiopia.

  2. BlackLion
    | #2

    WOW-Abugida-God bless you all.please keep it on.thankyou thankyou thankyou so much.
    God Bless Ethiopia

  3. | #3

    ABET SELTAN LEYAZE. ANBESA BEKEDEDEW DEMET YEGEBAL ALE EWNETEM DEMET. u know what u look like to me is just nothing but bunch of NEFTGHENA.yes u are LOSSER’S. is over ppl trust me O.V.E.R. nothing ZERO. NARA. what kind of OVER u ppl understnd? the elction was 1997 e.c. hello da milinume is here already.look hounstely ppl don’t u think those ppl instud in cell they should collect da retirment benfit with 401k speshal plan?kkk. MEDERE ANKASA WELEGADA HULA . were have u been da last 50 yehrs? eat’n roll meat? what u eat’n know DEYAS.kkkkk. finally don’t u ppl think wedy SHAWEL look fat’r? i think he still get da ROLL MEAT some how some way. i relly think so. any way dispora pleas come up with onther option. tell then AREYOS. LONG LIVE EPRDF.

  4. | #4

    mamo you stupid cant you get what they stand for? ”over” what are you talking about what is over killing,lying,pretending,over and over again? and you think you will be the one reminding the time for ethiopian people? what a garbage are you? cant you see whats on the broadcast. this people are some ones which you can not come across. you never will ,never in ages,not even in your entire society that you believe in, never in your dreams. so get the fact and kill your self before some one dose.
    you disgusting garbage act like a human how long are you serving your landlord. till you die ? i doubt may be till he kills you.

    the middle east.

  5. | #5

    one love one Ethiopia.go like this .ethiopian styel.dont woory the time is over.

  6. damotra
    | #6

    selam all abugida staffs I am realy proude of you guys you are” voice to all the voiceless” to all ethiopans.
    keep it up MECHACHAL the Spirite of all ETHIOPIANISM.

  7. | #7

    LOOK NEFTGHENA.. I KNOW WHAT THEY STAND FOR THOS BUNCH OF HODAME PPL OK. THEY STAND FOR SELTAN THAT’S ALL THEY CARE ABOUT. KNOT ABOUT ETHIO PPL.so get’t street my poor frind. i’m knot u bro i know what is good for me and for my ppl that’s way i’m keep’n bashe’n WOYANY 4 life son. holla.kkkGOD BLESS P.M.MELES-Z. da king of ALL SHABYA and NEFTGHENA.

  8. Tasew
    | #8


    Woyane is always “telalik, ashiker and worada” It was an “shiker” for woyane. Shabia used woyane to the fullest like a donkey. Now America is using woyane before its “getaba Gerba” heals.

    Woyane=worada=Ashiker and so is mamo!

    Our leaders stand for unity, diginity and human rights!

    Gebah woradaw, Mamo

  9. Tasew
    | #9

    Woyane is always “telalik, ashiker and worada”? It was an “shiker”? for Shabia. Shabia used woyane to the fullest like a donkey. Now America is using woyane before its “getaba Gerba”? heals.

    Woyane=worada=Ashiker and so is mamo!

    Our leaders stand for unity, diginity and human rights!

    Gebah woradaw, Mamo

  10. demse
    | #10

    ABUGIDA i am really proud of you your contribution ethiopa politics and the voice less ethiopia people GOD BLESS ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE

  11. | #11

    wazz’up TASEWE..EWENETEM THASA.if u call woyany asheker than who do u call u self ?adgy. don’t u think is shame that asheker lead’s all 77 million ppl and u just DUD from da block. look mamo leav’n a good life thank’s to P.M. was’p with u bro u need a job u can be my house keeper.kkk . so who is asheker know? i let u figer out and to tell for those AZZZZZZ hole NEFTGHENA to live us alone gebish? this our time so we gon’e shine until the end of da time. don’t shoot da masenger. shoot da boss.kkkkk. WERADA. LONG LIVE EPRDF.

  12. Mesfin
    | #12

    Hey, morone “MAMO” what are you doing on this site? Didn’t I tell you to improve your writing skills, befor you post on this site? You never listen. Do you? Well, you are one a heal of Woyanne, and everybody knows that you have some kind of learning disability. But, hey, I will keep my promise, whenever you post something on this site, I will give you a lectrue about how things are going in the real world. I will try to take you out of the fantacy world that Meles put you in. It is obvious that the half Eritrean, short, bold head and wired looking Meles put you, and all Woyannes, in a fantacy world, so he can use you as a bilogical elements. I think it is the rest of the Ehtiopians responsiblity, and the part of the struggle to teach Woyannes. I understand that the learning disability in Woyannes part, by the way you are a good example of that MAMO, is a huge problem, but we need to keep trying.
    Now, I asked you earlier about your purpose on this site. Probably, you don’t know, what your purpose either, but I know. Free expression bathers you. When we exhange ideas peasfully,you just can’t stand it. Where there is love and truth, there is no peace for Woyannes. You keep trying to tell us that the 97 electtion is over, and we should forget it and move on. That is again stupid of you thinking like that. The election 97 is just the begining of our struggle to build a free, united and democratic Ethiopia. If you know Nelson Mandala of South Africa,he was in the Apartied jail for 27 years before he become the first elected President of a free South Africa. The American civile right movement leader Dr. Marthin Luther King was arrested more than 25 times during his struggle for eqality and justice in America. Now, both accopulished a lot for their people and eventually they won the strugle. The road to victory was full of bums on the way for them. We see Woyannes as a big bume on the way of Ethopians. Compare to the advierseries that Mandala and King faced in their time, Woyannes are noting. They are a bunch of morons with very short term vision and instruments for Ethiopia’s enemise in the horne of Afica rigion. Now, their short term vision is driving Woyannes deep in the heal. They invade Somalia to divert attention from their interanl political problems, and they get into even a bigger problems. Now, they starte to kiss Arabs ass. Take a look at the following article. Hey, MAMO make sure that you read the article. If you can’t, make sure that the better Woyanne read it for you. After all I am writing all this staff, to give you an idea about the real world and take you out of the fantacy world that Meles want you to live in. Let me know how it goes. But, don’t forget to run the spell check befor you post anything here.

    Talk to you soon!

    Meles Zenawi hails Kadhafi`s peace efforts in Somalia

    Tripoli, Libya, 01/17 – Ethiopian Premier Meles Zenawi has commended Libyan leader Mouammar Kadhafi for his sustained efforts towards peace, political and social reconciliation in Africa, and particularly in Somalia.

    This was expressed Tuesday in Tripoli by visiting Ethiopian foreign minister Seyoum Mesfin, during a meeting with his Libyan counterpart Abderrahmane Chalgham to whom he handed a message from Zenawi to Col Kadhafi.

    Mesfin said the Ethiopian prime minister and people had great respect for the Libyan leader for the efforts he has deployed to reinforce unity and stability in the African continent.

    During the meeting, Mesfin reaffirmed his country`s willingness to withdraw its forces from Somalia as quickly as possible, noting that Ethiopia intends to withdraw its troops in weeks but would like to leave behind a state of national reconciliation and to help Somalis rebuild their country.(More”¦)

  13. | #13

    hi Every one , this is tha last year for tigre.. they loose thear dignity in every where in side ethopia somalia so . they don’t have power from this year , i’m sure ethopean people if don’t stop what is going on in ethopea …

  14. | #14

    hey mamo i will meet you soon with your statement so you will read the atatemen in front of ethiopia ppl after that do you know sadam ……………………. trest me i know how you are dont wory ok yours

  15. | #15

    mesfin ”salute to you go on body thats what am talking about.get him till the fullest. But do you think he can manage having that information as it is – no no no no any way no worries some one will tell him the way he want to hear it thats the reason why he become and stay damen dull.

  16. Mesfin
    | #16

    Yes, that is a concern indeed, but I figure the better Woyanne is only better than “MAMO” to translate the main idea, not that smart to twist the whole thing. But, hey, if Meles is the one who is going to the reading for “MAMO” that can be problematic for obvious reasons. I just hope that is not going to be the case. Any way, we will see how it goes from “MAMO”‘s next respond. I am just hoping that he learns something from the lecture.

  17. | #17

    Watch out The mamo is not even here. or must have taking some time for finding the translator. HOhh man I like it now hahahahhhhhhhhh.or else those will disppear by thier own Banda’s with out any ones knowladge.who will remember them any way? They have no side, no standing point, no root, no nothing in general.dont even know where they belong sadam no ediamiendada no
    nazzie no then what ?

    The middle East.

  18. | #18


  19. me
    | #19

    Yaa all have serious problem. Meless is an ass person. I hate him. ever one from ethio hate him. he is one of the dames person i c in my life. so is the wayanee people. shakaraa maraaa

  20. me
    | #20

    he only supportes his own people, whichi are wayanee or chigarma. He takes all natural staffs from other pleaces and take to his own area.
    If i am in back in africa i will slapp the heack out him.

    The should do the same to thing to him, as they did to saddam hussen .
    i hate wayanee
    i hate meless
    i hate the ethip goverment
    i hate almost everything what the government do . Shit

  21. Hanna
    | #21

    I thought Meles was Shabia! Didn’t he said that his mother was an Eritrean. Any way what he has been doing give only a sence, if he is Shabia.

  22. Dora Daba
    | #22

    Hi Hanna,

    Meles is a half cast. A really confused one. Half Shabia and Half Tigre(from Tigrai). His father was kicked out of Tigrai because he was a banda. He went to Eritrea, got an Eritrean women pregnant and gave birth to Leggese aka Meles aka “The Devil”.

  23. Gugessa
    | #23

    Melese(Devil) ,He allways think how to segergate ethiopian ,by ethinc ,gender , religion etc. If think to establishe great Tigria ,it Dream for him and his follower.Our history will to changed. Power will be hands of Oromo or Amare——————————-

  24. | #24

    DEAR GUGESSA..U KNOW WHO U REMIND ME ? U REMIND ME MY GRAND FATHER. WHEN MY GRAND FATHER LAIY ABOUT ANY THING HE SEWEAR.. GUGESSA YEMUT .. any way look bro i don’t know wich power are u talk’n about as far as i’m councern power is blong to ethio ppl period. did u said POWER will be handes of GALA? i mean OROMO? pleas. SEW TERA BELUT OROMO YEZO META ALU.kkkkk. my firend u bilong to some were between MADAGASKAR OR KENYA. leve ethio to ethio ppl. and finally as u said also power to AMARA. i don’t think AMARA PPL think like use to AMARA PPL the only thing need’s in this time is ROLL MEAT and BEDELY BEER .kkkkk. POWER TO DA PPL.

  25. Meshu
    | #25

    Mammo Still are U carrying that Donkey? Pls, take any action not to be always Mammo Killu. How and in what advantage you stand with the tyrant. Mammo Kilu meches malgodeni

  26. | #26

    Dir,Mamo I Promise you we are doing Our assignment inside your backward (revenge)talcha Abioytaye Democracy Party. As soon may be 1 to 3 year the Vanpire gov’t will be undergrave ,Our flag will up——————————– By the way do you the history of ”Hawezen” Your Melese Misscare for Political Benfit Only . One Day Tigrian will be wake up from sleeping.Do think G/Haylom was killed by Eriterans,Mamo Please wake from sleeping . Neegaatii

  27. | #27

    kkkkkkkkkkkk..AYE GUGESA. LOOK BRO IF WE HANDED OVER DA POWER TO U.I DON’T THINK U PPL KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH’T.so gugesa just wach and learn from da best of da best EPRDF. LONG LIVE EPRDF.

  28. Wey hagere
    | #28

    MAMO your sad ass obviously don’t know shit about politics – power is in the people not in few ignorant bandits, but for an animal like you, power is probably an AK47 – anyone is capable of shooting, but the question is: whome are you going to fire on? On your people? Why? To take their basic rights away? MAMO, I know u don’t deserve anyone’s attention, but if you call yourself an Ethiopian, please act like one. I don’t feel sorry for people like you, but I feel sorry for the biological material wasted to make you up – it might have been better if it was used to make up one useful donkey. “sew kebur new” so have a respect for yourself!!!!

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