Special program : Eng. Hailu Shawel in the rural areas

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A must see documentary of Eng. Hailu Shawel in the rural areas, the man who galvanized the movement of Coalition for Unity and Democracy.

  1. Tigist
    | #1

    Eng. Hailu Shawel reflects the quality that the Kinijit leaders have. He is courageous, determined and convinced that Ethiopia deserve better than Woyanne. Ethiopians are good enough for democratic administration. Eng. Hailu Shawel and the other Kinijit leaders’ convictions and courageous leadership Shocks Woyanne, and exposed it true nature for the whole world to see.
    Now, if we Ethiopians need a peaceful, united and democratic Ethiopia, we have to earn it. We need to follow our beloved Kinijit leaders’ model. We need to be objective, consistent, courageous and selfless. Then we will get what we deserve. The only reason why Meles is ruining our country is, we just let him do whatever he wants to do. We never challenge him seriously. Now, our Kinijit leaders showed us the way to fight a rootless tyrant. We got to do it. It is not a new phenomenal for Ethiopians to rally together and get ride of our enemies. We have a very long history of the same kind of thing. Our grand fathers and fathers rallied together, in their days, against their common enemies and won pretty much all the fights that they faced. Winning is in our blood. We have to believe in ourselves, we have to be convinced that we can get ride of Woyannes. We are not less than Kenyans, Ugandans, Nigerians and South Africans. Actually, those countries people used to see our Ethiopia and our fathers and grand fathers as symbols of Africa freedom when they were under colonialists. Now, it sad that we are under the yolk of a rootless tyrant with a very dark vision, has no good to say or offer. Woyannes are not who they say they are. They are a bunch of idiots, with no long term vision, with no logical thinking and serve Ethiopian historical enemies purpose. They don’t even now what is good for them. They are traitors, and they are confused. We just have to teach them the power of unity and good will. It is time to rise up and follow our Kinijit leaders

    Proud Ethiopian, Tigist

  2. addis
    | #2

    God bless Eng.Hailu and all others who sacrfied their life for mother Ethiopia. History will remember you and we will never forget you.

  3. TATEK
    | #3

    I feel as if a watch a TV in the Derg era.This man is not a democrat and full of heat against the Gevornment. He was not an oppstion politiker but an enemy of meles. His plan was only to overthrough the gov. has no any other option or programm .He was allready talking about which mistake the gov. eventually is going to make . He was just a sabotter of election. He is resposiabel for all los and ofcourse for the hijacked vote too.

  4. Mesfin
    | #4

    Hey Tatek are you kidding yourself? You said that Eng. Hailu was talking about what TPLF would do to rig the election. Of course! What do you expect? The election 97 was not the first election in Ethiopia. There were two before that. TPLF said that it won all of them with more than 99% of the population voted for TPLF, which is a typical of Woyannes stupid lie. Now, when Kinijt gets into the election, as a political party it was Kinijits responsibly to teach the voters the stupid Woyanne’s tricks. That is what Eng. Hailu did. You also said that Eng. Hailu’s plan was only to over through the TPLF government. Hey, be real. Eng. Hailu didn’t need to over through the government. If only the Ethiopia people vote freely, they will through Woyanne away for good. I am sure you know that Ethiopian mothers are praying to God that their worst nightmare, Woyanne, will go away. I am sure you know that Ethiopian youth are can’t wait to see Woyannes disappear. I am sure you know that most Ethiopians both in Ethiopia and Diaspora see Woyannes as traitors that threatened the very existence of Ethiopia as a nation. Eng. Hailu Shawel didn’t need to over through the Woyanne regime. All he had to do was making sure that the Ethiopian people vote is counted. That will do the job.
    Now, as long as Woyanne doesn’t respect the Ethiopian people need, it is not going to have peace. Actually, yours and you alike bather to post messages on free Ethiopians site, because you are restless. You know that you just can’t force peace and respect. Woyannes have been demonstrating every character of primitive, backward and confused group of people. They are afraid of civil people vote. They can’t even stand free expression. That is why there is no free media in Ethiopia. They even block the internet. That is shame. How do you block the whole country from accessing information on the internet in the information age?
    Hey, Tatek, you post a message on this site, and I am arguing with you. Why do you think the rest of the Ethiopian people, which is more that 70 million shouldn’t have the same right you and me have? I assume that you are Woyanne. Can you come up with a logical explanation about why Woyanne doesn’t let the Tigray people to have access to any free press that the rest of the Ethiopia people used to enjoy? Of course you can’t come up with any good explanation for that. You know what the very existent of Woyanne, explains Ethiopia and the rest of Africa misery. That is shame.

  5. TATEK
    | #5

    Looking at Dr. Yacob’s letter from Kaliti a lot of things come to one’s mind. Why a letter, especially one that does not show any remorse about past activities.
    It is clear to every one, EPRDF’s supporters or opposition that the CUD was clearly intent on taking political power by ANY MEANS. While CUD officers in Ethiopia may have not volunteered to clearly spell this position, their Diaspora supporters in Europe and North America have. They clearly stated time and again that the Woyane as they call the current government is finished whether it wins loses the election . Then CUD leaders on the ground clearly showed this intent through their clear support for whatever physical and violent opposition took place . It did not matter to them how this was done. If the only way it could be done was by mounting violence and hatred against an ethnic group it was acceptable to them. The few statements they issued to “condemn”? the ethnic components of opposition activities largely in response to international pressure were half hearted. Then also many in the opposition leadership have a history of contempt against certain ethnic groups some beginning from school days. Diaspora elements, which follow opposition politicians, will clearly remember Dr. Yacob’s repeated statements that “Ethiopia wants to secede from Tigray.”?

    The theory that the sole motive for CUD leaders engagement in opposition politics was to change Ethiopia’s image as the least developed beggar state, does not wash. The history of the prime leaders of CUD including Dr. Yacob has been about ascendancy to power at any cost. This has taken the form of struggles like red terror and white terror. The few that had a chance to exercise state power even if for a brief period were responsible for thousands of killings. In their last desperate attempt to come to power in 2005 Red Terrorists formed a coalition with White Terrorists. On the other hand one would be hard pressed to find anything these leaders had contributed to Ethiopia’s economic development even at the level of their own villages of birth. Even if one were to assume they are genuine about their desire to develop Ethiopia, history is not on their side. Unfortunately for all of us there is very little empirical evidence in the world to suggest that democracy was a pre requisite for economic development. On the contrary non-democrats led most of the current economic tigers during most of their substantive years of development. To its credit Ethiopia on the other hand is showing a lot of democratic and economic growth.

    So then why the letter from Kalit? Do people remember how supporters used to call the Honorable Lidetu Ayalew a Mandela? Now of course the same people call him a traitor. Some one volunteered to explain that to me. To be associated with Mandela is to be associated with greatness and every one wants to be great. None of the present prisoners have any element of Mandela’s greatness. But the other element of the association with Mandela is his struggle against apartheid designed by European colonizers. The volunteer told me that the present Waoyane leaders are not Ethiopians and that their assumption of power befits the description of the proponents of apartheid. That may be a feasible explanation.

    What ever the motives were for the prisoners’ letters, there is one important thing they have missed. In a country where the vast majority of the people are in their 30′s these so called leaders have long passed their retirement age. The very few of them who may not qualify for retirement have forfeited their right by either staying abroad far from reality for too long or by engaging themselves in irrelevant ideologies. I do not wish them to rote in prison but I cannot think of many that I would wish to lead Ethiopia.

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