Brussels & Stockholm – UDJP in Pictures

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Brussels & Stockholm – UDJP in Pictures (more…)

Brussels & Stockholm – UDJP in Pictures

UDJP Delegates arrival in Stockholm

UDJP Delegates at the European Union.

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  1. Tes
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    Thanks for the great pictures of our leaders.

    A notorious lair named Elias (editor of Ethiopian Review website) is spreading rumors. He says Wt. Bertukan and Dr. Yacob will not return to Ethiopia. In fact, he is suggesting that they will soon join Genbot 7. He is craving for attention which he will not get from any corner. He is a rabble rouser with nothing but sound and fury. He should be told to shut up.

    We suggest that Wt. Bertukan and Dr. Yacob and other UDJ leaders pay attention to whom they give interviews because their words will be used against them. Recently, Elias was called a lair by Andargachew Tsege, one of the leaders of Genbot 7 to which Elias is a member. Everybody calls him enemy no. 1 of our country.

    We also suggest that Wt. Bertukan or Dr. Yacob reply to some of the provocative statements of Andargachew. Somebody with authority in the UDJ should tell him that war will destroy the country, desrupt economic and cultural activites and kill people. He should also be told that democracy will not emerge from the “barrel of a gun.” That is an old means to defeat dictatorship.

    We would like to know if they would distance themselves and the UDJ from the war rhetoric. We need clarity on this issue in no uncertain terms. Prof. Mesfin has done it in the past and we need similar dose of confidence to keep our trust on the peaceful struggle.

    Again, thank you for Wt. Bertukan and Dr. Yacob for putting your faith on the people and ballot box rather than on arms. We love our country. And we hate to see people angry with Woyane destroy our country in an attempt to remove it from office. Genbot 7 is not independent organization. Its armed wing, the EPPF has taken control of that organization as most armed groups do. Through EPPF, Eritrea controls Genbot 7. Its leaders in North America and Europe have little or no say on what is happening on the ground.

    We hope the UDJ will dessipate the confusion.

    God save our country.

  3. Tes
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    So long live Eng.Hailu Shawel with the strong support in Ethiopa and, ofcourse, The real son of Ethiopia who still stand with the People of Ethiopia!!!

  4. fuad
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    hahaha Kidane Surafel, atta weslata weyane. Arfeh duq bel.

  5. Gilcha Raggasaa
    | #5

    Dear Kidane Surafel

    I would like to inform you that You have full right to expose whom you are and whom you support. Do you think the reader of this blog are so fulish. I donot want to comment on what you wrote against Elias K. But I want to tell yo that you are die wayane servant. what is yor intention by preaching peacefull strugle, while agazi/TPLF soldiers terrorizing and killing innocent civilian all over the country. Do u thin TPLF sharing orange to ethiopian People ?? Do u expect ethiopian children go out again for demonstration and killed by agazi bulett again?
    Finally I would like to ask Your comment on what Previous defence minister sye Abrha Said, namly ” the jail speaks Oromigna”

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