Ethiopia cholera death fears grow

January 23rd, 2007 Print Print Email Email

23 Jan 07 – BBC

Some 570 people have died in Ethiopia during what aid agencies say is a cholera outbreak. But Ethiopia’s health ministry is resisting pressure to declare it an emergency, despite evidence that the epidemic is sweeping the country.

Officials are instead describing it as acute watery diarrhoea.

A spokesperson for one aid agency said the government would not declare it was cholera because of the damage it could cause to the Ethiopian economy.

It could mean that cross-border trade would have to stop and markets close.

International agencies working in the country say 52,500 people have been infected with cholera – first reported in the south west last April.

“It needs to be declared an emergency because unless it is, the appropriate measures will not be taken. We need extra resources,” said an aid worker, who did not want to be named.

The disease has seriously affected Amhara, Tigray, Afar, Oromiya and the Somali Region.

  1. Haile
    | #1

    The woyanne appointed so called Ethiopian health ministry doesn’t care about Ethiopians – their carelessness is obvious!!!!

  2. Wey hagere
    | #2

    money is more dear to them than Ethiopian lives!! May God resque our people!!

  3. Tasew
    | #3

    In how many ways should our people die?

    Aren’t Agazie bullets enough?

  4. Hanna
    | #4

    I think the oppostion parties should ask the internationl world to intervene on this emergency issue. We shouldn’t trust Woyanne to do the right thing as a government.

  5. Alemu
    | #5

    egizio meharene

  6. TATEK
    | #6

    you all over ther,
    You are sucking the problem of the nation like a sponge , but if I quizzes you you do not even let a drop of solution out of you . yes , Diaspora it seem that you are enjoying this news .I hope this news is happening only in your distorted mind.

    How long are you going to cry . Culturally you used to cry 7 days but you are going to make it 7 years .So go on cry .Your tears could have erode the Arizona Texas mountain when it was seriously,but as the whole world know it , it is habeschas aid.

    I know your problem is not the misery of the poor ppl. But your thirsty of power. Which will not be satisfied as long as eprdf is around. And you think you can discarded the government of Ethiopia with that . What a poor idea. Your cry for intervention is the funniest of all.

    so let us c r y once more.
    all together pleace
    now !!!
    los amigos a littel bit lauder

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