Demonstrators vow to keep Little Ethiopia free of Agents of Tyranny

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Los Angeles | January 23, 2007

Los Angeles (AR): Demonstrators, that call themselves “Concerned Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans in Los Angeles,”? angrily shouted slogans when Ethiopia’s Councilor Taye Ezeke Selassie entered the Korean Church at Fairfax Av., Little Ethiopia, to open a town hall meeting he called on Saturday, January 20, 2007. “Leiba, Leiba, Leiba, (meaning thief in Ethiopian language of Amharic) Killer, Murderer,”? the crowd shouted when the councilor passed by the crowd to enter the auditorium in which he expected over 100 Ethiopian supporters of his government but ended with less than 10 that entered the hall deafened with the complaints outside of the hall. Most of the invited gusts did not show up scared of the demonstration that was announced ten days before the meeting. Some who showed up joined the crowed blaming the government for illegally imprisoning party leaders and Journalists and other political activists as well as massacring demonstrators in the street of Addis Ababa in the aftermath of the may election.

The demonstrators composed of Ethiopian residents in LA regardless of partisanship to religions, ethnic groups and political parties lined in front of the Korean Church auditorium shouting slogans that condemn the totalitarian government of Ethiopia and its tyrant leader Melese Zenawi. Some of the slogans that the demonstrators hold reads; “Melese is a tyrant,”? “Down with Tyranny, “? “Democracy for Ethiopia now!”? “Stop Killing Now!”? “Melese is a Killer!”?

According to one of the organizers the demonstrators had swarmed the Korean Church Administration with tens of telephone calls demanding to halt the meeting but refused to do so saying that it was too late. Instead it looks like that the church had to inform the police that surrounded the church on Saturday morning only to worsen traffic juxtaposition. This incident of traffic conjunction created conducive condition for the demonstrators to hand out leaflets that describes the cause of the demonstration.

Hundreds of leaflets and flyers have been dispersed. One such leaflet with a title of “Press Release”? reads that “On May 15, 2005, 26 million Ethiopians went out to vote and with a clear majority voice said that “˜It is time for change.’ A change for democracy, freedom, human rights and the rule of law which has been lacking for l5 years of EPRDF rule in Ethiopia.”?

It is however noted that the EPRDF robbed the voice of the people to declare itself winner of the election it lost by far to the opposition parties that made a coalition at the start of the election. The EPRDF cracked protests in the street of Addis Ababa killing tens of demonstrators that supported the winning opposition party and throwing the winners in jail accusing them of felony and genocide. In line with this the Press Release says:
” In the aftermath of the May 2005 election, Ethiopian Government forces killed nearly 200 unarmed civilians and critically wounded over 700 demonstrator. Thousands of civilians have been thrown in jail. Of those jailed over 100 top Kinijit leaders, journalists, human rights defenders have been charged with treason and genocide, thus resulting in the reversal of the democratic process in Ethiopia.”? Organizers of the demonstrators claim exiting triumph over the government agents and vow to free Little Ethiopia in LA from activities of conducted by agents of Ethiopian tyrant Melese Zenawi.

(AR [Assigned Reporter]. The organizers of the demonstration assign the reporter of this news)

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