Somali President Says Government Near Collapse – By VOA News

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Somalia’s president says insurgents now control most of the country, and that the government is close to collapse. (more…)

Somalia’s president says insurgents now control most of the country, and that the government is close to collapse.

The remarks by President Abdullahi Yusuf late Saturday followed the capture of several key towns in recent days by Islamist militant groups.

Mr. Yusuf says the government now controls only Mogadishu and the parliament seat, Baidoa. He blamed the situation on persistent disputes within the government, and warned that Somalia faces a grim future if Islamists take full power.

Islamist forces often impose a strict form of sharia law in the areas they control. On Saturday, they publicly whipped 32 dancers in the southern town of Balad. Spokesman Abdirahim Isse Adow said it is “un-Islamic” for men and women to dance together.

Mr. Yusuf and Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein have been trying for weeks to form a new cabinet. But Mr. Yusuf has so far rejected the candidates for ministry posts suggested by the prime minister.

The leaders and Somali lawmakers have been meeting in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, in hopes of sorting out the dispute. Prime Minister Hussein named a lineup of 10 new cabinet ministers Sunday.

The government has never been able to assert control in Somalia since its formation in 2004. Islamists took over much of the country in 2006 but were ousted by an Ethiopian-backed government offensive.

The Islamists began an insurgency in early 2007, sparking almost daily clashes with Ethiopian and government forces. The fighting has killed thousands of Somalis and displaced hundreds of thousands of others, aggravating the country’s humanitarian crisis.

Somalia has not had a stable central government since 1991.

  1. Shume
    | #1

    What is this puppet man talking about?

    There was no government before, either! He is always against his own people like Legesse Zenawi of Dedebit college.

  2. dinka
    | #2

    It is because he has been studying online at Dedebit college the difference is the president has more power than the P.M.

  3. atuba dolla
    | #3

    These days, if there is an individual who is happier than he was before, it must be Isaias Afework. He is now ready to bang on whatever object infront him with his feast and say, I did it!

    For many years he had been humiliated infront of the hearers,the listenrs,and the onlookers and was kept to look down on his journey into the chaotic world of his own, was treated like nothing and was told he would be chaised out of his governance by his own, in fact, by his own a once upon time foster-friend who used to be called Legesse Zinawi but the now is called Meles Zinawi is near to be chaised out of Somalia wherein, once upon a time, roamed around in the streets of Moaqdishu with a plastic bag in his hand, fresh chatt,sugar, and tea leaves in it.

    Nothing would satisfy Isaias Afework other than seeing and believing, now he is on his turn to laugh and mock at the shorti-bulky that Meles Naziawi whose shame and defeat comes to heralding to other side of the battle ground where his idle the more than 100,000 soldiers stationed right accross the riverbank facing the enemy of more than 100,112 soldiers who have been equally idle but were told to be ready for all eventuality since they were dispatched after the battle of Badme where Sawa boys and girls and jaded shabya veterans burried in the trunch dug by their own unfaithful hands.

    Who would come out victorious?,would it be Isaias Afework or Meles Naziawi in the upcoming battle which is overdue by a few years due to lack of the coming of the right time to ignite the fire into wild-fire?

    History says, Isaias Afework and Meles Zinawi are nothing but the creaters of their own habits. Both terriorized and intimidated their own followers and supporters either knowingly or unknowingly;but one thing kept both off-balance chiefly because they were unable to agree on how to nibble Ethiopia to death. One wanted a quick death,the other one wanted a slow death.

    The cause of the battle of Badme was all that. Now is the grandest battle is on its way where the mother of all bloodshed Shabya vs. woyanaetplf to meet the ruin.

    At the time where the two fugitives were at the highest anger and mouth-battle,different things, of course,bad things came out of their respective mouths.

    Immediately after Meles Naziawi told Iasias Afework that he would go after the leadership of shabya,if there is the second round battle next time around, Isaias Afework replied with declaring that he would always have the more than 4,000,000 citizen-soldiers who are/would be ready for all eventualities.

    Clearly, Isaias Afework is with millions but Meles Naziawi is alone and with Agazi beasts.

    At the congress of Nakfa and family gathering and many other encounter, Meles Naziawi spent a great deal of time studied who is who, what is what, who wants what, who want what to be, and who wants where to go to get what he wants.

    Meles Zinawi sorted out the good from the bad guys and catagorized them according to their feeling,wish, desire, and motives.

    Meles Zinawi never shared his personal dream,desire,wish,feeling,and emotion to anybody else including Isais Afework. All he did was that he immeresed himself into a plot but never acted as a lead actor by taking the greatest precaution not to outsmart, and outshine the master, Isaias Afework.

    Sadly enough, Isaias Afework spent countless time on how to become the father of the nations;whereas, Legesse Zinawi played with the appearance and wore different kinds of masks and kept a bag full of deceptive motives and tricks. He swang to and fro and settled himself on the podium infront of thousands of listeners and made an impressive speech.

    At the end of the day, and to this vivid day,Isaias Afework is tending his brroken and achy heart and pained head for those many,many years was that he knew little about Legesse Zinawi not had a scant clue of knowing Meles Zinawi. The question is, when the streets of Asmara turn into the battlefield, will he fight or flight?

  4. dinka
    | #4

    To Atuba dolla:thank you so much you hit the nail beautifully except you have not mentioned the role of oppositions can please write something about it.Thanks

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