Azeb Mesfin, queen of Mega Enterprise lying through her teeth.

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Watch Azeb Mesfin lying through her teeth.

  1. Demiss
    | #1

    Is this a joke?

    What a nonsonse, does she think she is dictating children or what. She acts and speaks like a teenager. Her confinment in her palace must have retarded her. Infact, it was a right decision to make her kids stay back home, they would not have any place in the free world. She reminds me my first girl friend who used to embelish her dad now and then by saying he has this he has that bla, bla, bla… How on earth can her vampire hubby join the world labour market as a free man. Do we need to remind her that Mengistu Haile Mariam is still in hide-out. Doesnot she know about the fate Charles Taylor, Bokassa the butcher, Idi Amin, Mobutu Sese Seko and the like. None of them retired in their palace, nor did they get a job in the labor market. The moment our own Bokassa leaves that bloddy office the world will hunt him.

    She was either high when she was making this interview, or she doesnot know the world around her anymore.

  2. | #2

    What did she want to say? I think she is not normal when she did an interview. What does it mean ” when you compare the state of the world, we are penniless” .
    Not only the Americans but also we( ethiopains) have had full information about her and her husband deposit since they tookeover the whole business in Ethiopa.
    Does she need money for her last child school fee?
    Whome did she want to lie?
    I think she did it foe herself.

  3. | #3

    Abugida you guys are a heroes !!!! Just shocked its today morning i just come to work 24,1,07. and as usual click to you guys to see whats new.Is this the president wife on interview embarrassing her, her family, the ethiopian people , and the whole world by her own? And im glad some time she speaks in amharic what will the other world say if you tell him to see and hear this i have no clue. what what 11 homeless children she has in bole rode and she gave away money just like any ordinary person? this is rubbish senseless talk.i dont believe those heroes in the jail and those every where in the world are against to this use less evel dull and her husband they dont even deserve any ordinary person in any where in the world.They are senseless moron as she allready proof.Dame do we repeat the history? or dose hestory repeats him self? what ever this is in seine.

    The Middle East.

  4. | #4

    well, in Amharic say”BALENA MIST KE AND WONZE YEKEDALE” both wife and husband are pathological lairs, we never expect them to tell the truth,who control 75%of business in Ethiopia? Mega,Guna,Densho,Dashen bela bela,who made the traditonal business community the Gurages out of the game?who is the head of privatisation agency?who run the country as a whole like private property?Azeb you must be HIGH on drugs like your husband,otherwise a fair and healthy minded people knows what they are talking infront of the camera,I don’t blame you “poor” lady it’s Samuael Assefa’s diplomacy the foolish man who just live to fill his belly, we all know him very well he run out of ideas that’s why he told you to talk nonsense.

  5. | #5

    W/Z Azeb I would like to tell you the truth you fool no one except yourself,millions are dying of starvation while you are buidling multi million dollar business empire in the expense of the Ethiopian who are suffering of AIDS,You can play a nice comedy for African first Ladies by telling them that you can’t afford school fee for your kids,it;s very easy to transform some one from a “FREEDOM” fighter to a comedian ha ha ha! for the second time not to repeat the mistake go to one of American consulting office don’t listen to Amb. Samueal he is dumb but he can show you the place after all you pay him good money isn’t it?

  6. Chachi
    | #6

    Wow lets do fund raising for the poor lady and her husband.
    The Cadilac gift from Al amudi, the totor of her children Samuel Assefa now paid in Ambassadorship, the free housing she lives in the palace expenses she gets, the free fuel, the proceeds from mega and effort, her relatives who have become sudden millionairs, Meles’s millionair brother now who didnt have a pennies 15 years ago. All of this does not amount to “amist santim”

    Please mon get your husbands “chinkilat” somewhere. I am sure you think he can build rockets. Mimi Sebhatu Used to say ” yechin yewolkait gegema maselten selechegn”. She was right.
    Who many of us does she think we are blank fools?

  7. | #7

    Our firts lady is a real comedian – but she didn’t study her lines. In Africa and most of the third world power is money. Power is wealth. Your wealth is exponentially related to your power level and the length of time you stayed in power – brains or no brains. Simple as that. Talking of brains or brain power I ashamed of what FLady said. It is ok to love once hubby but another matter to lie for or on their behalf. Like Dr. Berhanu said people in power ‘think’ – if at all they do – they ‘know’ everything – should I say under the sun? Some might, no doubt, go beyound to galaxies etc..
    The only place for this minded, traitor of a prime minster we have is, with or without his brain is … eternal hell. But then again we have to wait for judgment day. For many any day is too late. Especially the aging intelectualls past, like Prof. Asrat, and present Prof. Mesfin et al – only to mention just a few brainees. This is by any yardistick – including the FLady’s.


  8. Alem
    | #8

    what he ll is wrong with first lady? what is she thinking? Queen of lier. Stop foolishing the Ethiopians. We are smarter than you. Pack you bag leave……..

  9. Gudi Sedi
    | #9

    Oh! our “first” i mean last lady, you dont have a peny ? Why you didnt mention that some times your children lack some thing to eat and you borrow some money from Bereket’s or Seyoum’s wife to buy bread for your starved children ? with this “poverty” you are a merciful woman for helping that amount of several(11) street children. By the way have you included the children of individuals that you killed in Addis in your helping list ? I hope so.

  10. | #10

    sexy chick bones though!

  11. Wey hagere
    | #11

    WOW Lying is in their blood. TPLF bandits!!!!

  12. Mesfin
    | #12

    I watched Azeb’s interview a couple of times. First, I thought who the hell she thinks she is Hillary Clinton or Barbara Bush? Here in western countries politicians especially Presidents use their wives for spin job. It is just because in civilized world politician power come from the people that he/she serves. Politicians need to get the approval of their voters to stay in power. In Ethiopia it is different story. Firs of all, Meles assumed power in very primitive way, as a gorilla leader. He never cares about what the Ethiopia people thinks of him. He plans to stay on power as long as some one force him out of the way or get ride of him. So, why is that, his wife bothers to speak about her kids and how poor she is and all that. I am sure she or at least Meles know that her bull crap doesn’t fly with most of Ethiopians. For us what matters is the unity of our country, the safety of our people, having real democratic institutions in our country and the release of our leaders. We don’t care that much about Mele’s personal life. So why did Azeb bothered?
    Finally one thought cross my mind. Probably, Azeb’s targets Audiences are Woyanne members more than the rest of the Ethiopia people. She knows very well that we don’t give a dame about her personal life. We just want her husband to respect the Ethiopian people vote and get lost. But Woyannes care about Mele’s life. For Woyannes he is everything. He is like God for them. For them he is selfless and hero figure like Spiderman. I think Azeb was making sure that the “Spiderman” image of Meles is still intact in Woyannes brain. I am not sure how wealthy he is, but I notice that Meles is a kind of sensitive when it comes to the discussion of his personal wealth. We all remember he, Azeb and other Woyanne officials sued the Tensaye radio almost two years ago in related the news that had broadcasted on Tensaye radio. Why is that he so sensitive about that? We all know that one of the well known “Tegadalays” lost his own freedom after he fought for so long for others “freedom” due to “corruption”? charges. Now, that is still a hot issue among Woyannes, and Meles doesn’t want to be seen as corrupt guy himself. He doesn’t want to lose the trust of Woyannes. After all they are all he got. I believe that is why Azeb went out to spine for her husband. Another point to notice is that Meles treats Woyannes differently than he treats the rest of Ethiopians. Why does he think Woyannes buy his bull crap story that no other Ethiopian buy? I think that is yet again another assault to Woyannes intellect. But, hey it is up to Woyannes to prove that they also have some common sense. After all they are the once who let Meles ride on their back and use them as biological elements.

  13. | #13

    I agree with Omer Semeter, Meles has given her a good training. By the way, lying is contageous, it’s a serious communicable disease. I’m not worried about her lies but the disease that both the husband and wife pass over to their children. Meles is born from a dad known for his lies, he inherited some and developed it when he was in the business of crusifying Tigrai youngsters for his current position. Who were the people questioning Azeb? They reminded me of
    the old Addis Zemen journalist, Mulgeta Lule, regarding his interview of Ras Mesfin Sileshi when Endalkachew Mekonnen was the prime minister. His title was” HABTAMUUN MESFIN LANEGAGIR HEJE DIHAWUN MESFIN ANEGAGIRE METAHU” (meaning my objective was to interview the rich Mesfin, but I came back with the interview of the poor Mesfin. Amazing, the history of lies and liars also repeats itself!!

  14. legun yasqemetew
    | #14

    wey zendro endew yemisiqibet neger beza degmo bila bila….
    gud bel yewelqayit hizb
    endich aynet yebeketech mist.. meles aqfo yitejnal lenegru esus bequmu moto yele… mefendat new….i think teh rest of the interview will be post soon if the banda nigussie post it .

  15. Tasew
    | #15

    I don’t know why everyone talking about this woman.

    What do you expect from a woman who slept for decades with a murderer of thounsand including his and her friends!

  16. j.p.h
    | #16

    I’ve read the folowing poem in some websites,
    It is may be one of the best answer to the liar?
    Please comment on it.

  17. j.p.h
    | #17

    Here is the poem I’ve read

    The cursed family
    What a match! A well played card,
    A Dracula and Vampire married,
    Produced three children of the same kind,
    Who suck blood; eat flesh as staple food,
    But why are the children to be blamed?
    For the sins they have not committed yet,
    Due to the eye brow resemblance fit?
    Or the atrocities inflicted they inherit?
    The stolen blood money they should admit?
    Let the parents explain what all that is about.
    Self appointed “first lady’s”? names,
    Has got many titles and empty fames,
    Queen of Mega, Etege, and Emebets
    One razor blade to dry shave students heads,
    For deliberate spread of the deadly AIDS,
    Was that reason for “Queen Gola’s”? advance?
    Mrs. Street smart or we call her “Etege AIDS”??
    Who allowed her to share the “dream awards”??
    “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”?, right?
    Wasn’t what Martin Luther King preached for and fought!
    Shame to Georgetown’s University insult,
    to the King’s legacy of might and thought.
    Dictator’s wife brought misery to millions,
    With and without HIV or Aids,
    Who incarcerate unlimited power by force?
    Does she deserve such honor and awards?
    Chair woman of social affairs is might,
    Member of a fake doll parliament,
    TPLF central committee participant
    A multimillion stolen dollars monopolist
    Should be accounted for, and face a court.
    The Dracula husband butcher of the Horn,
    Once president changing colors like chameleon,
    Not elected “Prim Monster”? by his own,
    Commander in chief as he failed to win.
    Power is with people his dreams are nothin.
    The true elected leaders kept in jail,
    Thousands touched, killed, weeping still,
    Millions kept hostage on Earthly hell,
    Will that buy you time and peoples will?
    The blood of thousands souls is there,
    To follow you where ever you are,
    Your co-workers are not to spare.
    Our advice goes to the vampire,
    Stop sucking blood of millions out there.
    Bring back the peoples wealth you stole,
    Release the leaders detained in hell.
    Fulfill the mighty peoples will.
    Or you face the inevitable?
    The real love you have for hate,
    Share Saddam Hussein’s award and fate!

  18. Hanna
    | #18

    Hi j.p.h, it is a good one. Keep it up man. Keep the fight. Discution will lead us to conviction. When we are convicted, things starte to happen.

  19. VJ
    | #19

    Relax people! Let us see the whole interview?

    First She is a sexy lady I have to admit.

    We have to separate the family as individuals from the EPDRF policy even though her personalizing talk and behavior as EPDRF member and Meles wife is inviting. It would have been wise and better if she did not personalize issues.
    1. If she is trying to charm (win our heart and minds), let her publicly address the Ethiopian communities across North America to bridge differences. Either for her or Mr. Addisu Legese to sneak through their counsel with out the consultation to Ethiopian communities invites demonstration or jeering since the non-frank approach is non-starter.
    2. Why did Meles fire the Auditor breaking all audit rules if they have nothing to hide?
    3. How much better business acumen does EPDRF high-ranking members and their relatives have to out compete the whole nation including highly skilled and experienced vendors, realtors, publishers, industrialist, farmers and so forth and get to control multi billion dollar industries?
    4. Why does she talk about her kids’ tuition fee and helping street kids but not how the homeless rate is going exponential and the problem with education, pedagogy, teacher union, and orphanage?

    I have to say that she looks dim witted. But have to wait until I see the whole interview.

    On other note, Negussie could have bought a cordless microphone from Circuit City instead of kneeling to her. He might have done it deliberately to show his allegiance.

  20. Entena
    | #20

    Hi all people

    I just want know some question
    Who much they charging in SANFORD SCHOOL for one person?
    Who much they charging in LIC SCHOOL for two person?
    Who much MELES salary?
    Who much AZEB salary?

  21. Assefa (Sweden)
    | #21

    She look like go go girl in a BAR giveing interview to the press.Ethiopia have much more better ladys who are well educated have personality.

  22. TATEK
    | #22

    Your comment is as dirty as your mind is. We don’t know why you guys are busy in doing this. We know you have shouted in the crowd of the award ceremony. You are not man enough to judge wezero Azeb and even you do not have the moral to open yours smelling box on Meles’s activity in Ethiopia.

    The true and blessed activities of wezero Azeb has been assured by the poor and true beneficiaries of her job. She is the model of heartily action and true Ethiopianess. That is why she is the first Ethiopian and one of the few Africans who won the award. We do not care whether few Ethiopian by blood Diasporas oppose here. Because you are born to oppose every thing done in Ethiopia as far as this government exists. But you are Diaspora not Ethiopian and will last being Diaspora and end up shouting there.
    We feel what make write all what you can and being an obstacle in every reticule you found. It is because you are a son of yetqola shimbra liej.

    I hope you will respond and be my chat mate if you can. I can make you have the right image of your “˜country’ Ethiopia.

  23. Assefa (Sweden)
    | #23

    I advice you to go to Addis hear what you call beneficiares of her job,are saying about her and Meles. I am not suprise there are peopele like you to support thre evil act.Under Hetler naze Germany ther were people who support his evil act.So whay not you !

  24. Demiss
    | #24

    Poor Tatek,

    We are not living in a stoneage. You should not travel in Tokyo to know about Japan, nor do you need to fly to New York to learn about Manhattan. We live in a donut world with an efficient communication system. Infact, the Ethiopian Diaspora is never and will never be detached from the motherland. The handfull Meles cliques like that of Tatek may not see the reality under their nose and accept everything that comes from the top, because they are either born dumb or have been veiled or have concealed themselves with ethnocentric lies. The Diaspora is not entirely dependent on the Internate either, we follow up every bit of information in the traditional “grassroot” way as well. I hope you know what I mean, Mr Tatek (I like your pen name by the way). If you have ears and eyes, tell what W/o Azeb said to the Ethiopian poor, “hooligans” (that is how you call them, right?), and listen to their reaction. But, promise not to interview them under your gun.

    I hope you will one day come down to earth and wish this happens volunatrily.

  25. BillyGardfeild
    | #25

    [url=]Hi all[/url]

    How can I create my own forum? Please tell me where I can start.

    Thank you in advance.


  26. Assefa (Sweden)
    | #26

    She is not the frist of Ethiopia she might be frist lady of Wayane.To be frist lady of one country the man must be chosen by the people and have respect for the people and the country.She is only go go girl that happen to be Wayne boss.

  27. | #27

    THE so called Tatek,the new woyane Banda he is not feeling ashemed when he call the diaspora “dirty” one can imagine in what kind of society he grow up it’s really waste of time to reply for this idiot banda,his motive is clear he is one of those useless payroll propagandists woyane supportes who want to rule with gun forever,our message to you guys is your days is counted,you are trashed rejeced and unwanted,even the Ethiopian people would be happy if you go for good than killing the others like cancer,TPLF is good for nothing except blood sucking,it’s very difficult to live with shamless arrogant blood suckers and the Ethiopian people are ready and capable to survive without you!

  28. | #28

    who want to be ruled by the greedy minority group? I am from Gojjam every man and womens of this region hold the worst burden of feeding Tigray for free, for how long we can keep feeding this shamless beggers?

  29. Samuel
    | #29

    I have no clue who is going to blieve this fabricated story?, even Weyane memembers never buy this story, how long the going to play with our intelegence? you can say anything to powerless people but dont expect they going to not believe you. I dont think so anyone surprise by this, since this is not the first time. Whatever smart her husband is, she never heard other than her husband four hours boring lectures.

  30. Idme Yestegn
    | #30

    Yezemenu neger yetegelabetosh !
    Aheya wodebet, wusha wede getosh!!

    Time will judge us shortly.
    God bless Ethiopia and the Ethiopians

  31. daniel
    | #31

    She might speak the truth who knows….
    In my personality i can not judje unless i see it or ….
    What if what ever she said is correct ? we need to see things from different angles too
    If she or her husband are not honest to us (ethiopians) i am sure they will pay back many times whether they like it or not
    If they are doing the right things may God bless them

    I want and pray for my country to rise
    God bless ETHIOPIA

    | #32

    from what I see in your comment! You are not fit to pray for Ethiopia.Why not you pray for your ideals and heroes:the brutal tyranny leaders?
    I tell you, he is not honest to Ethiopia at all!
    even a child knows about that.

    Yes, let God bless Ethiopia!

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