Andnet Youths’ Poem Session – Part II

November 17th, 2008 Print Print Email Email



  1. Merzu
    | #1

    This is wonderfull.

    Go UDJ.

  2. addis tiwlid
    | #2

    Naysayers and skeptics – is the idea of non-violence sinking in your mind now? Or do you need more? It is time that we all come together to save our motherland.

  3. | #3

    The Diablos MEsfin

  4. Mesfin
    | #4

    I am so touched! We don’t have any option, but keep struggling. We all know that Meles is not going to be there forever.

  5. | #5

    I crave for knowledge.

    I envy tolerant, peaceful folks.

    I am frightened by ignorance.

    I loathe violence.

  6. Sebhat wolde
    | #6

    All I say is there is smoke that is going to change to fire under Woyane’s feet.

  7. dinka
    | #7

    Gedey Your comment on the 21 is unnecessary and the 22nd you forgot to put a qutation “—” it is taken from Laureate Tsegaye G.Medhin.

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