Ethiopians and Somalis in Vancouver rally against war

January 24th, 2007 Print Print Email Email

On January 20, Ethiopians and Somalis who reside in Vancouver, Canada, held a protest rally opposing the Meles regime’s illegal invasion of Somalia.

The protestors gathered at Robson square, singing, chanting and holding up signs that read:

Meles, take your troops out of Somalia!
Meles Zenawi: A Terrorist Fighting War on Terror?
Ethiopians and Somalis are united!
Canada, STOP supporting Meles the menace!

The protester marched to CTV and down to Burrard Street to the Vancouver Sun.

The rally sent a strong message that the people of Ethiopia and Somalia are ready to stand together against dictators.

Meles Zenawi dictatorial regime has violated the territorial integrity of Somalia by by bombing and invading the country.

Somalis should know that this is Meles Zenawi’s war who is trying to deflect attention from its massive human rights abuse and extra judicial killings. The people of Ethiopia are against the invasion of Somalia.

A similar rally was planned to be held in Washington DC, but has been postponed due to sever weather conditions.

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