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Dr. Jacob Hailemariam

Please Listen here for the audio version narrated by Yewarkaw Mengistu [audio:http://www.kinijitethiopia.org/audio/Dr_Jaikob.mp3]

  1. Shumet Menywab
    | #1

    Yes, Dr. Yaeqob. If in fact EPRDF, which is at the head of this is TPLF, is doing everything for the sake of Ethiopian interest, the difference between this and Kinijit will be a matter of political differences but unless we declare to say ‘let the judgment day come to tell who is doing the right thing’, So far, the facts on the EPRDF side are not in the country’s interest. The analogy of Dr. Yaeqob is ‘if and only if EPRDF thinks and doing things honestly in the Ethiopian interest but the party deals the country’s problem differently. Dr. Yaeqob is opening a debate for those who think EPRDF’s work is not bad for the country. For this people, it is a good forum to debate on the issue. Shumet

  2. shotolay
    | #2

    the thrue men never turen his feace from his enemy what aver happen hes gonna feace it
    Dr.yakob hayele mariam and the reast of our leders they are our hero
    the thrue ETHIOPIAN (yekurt ken lege)they never run from there diuty that whay they are under the hand of rudeles enemy

    what aver happen to them never fead away there legacy we have proud by them we have to suport them and follow there foot step and stand up our line of diuty make history antil woyane dissapire.

  3. | #3

    We have incurred overwhelming debts to Dr. Yakobe selfless and courgious struggle to the Ethiopian people he is our leader elected by the people for the people, at the same time paying the ultimate price by sacrifices himselfe,he is a hero like others who are langushing in TPLF barbaric prison,he is the man who stands for the truth,who won the heart and minds of 77million Ethiopians,he is honest intellectual never tell a lie.

  4. | #4

    The letter as it was narrated by Current Affair room participant



  5. | #5

    DR.YAKOB ASK FOR MERCY? MM..MM..U KNOW DR.. EPRDF FORGIVE U for every thing that u dean. so DR. injoy u self that u stay with us. u know how we roll in addis .don’t u think is better than drive a CAB in dc.kkkkkkkk. ONE LOVE.

  6. Tilahun
    | #6

    It requires a revolutionary thinking for the ruling party EPRDF to open up a dialog willingly, honestly and with integrity to deal the trial of the prisoners of conscious.To began with We need a democratic institutions along with a visionary leaders. Tyrant are void of those characteristics.The open letter of Dr Yakobe from prison is all about engaging a dialog towards a peace full resolution. Dr Yakobe Having been persecuted for his none violent political beliefs did not resort to resentment rather a peace full negotiations with brutal regime at the expense of his life, for the sake of the people he loved. A hallmark of all conscientious objectors. For Meles and his hunch man is a last chance to make amends.WE ETHIOPIAN OWE OUR STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM AND JUSTICE TO PRISONERS OF CONSCIOUS AND NO MATTER WHAT WE THE PEOPLE WILL PREVAIL

  7. lalala
    | #7

    I repect you very much Dr. Yacob,

  8. Damitew
    | #8

    Dear Dr. Yacob,
    Your message to the people of Ethiopia rings truth,love and hope in the heart and head of every Ethiopian citizen. It opens our closed heart and eyes to see the light in the darkness. It encourge us to fight for the freedom of our beloved and respected leaders in Kality.

    The name of Kinijit leaders will be writen in gold and shine forever in the histroy of Ethiopia. Your bright vision for Ethiopia will bring peace, freedom and prosperity to Ethiopia.

    Your idea is in the heart of millions. Your vision will triumph over tyrants and evils.

  9. | #9

    MY HERO!!!

    Dear Dr.Yacob!!!! Im just ordinary female happen to be ethiopian. and b/c of this web site happen to have the clue of situations happening in Ethiopia.
    I never thought i will come across to see or hear or imagine that we still really have an actual Hero in ethiopia that sounds like you. I always think its only a story that we new heroes long ago from the school(About Ethiopian Heros). But i never know in the generation i am in now i will be able or experience and going to see hear and even witness their still real heroes Just like you. I adore you, Respect You and proud about you and most of all pray for you and the rest of you.And believe me if you know who is commenting this for you.you already know your voice is heard from the least to the top.And you already know you won. May Your Voice Be higher than already is. God Bleass you and the rest of you.My gratitude to you.

    TO My and Ethiopians Hero!!!.

  10. CURU
    | #10

    Dear Dr Yacob/ I respect all those who have vision for our Motherland and stand for her people.Not only you in prison all we are ………. Now it,stime to free from fear…. God bless you.

  11. | #11

    killo mamo who is asking mercy.one who fight for all ethiopian freedm including you and weyane or the weyaane who is the the killer ethiopians the butchers of 193. Do not forget it will be your turn to be killed next by weyanee,because weynee does not bind by law and rule.See Tamerat who was the prime minster,Seyee and others who were centeral members of Weyanee. when you are killed you will know Weyanee is the killer because you donot want to believe when without any reason,or becase they are memebers of opposition party are killed

  12. www
    | #12

    Mesfin is right i have seen his comment in the other portion and i already think he is accurate saying not to bother our self about MAMO moron and so on useless. But just curious who is this mamo you think? Because its Only him in here? I dont know some time i think he him self the evil Melesse. Do you think he wont get time to do this stupid post? i say no he mean it. and do you guys think he got a job to do ? No what time you need to kill. He have a family to take care? I dont think so you already saw and hear the one he is married with. so why not ? their is a lot more time to tell the motherless soldiers of him to kill and do this with us trying to get attention.Any way which evil is better than the other evil? so they all the same.The wife it seem,The so called husband and the mamo but also weyanne. For me they all the same shit but different disaster.

  13. yohannes haile
    | #13

    i really appreciate the courage and deterimination of you Dr. yacob.i read your message with heart rending situation and my eyes full of tears. because you are absolutely correct that freedom ,peace, and democracy is infront of justice.however i would like you all to be much more stronger eventhough you all are to avoid this darkness and bring bright fufture to ethiopia.longlive CUD and our leaders.let God help us to have democray and freedom to the people of ethiopia.

  14. | #14

    good luck

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