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Dr. Yacob Hailemariam, Vice Chairman of Andnet Party of Ethiopia, made a moving and enlightening presentation to DC Metro residents at the Holiday Inn Hotel, November 23, 2008. (more…)

Dr. Yacob Hailemariam, Vice Chairman of Andnet Party of Ethiopia, made a moving and enlightening presentation to DC Metro residents at the Holiday Inn Hotel, November 23, 2008.

The program, which was organized by Andnet DC Metro Support Chapter, (ADCSC), was attended to full capacity. Unlike many other meetings of the past, this gathering had a workshop format where some critical aspects of the Ethiopian democratic movement were highlighted. It was presided by Ato Alemayehu Abebe, Chairman of ADCSC, and Ato adiss Hailemariam, Chairman of Events & Fund raising Committee. Dr. Yacob was presented with a bouquet of flowers on his arrival.

Dr. Yacob Hailemariam brought to light the all important and increasingly perturbing case of Ethiopia’s sovereignty. He discussed aspects of the constitution that put Ethiopia’s nationhood at grave danger and questioned the premise under which Article 39 was promulgated. Sighting several incidents of recent past, Dr. Yacob contested the governments handling of the Ethio-Eritrean boarder dispute. Nothing, Dr. Yacob, declared, is more important and close to the heart of Ethiopians, than the sovereignty of their country for which their ancestors paid in dear life over many centuries.

With regard to Andnet party’s visions, Dr. Yacob enthusiastically explained the methodical approach that was recently launched to build a strong party that expresses the wishes and desires of the cross section of the Ethiopian people. Despite the hardships encountered on a daily basis, Dr. Yacob pointed out, Andnet opened 34 offices in the different regions and is on target to get this number to 175 in a few months. The enthusiasm of the people at the opening ceremonies and the request the party is getting from areas that are not yet in the immediate growth plan of the party, is testament to the fact that the desire for democracy is still stalwart, Dr. Yacob revealed.

The other panelist, Ato Yilma Adamu, made a daring expose on the root causes that contribute to the dismal performance of Ethiopian political parties in terms of delivering a democratic Ethiopia. The last fifty years, he reminded the audience, saw no shortage of ideology, vision, sacrifice and support. The major handicap and one that is glaringly prevalent in all the past and present political parties, Ato Yilma pointed out, is the absence of modern management and the adamant nature of old timers to embrace change in a rapidly changing global environment. While lauding the sacrifices of these parties over the years, he was quick to criticize them for their failure to bring in young blood that is more apt to deal with current challenges.

Ato Yilma narrated several lessons from the uniquely exciting 2008 election of the USA, particularly the way the Obama campaign was envisioned, planned and how the road to victory was managed in the most creative, technologically astute and politically savvy manner.

The last two hours were devoted to question and answer sessions where a line of people raised pertinent questions. The quality of the issues raised, the manner they were entertained heralded a new era of civil political discourse.

  1. Bety
    | #1

    ELIAS Kifle, a man in an imaginary…… world.

    Same times I am wondering this crazy man-Elias Kifle doesn’t know his status properly. He always acts as if he is above the Law and wants to advice and give directions to those that don’t have any relationships with him let alone they don’t know weather he is in the State. Now after he gave us different directions to reject Hailu Shawel and Burtukan Mideksa for nearly two years, he has been trying to degrade Obama by mentioning unwarranted and ill advice policies and the so called “Must Do” preconditions. Surprising!!!!!!!

    This traumatize person doesn’t know what to write and what to say. He is commander in chief of a visionary planet which doesn’t exist on earth. he consider him self as a powerful and well articulator journalist and same times seeks to be nominate for Nobel prices winner. This confused and mad man always spreading not only false propagandas but also imaginary and unreal topics that confused Ethiopian Diaspora to the label he want.
    Please dear brothers and sisters, let us exclude this worthless so called Ethiopian but in reality Eritrean from the political environment of Ethiopia for the sake of our unity.

    May God keep Ethiopian unity!!!


  2. Kume T
    | #2

    I don’t understand why this meeting was not advertised well. It was very disappointing for many of us we saw the advertisement just a day before. I don’t know what is going on inside UDJP the party I support. I am glad the number of the audience is embarrassing.
    DC metro UDJ do you have any answer for this? If this was advertised at list for a week I am sure at list 500+ people attend. Even many of the supporters in DC and Maryland did not know this meeting was called.

    | #3

    who pretend as if he cares for democracy hahaha
    PLS guys don’t go to hiw ethiopia.Revew
    he makes money by using our visit to his O no to anti ethiopia banda shabia. GOD kill this son of b””h Elias kifle.

  4. kibret
    | #4

    Birtukan mideksa and Dr yacob along thier(Andenet) comrades told the state run television that they will Participate the next national election of Ethiopia.Not only that they already confirmed to the Government that they are promoting peaceful struggle Hand in hand with the goverment.These indivduals also sign for their pardon when they relase from Kaliti Jail.
    So these traitors dont bring no huge political magnitude to the exicting Government when they travel to Europe and as much meeting as they want by gatering Ethiopians in the townhall meeting .
    Woyane is much more smareter than betrayal
    He who think Andenet is belong to the people is foolish.
    Andenet is working for woyane.

  5. bulti
    | #5

    kibret. firest of all change your nick name.
    and what’s your problem with andenet? if you feel they are betrayal why don’t you go and fight the enemy you just calle?. but i’am sure you have no gut nor moral to fight. b/s you are fat azz who love power just like that. dumen azz HODAM.

  6. Abamela
    | #6

    Hello Andnet Party
    We need to open a new office in Sudan. Before we open it, We need to contact with you,We need your permission & support.
    Our e mail is…

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