Kinijit is a Spirit of Unity, Freedom and Love.

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Is kinijit a spirit of Freedom, Love and Unity as V.P. of Kinijit Birtukan Mideksa put it or just an illusion created by hustlers and street dealers as the TPLF’s Meles Zenawi would like to call it?

You be the Judge!

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    WOW..u guys make me cray for rell. can some boudy pass me water pleas. is this anversery of a losser or something eals.? u know what dispora u ppl are loseer’s and acsepted period. if u can defit us u can join us.any way nice tray and good luke for da second round till then aryos.kkkk. god bless EPRDF.

  2. joro daba
    | #2

    Shut up, you idiot. You make me puke.
    Your name stands for

  3. Diana
    | #3

    Dear Mamo,

    All you are showing is your shallowness, just as your bosses have proven themselves to be throught their belligernce and deceit. You can keep lying and deluding yourself but the final Victory will be the desire of the people. Then what will happen to you Mamo Qilo? I feel sorry for you and your likes who will sell their soul for a couple of bucks. Looser!

  4. Mesfin
    | #4

    Hey guys, I have been trying to give MAMO a lesson. I saw him as a brother in the dark and tried to pull him out of there, but obviously he has some kind of learning disability. He just can’t get it. His head is like a rock. I think we shouldn’t pay attention to him any more. We should ignore him. He posts here all the time because a free discussion bothers him. Let him keep bother.
    We need to focus on the real message we got from the Abugida clip. That kind of mass media coverage gives a real picture of the monster Meles (Semi Shabia Woyanne). When we are convicted and rally together to get ride of Woyanne, things would start to change. Meles is not what he said he is. He is one a heal of a traitor and dictator who doesn’t even have a scene about what his own kids would say about him in the future. If not for something, Meles can die of natural reasons. Then what is going to happen the mess he created? What about his moron followers? Meles doesn’t seems to care about that. Now, it is time to rally and get ride of this wired looking traitor who has no vision. We Ethiopians have a long and rich history. We deserve better than a wired looking and pathological lier.

  5. TATEK
    | #5

    it is great to see mammo using another angel of view.very interesting indeed.i hope it would not take much time for the others to adapt mammos expriance it must be borring to sing the same song all the way long.
    the kijjis ( Sedetegaw Kinjjit ) is working hard against the( Ye kalitw Kinjjit ).i think they dont want see free wlking out of kality,they are afraid it might bring peace in the ethiopian politics .who are they?
    s c a b i a or something like that ?

  6. Wey hagere
    | #6

    I see a pattern in most TPLF supporters – they’re all unbelievably ignorant. Ican’t believe Ethiopia gave birth to such primitive individuals – I am sure they’re the derivitives of the Eritrean bandas!!!

  7. Tigist
    | #7

    Good job abugida! You speak the majority of the Ethiopian people mind. That scares Woyannes out of Ethiopia. They can’t stand the truth. That is why they afraid to let the electronic media used by free journalists. They say they are courageous, but they afraid free expression. They say that they are unbeatable, but they can’t see peaceful protesters on the street of Addis. They say that they are for democracy and economic growth in Ethiopia, but they don’t even want the Ethiopian people to have internet access to any web site they prefer to visit (what bunch of primitives). How do they think they can survive in the information age blocking the country from everything? Woyannes are like Nazies, all Ethiopian should know that we have to get ride them. We just have to come together and push them to the edge. These primitives backwards are embarrassing for our country. Abugida’s role is very important in our struggle exposing the true nature of Woyanne.

    For Woyannes that post messages on this site, all we know is you care about what we say on this site, it is your nightmare to see when civil people discuss issues in a very civil and logical manner. That is why you keep posting your Woyanne non sense on this site. Keep posting…all you do is reaffirming, for the whole world, your trade mark. That is primitive, none sense, very narrow and short sighted idea.

  8. Hanna
    | #8

    Yes, I agree with you Tigist. Woyannes are like Nazies except Woyannes are morons and very short agley people. I think, if we see them as who they really are, it is easy to run over them and crash them. I think the problem is not every Ethiopian managed to see the true nature of Woyannes. That is why I believe the mass media such as abugida has a very vital job exposing how Woyannes think and who these idiots are. Keep it up abugida.
    By the way I would like to make it clear that I don’t think all Tigres are Woyannes. Actually, most of the Tigray people are not Woyannes. They are under the very oppressive Woyanne yolk in Tigray. The Woyanne oppression is so though on them, they can’t even protest the evil Meles’s regime as much as the rest of Ethiopians.

    Yours Hanna!

  9. fitsume
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    hey guys out there, i really don’t like 2 tlk bout politics but i wanna make a point to ma brothers n sister out there that have hate on rulers is that god will give them wat ever they deserve but we the people shouldn’t be segregate each other in order to built our country or nation. we should love every one exccept racist people and Zeregna. don’t hate anyone regardless where they r from then god will notice we love each other n hopefully will make things better. make a comment if i need to make changes

  10. Hanna
    | #10

    Well, as we all know Woyannes are ethno racist. I would like to believe that they really don’t represent the Tigray people. I doubt that the majority of the Tigray region people have any idea about the nature of Woyanne or they can do something about it even if they know it all. The majority of the Tigray people are, at least I believe, under even more oppressive hands of Woyanne. So, that answers fitsume concern about segregating people. However, we Ethiopians are not under any illusion that Woyannes are very cruel, irresponsible and Nazi type ethnic racists. They have been like a cancer for our country very existence from the beginning. If we have to deal with them, it is very important to know who they are. That where the healing process starts. It is like “Beshitawon Yaltenagere, Medhanit Ayegegnletem”.

    After they kill our brothers and sisters on a day light in Addis streets and the rest of Ethiopia, after they put our beloved heroic leaders in jail, after they shut down the free press and denied the Ethiopian people access of information, if you think we will forget and live as such nothing has happened, you are mistaken. If Woyannes need respect and love the only way they can get it is by being respectful of the Ethiopian people vote, by promoting real democracy in Ethiopia, by letting freedom of speech flourish in our country. Actually, democracy is the best way of creating peace, justice and equality for all in Ethiopia even for minorities such as Woyannes. Otherwise, it is foolish to think that 77 million people would be quite and submissive for short sighted guy like Meles forever. That is not going to happen. It is proved time and time again, if only stupid Woyannes take a look back to history and learn from it. I hope they will prove the rest of the world and us that they are learning and belong to the moderns world by releasing our leaders from Kality, start dialog with them and let the Ethiopian people be the Judge.

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    kkkkkk…that’s what i’m talke’n about dispora. i’m make’n u cray like lil baby.all eayz on me da son of king yohanes. i still kik’n u NEFTGHENA azzzzz. blive what i tell u.remember lerne from u past.i guss 77 million is just a number.i don’t think cray is knot gone save u or solve the problem. so way are u ppl cray’n all over the world?did u ever see EPRDF cray’n for helP? i don’t think so.MEDERE ALKASHA HULA. LONG LIVE EPRDF.

  12. Alem
    | #12

    I totally feel what you are saying Hanna. We should teach Woyannes how the civilized world works around to solve its problems. Neighboring countries such as Kenya and Uganda are way a head of us interims of building democratic institutions. The people in those countries managed to change their leaders in a peaceful and democratic way; they have television and radio stations that are owned by private companies. Telephone and Energy supply companies are also privately owned. Once up on a time, these countries people used to look up to Ethiopia as a free nation in Africa. Now, they are the once who are really free and on the right direction for development. In our country there is no free press, no free electronic media, no free press and no free election that really reflects the Ethiopian people heart bit. It very sad to see that, but we have to ask for it, we need to work for it, and eventually we will earn it. For Shabia and Woyanne that cause so much blood shied and misery in that part of Africa, they will go to hell.

  13. Mimi
    | #13

    Take a look at what I got from

    Miami planning party after Castro’s death

    Updated: 10:33 a.m. PT Jan 29, 2007
    MIAMI – With Fidel Castro seriously ill, the city of Miami is making plans to throw a party at a local football stadium when the Cuban president dies, complete with themed T-shirts.

    “(Castro) represents everything bad that has happened to the people of Cuba for years,” City Commissioner Tomas Regalado, a Cuban American who came up with the idea, told The Miami Herald newspaper. “There is something to celebrate, regardless of what happens next … We get rid of the guy.”

    I hope we will able to do the same thing very soon.

  14. fitsume
    | #14

    selam lenante yehun, i waz actully reading every once’s comment and am little concern that lot of sterio typing, racism, calling name to certain ppl and hate are spreading between us. as a result i would love to call your attention that the first step to make progress is to love to each other and be united. in this case we won’t face anyone on a different side of our ideas. if us the ppl here exchanging ideas love our people we should help out w/money and also prey for them to be protected and prey for them for a better life. am srry but i hate politics caz that disturbs my life however i want 2 help out my ppl. let be united caz we r not 1st country to pass thro this kinda problem but also other industrialized countries as well. final advice to u guys is that love your ppl as long as they r judgin u by what u do but do let anyone judge u by who u are. we are the next new jeneration 2 our country so lets make changes for better not for worse.

    love ya all
    yours truely fitsume

  15. | #15

    this is for mamo
    mamo endetena tamo
    be egru saihed komo
    yalega kurana hono
    le weyane akatro
    kebru bekumu hono
    yetarik atelaw teleku mamo kqilo

  16. Yeasimba Kimal
    | #16

    nice show for eri-Tv. Get over it. Its over Ethiopians are going forward.


  17. | #17

    mamo kilo does not write any weyannees idea or any other idea. Donot giVe him any answer ‘as far as has no new idea.he is playing child game .It is not time for such play. let him qo away to weyanne camp.please do not accept him.

  18. TATEK
    | #18

    kinijit has till now advocate only hate and ditraction as long as ethiopian democratica movement economical and social devolpment.
    for me it is an evil sprit all in all.why do not call it simply schabia spirit.

  19. TATEK
    | #19

    Looking at Dr. Yacob’s letter from Kaliti a lot of things come to one’s mind. Why a letter, especially one that does not show any remorse about past activities.

    It is clear to every one, EPRDF’s supporters or opposition that the CUD was clearly intent on taking political power by ANY MEANS. While CUD officers in Ethiopia may have not volunteered to clearly spell this position, their Diaspora supporters in Europe and North America have. They clearly stated time and again that the Woyane as they call the current government is finished whether it wins loses the election . Then CUD leaders on the ground clearly showed this intent through their clear support for whatever physical and violent opposition took place . It did not matter to them how this was done. If the only way it could be done was by mounting violence and hatred against an ethnic group it was acceptable to them. The few statements they issued to “condemn”? the ethnic components of opposition activities largely in response to international pressure were half hearted. Then also many in the opposition leadership have a history of contempt against certain ethnic groups some beginning from school days. Diaspora elements, which follow opposition politicians, will clearly remember Dr. Yacob’s repeated statements that “Ethiopia wants to secede from Tigray.”?

    The theory that the sole motive for CUD leaders engagement in opposition politics was to change Ethiopia’s image as the least developed beggar state, does not wash. The history of the prime leaders of CUD including Dr. Yacob has been about ascendancy to power at any cost. This has taken the form of struggles like red terror and white terror. The few that had a chance to exercise state power even if for a brief period were responsible for thousands of killings. In their last desperate attempt to come to power in 2005 Red Terrorists formed a coalition with White Terrorists. On the other hand one would be hard pressed to find anything these leaders had contributed to Ethiopia’s economic development even at the level of their own villages of birth. Even if one were to assume they are genuine about their desire to develop Ethiopia, history is not on their side. Unfortunately for all of us there is very little empirical evidence in the world to suggest that democracy was a pre requisite for economic development. On the contrary non-democrats led most of the current economic tigers during most of their substantive years of development. To its credit Ethiopia on the other hand is showing a lot of democratic and economic growth.

    So then why the letter from Kalit? Do people remember how supporters used to call the Honorable Lidetu Ayalew a Mandela? Now of course the same people call him a traitor. Some one volunteered to explain that to me. To be associated with Mandela is to be associated with greatness and every one wants to be great. None of the present prisoners have any element of Mandela’s greatness. But the other element of the association with Mandela is his struggle against apartheid designed by European colonizers. The volunteer told me that the present Waoyane leaders are not Ethiopians and that their assumption of power befits the description of the proponents of apartheid. That may be a feasible explanation.

    What ever the motives were for the prisoners’ letters, there is one important thing they have missed. In a country where the vast majority of the people are in their 30′s these so called leaders have long passed their retirement age. The very few of them who may not qualify for retirement have forfeited their right by either staying abroad far from reality for too long or by engaging themselves in irrelevant ideologies. I do not wish them to rote in prison but I cannot think of many that I would wish to lead Ethiopia.

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