The Spirit is in the Air, No Time to Despair – Afura Burtukana

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For a while now; after the 2005 National Election that is, a cloud of despair has been floating on the mountains, the hills, the valleys, the plateau, the rivers and platforms of Ethiopia. (more…)

For a while now; after the 2005 National Election that is, a cloud of despair has been floating on the mountains, the hills, the valleys, the plateau, the rivers and platforms of Ethiopia. You call home and ask how is it going? The answer is pretty much, Nothing much. You ask why? They have a long answer for that. The regime is intensifying the atrocities. You don’t dare speak, you don’t dare think. Well you think but you don’t share it. The Economy is going South, prices are hiking, inflation is record high, there are no jobs, there is no good news. To stick it in the wound the leaders of Kinijit were divided. These are the same leaders that were incarcerated, that we fought for their release, that we sacrificed time, energy and other resources. Most of all, these are the same leaders that the people trusted. We put our hope on their leadership. We were lodging for their release so they could be free to lead again, to lead us to freedom. For a while there was no good news.

Hence, some of them were compelled to regroup. They formed Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJ). They claim, rightly so, to be the moral and legal successor of Kinijit. It is based on liberal democracy principles and non-violent peaceful struggle. At the inception, many including their close comrades were hesitant. It was explained to us, and to an extent it is still being explained to us, that they are up to a task impossible. “Meles has closed all doors for peaceful struggle, it is simply not a viable way , they are just a political show for the regime” are the arguments we are hearing. UDJ/Andinet, while still paying attention to the skeptics, put their bet on the will and power of the people, the people of Ethiopia. Yes Meles has closed all doors, yes it is getting tougher and will get even tougher, and yes they are playing in the danger zone. Yet, when you have the mass at your side, you will laugh at the face of danger.

They waged that struggle at home and they are making progress. It started with baby steps, puting things here and there together. And then they were able to get legal accreditation. They announced an annual plan, and they acted up on it. Right now there are 35 offices up and running at all corners of the country. These are good news.

Over the weekend, yet another good news was broke to us. UDJ was able to hold its First Town Hall Meeting at Addis Ababa. IT WAS A SUCCESS INDEED. It was held at the EELPA Hall which has a capacity of 3500. Around 5000 showed up. They had to stay outside, but there was a huge MIC so they didn’t miss anything. W/t Birtukan, Eng. Gizachew, Dr. Hailu, Ato Temesgen, you name it all the big shots attended. There were guests like Dr. Negaso, Dr. Beyene, Ato Siye who all made short speeches. But most importantly, the attendees, the people of Addis Ababa were very active; they asked all kind of questions, they gave all kind of suggestions. The message is loud and clear. The Spirit is Alive. We have to put our hands, minds and hearts together; and get back to work. There is no time to despair.

‘Yes We Can; Yes We Will’

  1. Belaye Zeleke
    | #1

    The Spirit of –”KINIJIT”

    They said; Now that we have taken away the name KINIJIT and the famous victory sign (V), imprisoned, tortured and whipped out supporters of Kinijit; the remainders few are confused and divided beyond repair we are certain that Kinijit is dead and berried under a tombstone build by TPLF Pharos.

    But he Almighty has a surprise for all. Amazing how the spirit of millions young and old men and woman resurrected as a vibrant political machine in the name of UDJ. The resurrection of this movement and its renewed success is not the story of a given political party or individuals rather the story of humble and determined Ethiopians who refuse to bow dawn or give-up the HOPE. A hope for a better Ethiopia for all –A hope for a Transparent Democracy for all Ethiopians!

    After years of misery and confusion finally, those who have caused so much pain within struggle have been left unattended by their own wicked game. And those who are preaching day and night that “The Peaceful Struggle-Will Never Work” has failed to delivery a single practical fruit to the struggle except a continued vocabulary acrobat for self promotion. I once heard the a wise man say “a dog with no courage to bite screams louder”

    Sadly; Ethiopia has many carrier politicians and self proclaimed leaders who are consumed and possessed with personal glory and self image and imprudent about the suffering of our people under the TPLF tribal dynasty for the past seventeen year. I believe…This time it will be different…….This time, the people will say enough is enough and will rise-up and follow the leader that will lead our nation to the promise land. The promise for a better Ethiopia for all; a promise that our brothers and sisters paid the ultimate price with their lives following the post election violence.

    God Speed—–>UDJ

  2. tes
    | #2

    This is a party formed by the government people and attended by the government people.
    And of course the target is to abort the Ethiopian people struggle led By popular party KINIJIT.
    But dont worry folks, just watch what goona be happen on the fate of these traitrs party in a few moments ahead.

  3. Yinegal
    | #3

    Mr. or Mrs. tes
    Do you mind to explain you veige info out clear. Ther is no hiden agenda now. We all are discussing Ethiopia and about Ethiopia and for Ethiopa nothing less. It is to good to share thoughts and clear differences so that we will understand eachother and walk together. It maight look impossible to some of us, but let me tell you fellow ethiopian it the right time and it is possible. Yes we can, through the almighty help YES WE ethiopian CAN!!!

  4. maritu
    | #4

    Hey tes
    i was reading your crazy comment by the way how is King Hailu your clan leader kkkkkkkk

  5. sam
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  6. Robele Ababya
    | #6

    The spirit for change will never die. I salute the legendry Professor Mesfin, the icon charismatic leader Birtukan, the foresihgted and courageous Vice Chairmen of the UDJP and indeed all the founding and ordinary members of the Party for the spectacular success of the Town Hall Meeting. UDJP is the legitimate heir of KINIJIT; it is the Party of the Ethiopian people.

  7. WEDI
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  8. Yinegal
    | #8

    Ilitracy is a disease, but it can be cure. Hate possesed human but it can be cust out. my man, If you call your self Tigrean, (I know you are not because they are much matured than that of the thought you have and the word what you spit) we all are Ethiopian it doesn’t matter which sect, tribe, or province you come from. You can’t see any finger print better than any one. we all have ours any way. Whom do you think D…..B

  9. atuba dolla
    | #9

    Yes,the change we all Ethiopians wanted and fought for is ints way the lives of millions of Ethiopia;hence, for that to happen, we all must fight tooth and nail agaist the dictator that chewed up the lives of citzens for the last 18 years.

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