Military Rule?

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A ferenji resident


January 31st, 2007
Military Rule

Today Addis truly reflects the virtual police state in which we live. Over the past week thousands of federal policemen have descended upon the city for the AU summit and, while this may help to ease the fears of the most corrupt African leaders visiting from abroad, residents here feel anything but safe. I have never seen the city like this””a comparable number of forces were deployed during Meskel (but concentrated entirely around the Square), but the atmosphere now feels even more oppressive due to their overwhelming omnipresence.

Under the watch of conspicuous rooftop snipers, federal and military wagons currently rule the roads, spilling out dozens upon dozens of blue-clad, heavily armed soldiers at a moment’s notice. These policemen are literally EVERYWHERE, waiting with guns cocked outside retaurants and cafes, schools and churches, in abandoned lots and on crowded corners, both on the main streets and side roads.

The rules of the city have also changed. At any given time, the roads suddenly close to allow for the procession of passing dignitaries””-walking on certain sides of the road becomes instantly prohibited and it is also forbidden to cross except at designated crosswalks. Now, anyone who has ever visited this city knows that traffic here is chaotic at best and, though there are no signs or roped off areas to signal any of this, residents here are somehow expected to anticipate these new rules””evidenced by soldiers who angrily shout incoherent demands, gesture threateningly with their machine guns or the backs of their hands, and chase down those who forgot to comply. The line between security and military rule appears increasingly blurred as the week progresses; though I am not aware that a city-wide curfew has been imposed, a friend and I were followed almost to our doorsteps the other night by a federal vehicle”¦apparently walking a couple of blocks after midnight is now considered a “˜suspicious activity’.

A couple of days ago one policeman boasted of the “˜excellent’ training that he had received from the Americans in “fighting the terrorists”?. Figures. (Considering the quiet, local terror instilled by the blank, dehumanizing stares and gleaming AK-47s of these federal troops, I suppose the irony of this statement is almost humorous”¦) I guess it really shouldn’t matter much that the oppression here has now become equally visibly represented, but somehow it does…

  1. TATEK
    | #1

    i see one soldier on duty .
    so what ?

  2. bellew
    | #2

    Tatek must be a supporter of those in power now. Please remember that nothing lasts forever. Those in power will also be part of history so will the one soldier on duty. However, it is important to be part of a good history not one that records the oppression of the time. Hopefully we will all live long enough to witness positive change for Ethiopia which is much needed.

  3. Joro Daba
    | #3


    There are more than one if you can count ….You idiot…

    Get your woyanae eyes checked ….today

  4. Wey hagere
    | #4

    Woyanne dummies only specialize in denying everything when the evidence is out there. Reality is a thing of the past for them…until we Ehiopians restore it in our nation!!

  5. TATEK
    | #5

    can we hear something more as this schabiy cry.
    any ethiopian around who can tell me what the police man is doing which
    is wrong ?

    military rule !! it is not new in africa . but you mean that shows we have now a military gevernment now?

  6. 21st-Century-Ethiopian
    | #6

    Amazing that you were disgraced just a few days ago with your garbage reporting and you are back again with useless garbage. Why is the article useless, because it equates high police presence with some military state. Please. We have dignitaries from all over AFrica, what do you expect, a relaxed atmosphere in a nation where Somali Terrorist have threatned JIHAD. Abugida, have some shame and be a bit more thought provoking than the garbage you are spewing out. You got caught red handed with your lies and like a true diaspora all talk and no substance, you are at it again. Sad really.

  7. Tigist
    | #7

    Agazy is everywhere in Addis and they are so cruel to kill their own people. Ethiopian people have noticed this since the post election. However everything has time…. We will not cry forever

  8. Mesfin
    | #8

    Wow, this one is for the guy who called himself “21-Century-Ethiopian”. Hey, first of all I could be wrong, but you sound like you are Woyanne. If you are, the name you use doesn’t really fit you. Let me explain why: You Woyannes are primitives. You can’t even handle free discussion. Now, if it was up to you, you would have put all of us that post messages on this site, in Kality jail and would charge us for treason and genocide. You are afraid of freedom of speech just because the truth is not with you. You are afraid of dialog just because you have no logical explanation for what you believe in, for what you do and you know that you don’t win the mind and heart of the majority of Ethiopian people. Look even on this site how many people would agree or disagree with your ideas. In 21 century people even in our neighbor countries such as Kenya and Uganda managed to resolve their differences through dialog and live with real democracy. In Ethiopia so far we couldn’t do it, it is just because you Wayannes don’t even dare to think about it. Second, we all know that you Woyannes heat Ethiopia with a passion. That is why the historical Ethiopian enemies, organized you, trained you, supported you and helped you to be where are at right now. Country symbolized motherhood to its citizens. For most of us Ethiopia is our mother. That is why no matter how poor it is, we love our country, we love our flag and we take pride in our country’s long history. We are entitled and have the right to call ourselves Ethiopian. Woyannes in other hand you are traitors. You helped Shabia to secede Eritrea and made us the biggest land locked country in Africa. That is one of the crimes that you committed against Ethiopia and its people. Your record on that is pretty clear for the whole world to see. For those two main reasons that I state above, if you are Woyanne the “21-Ethiopian” name doesn’t fit you. Think about it, have some logic man.

    Regarding Ethiopia being a police state, we don’t need to see any picture to prove that. I am sure you know that Meles and his regime Woyanne is the most heated group in Ethiopia. The only way they can stay in Arate Killo akababiy is by excessive force. Ethiopian is a big jail for 77 million plus people. You know, I know you can’t keep guard that big jail for so long. That is why you Woyannes need to come to the table pretty soon, and set the people free. That is if you have any normal brain left that thinks rationally. Now, you Woyannes don’t have peace. That is why you bother to post your nonsense on free sites such as abugida. Free discussion, exchange of ideas burns you like a hell. I don’t feel sorry for you just because you choose that path. When you make Ethiopia a jail country, don’t forget that you are in that jail too. Now, it is time to let the Ethiopia people be free, and let your self free. Otherwise, soon or later the big jail will turn loose.

  9. 21st-Century-Ethiopian
    | #9

    Mesfin Yene Wondime, on the contrary, it is you that sounds burnt up. Furthermore, you accuse me of not wanting dialogue and yet all your commentaries are about the individual rather than the substance of the issue. By the way, HATE , not HEAT ok. I mean I was going to let it go but you used it over and over again. Well, I wonder why this police state is attracting over 100,000 Ethiopians a year from the diaspora, especially the U.S. I mean, does the Diaspora have a love affair with a POLICE STATE. I can just imagine the conversation: “hey Bekele tadias?” Alene, Selam Dememelashe. Ebakehene vacation efelegalehu, eza ye weyane police state enihide. Please.

  10. Mimi
    | #10

    Yegna “21st-Century-Ethiopian” if you don’t have a problem with Ethiopian discussing issues on this site, what are you doing here? We don’t need your lecture.Go and mislead your farmers.

  11. Mesfin
    | #11

    Hey the “21st-Century-Ethiopian” want to be, you said that “…you accuse me of not wanting dialogue and yet all your commentaries are about the individual rather than the substance of the issue.” All I can say is go back and read again what I wrote. When I said Woyannes, I was referring to Woyannes as group. That is TPLF, not you man! That is of course, if you are not that wicked, short, and wired looking Meles or Legess guy. To have dialog with you doesn’t bring any change. You are just tera Woyanne. If you need dialog and civil discussion on individual level, open your fucked up brain, be true to yourself and don’t try to be smart ass. Now, I am sure you are feeling the HEAT of my HATE. Well, what do you expect? respect? You need to earn it moron.

    | #12

    wake up tigray, silence can’T be an option when the rest
    of ethiopians are voicing their anger and asking for a better ethiopia, be part of that mouvement who resist the injustice and the constant killing. Tigray can’t be or can’t afford to be isolated from the rest of ethiopians. SILENCE CAN BE VIEWED AS A FULL SUPPORT TO


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