How Dare He?

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By Berhan Tsehai | January 31st, 2007

A response to the latest writing from Mr. Obang Metho

I just finished reading the latest work from Mr. Metho titled “We must realize that we are infected by a widely spreading virus which requires one shot to cure””that shot is our Unity.”? In this article Mr. Metho speaks on what lessons the Diaspora Ethiopians have learned in the year that just passed, and what is needed of us in the year 2007 and beyond. Mr. Metho is also very critical of the leadership that currently exists in the Diaspora, especially that of Kinijit. So I ask, how dare he? Has he tried to do something constructive for the people of Ethiopia, perhaps a project to improve the lives of our people? And when the malicious TPLF army massacred our fellow Anuak brothers and sisters, did he try to become a voice to the voiceless? Did he take the message to the international community including; the U.N., European Parliament, World Bank, the U.S. Congress and the government of Canada? Did he include other crimes of Meles Zenawi along with the massacre of the Anuak in his communication with the international community? Did he speak for the people of Ethiopia that were denied their vote in the previous elections? Did he speak about the murder and imprisonment of our fellow brothers and sisters in Addis Ababa? And when Meles Zenawi started a war with Somalia in an attempt to divert attention away from the abuse he was committing in Ethiopia, did Mr. Metho continue to talk about Zenawi’s crimes? Did he remain focused on the real issues? Did he try to reach out to the Somali community to show them that this is not a war of the Ethiopian people, rather of the current government who stole the election? Was he visible in the Dr. Martin Luther King March in Atlanta Georgia, bringing the message to a new audience. Unless you have been living “under a rock”? when it comes to the struggle of Ethiopians in the Diaspora, then you know there is only one answer to all the questions above. Mr. Metho, who is a man of action in the struggle for Ethiopia’s freedom has every right as an Ethiopian to voice his opinion. And he does it powerfully.

I believe the article which my commentary is a subject of, needs to be translated in Amharic and other languages so the people of Ethiopia can get to read it. Mr. Methos in a matter of a few pages points our progress in the Diaspora in the previous year and makes suggestions as to what steps we need to take in the future. For sure, we must take credit for our efforts in exposing the tyrannical rule of Zenawi to the international community. Throughout Europe and the United States, the Diaspora Ethiopians worked diligently and we were unified for the most part. And as the article suggests, unity will be necessary for the forward progress of our struggle. We can achieve so much more together then working separately. Mr. Metho even talks of the need to reach out to the Tigrayan Community. He writes “”¦Such unity must include our fellow Tigrayan brothers and sisters who stand up for freedom and justice. If we exclude them, they may feel that they will have to hang on the “Woyane”? for their survival, even though they are in opposition to what the TPLF stands for.”? When ones security is threatened he/she will run to what makes sense to him/her. I understand Mr. Metho’s point. Zenawi’s entire game plan has been using the age old tactic of divide and conquer. He has the Tigrayan community feeling like he is the one to protect them and whoever comes to power after him will be out to get them. We must make sure to welcome any opposition to the current government of Ethiopia, no matter what the ethnicity. Meles is out for the destruction of Ethiopia, and will play his game at whatever cost. Graves in Tigray with dead Tigrayens by the hands of Zenawi’s henchmen are a testament to that.

Some may look at the assessment of Mr. Metho regarding the leadership in the Diaspora as harsh. One of my favorite websites did disregard from posting Mr. Obang’s writing on their website, maybe it is because they feel the criticism is harsh on Kinijit International Leadership. With great power comes great responsibility. The sprit of Kinijit is one, as confirmed by the recent letter of Dr. Yakob. When speaking of the Diaspora Kinijit leadership, Mr. Metho calls for reconciliation. When we show division amongst ourselves, we are weakening the movement. This in fact is true. I must admit I couldn’t forget that Sunday when Shaleqa came on the radio and announced that he was dismissing Mr. Mewah and others from their leadership positions. To say the feud did not have a negative impact on the movement would be a lie. Nevertheless, Shaleqa was one of the biggest campaign organizers for our leaders who are in prison. So why would he risk putting a damage on the movement?

Dr. Cornell West, a well respected professor and African-American intellectual once made a comment at The State of the Black Union that stuck with me forever. He was talking about other African-American leaders who were on the panel when he posed a question. How do we lovingly criticize one another? What Mr. Metho is doing is simply that. His criticism is out of love for Ethiopians and the future of Ethiopia. It is about the concerns he has. He is a human rights activist, who is concerned about the freedom of not just the Anuaks but all of Ethiopians. His assessment is genuine, the reason I am staying up to comment on this, is because he echoes how I feel and how many of us feel in the Diaspora. It is time for us to seriously look at the struggle in a new way. Let us not just talk of Unity. Let us play it out. Leaders must be willing to welcome criticism along with the support of the Diaspora. Let us hear this brother out because I am quite sure he speaks for many of us.

“In My country we go to prison first and then become president”? —- Nelson Mandela

Del Le Ethiopia Hizb
With warm Regards,

Berhan Tsehai

  1. tolla
    | #1

    shut the hell up man

  2. tolla
    | #2

    obang is in title to his opinion. you don’t like it to danm bad i and many onther happen to like obang. in my opinion this is the kind of man we need to lead our country. he is all fore unity, love and peace.

    mr obang please ignore this idiot out there who has no adea what they are talking about. i know were u coming from and u are the only one with the ball who tell it like it is. i am proud ethopian and i fully support kinjet.

    its tipical of we abesha to critcize we are numner one!

    weyane and shabia are the one who are critcizing obang no one else

  3. Mesfin
    | #3

    Mr Obang

    Seriously how dare tou attack the Kinijet leadership. Sir all the fame you are getting latley is on the back of the same Kinijet leadership you ridicule. Obang what have you done except talk talk talk?

  4. tazabi
    | #4

    mr obang , if our so called kingit leaders see the big picture as you thing would have been diffrent. mr obang , continue to do ur job and hopefully , kingit leaders will learn from their mistake and continue the sruggle. currently , kingit as a party is a mess , they need to wake and smell the coffee.

  5. TATEK
    | #5

    kinjjit is ofcorse in a mess and mr. obang is totaly confused.obang or kijit have no contribution fo democraticl change,but it is their democratic right to defend their political programm ( fudalism ).

  6. Wey hagere
    | #6

    The above article is written by someone who is unaware of Obang’s contribution to the struggle. “How dare he?” What happened to the democracy we intend to practice and showing our views in a constructive matter. Don’t tell me the current diaspora leaders are as effective as we would like them to be let alone we would be ashamed to criticize them. Obang Metho has the credentials to criticize anyone in the struggle, but the only quality that he needs to practice his right is to be an Ethiopian!! Please keep this idiotic habesha complex out of the struggle!!! No matter what, Ethiopians will prevail as always!!

  7. Samson
    | #7

    Wey, it is obvious that you did not read the article? The above individual is making the same point, don’t be fooled by the title. Next time read more then just the title. You will find out that helps. I am with the brother above!!!!!!!

  8. Ye hager sew
    | #8

    Who are they not to be criticised? If not us who will crticise them? And Obang…for a man who has been that effective nearly alone in advocating for our people…they are the ones who should refrain from criticizing him, but I am sure Obang is a kind of person who can take a simple opinion of another person. In fact, I personally don’t like when someone attacks Obang, because for us Ethiopians, he represents a part of us that we’ve been out of touch until now. I like his young approach toward solving a complex problem!! I looking forward for leaders that have his quality, but the only ambition that Obang has is the well being of our people.

    The author of the above article should re-evaluate his or her perceptions – because I think they have been blurred.

    God bless Obang Metho!!

    This is a serious struggle of 77 million people not a popularity game!!

  9. Wy gud
    | #9

    I can’t believe u guys posted this shit on this website!!! The author should dedicate his writing power to activate the sleeping people and not attack the people such as Obang Metho who are activating!!!

  10. Hello
    | #10

    Don;t forget even the multimillion dollar political group Kinijit did not make the documentary Betrayal of Democracy!! Leave Obang alone, he is our wealth!!

  11. Samson
    | #11


  12. Mesfin
    | #12

    Hi there, I noticed that there is another Mesfin up there. He sounds like “MAMO” to me. I am sure everyone knows by now who “MAMO” is. He is the stupid Woyanne we ridicule everyday on this site. The main reason why I want post at this time is to ask “tolla” to read the whole article that Ato Berhan Tsehai wrote. If you do, you will find out that both Ato Obang and Ato Berhan are on the same page. Actually, Ato Berhan’s article is in support of Ato Obang. To make it short, tolla, I think you are a good man, but today you rush to comment on something that you didn’t read thoroughly.

    The other point that gets my attention is one of Ato Berhan’s statements. “Meles is out for the destruction of Ethiopia, and will play his game at whatever cost. Graves in Tigray with dead Tigrayens by the hands of Zenawi’s henchmen are a testament to that.” A lot of people agree with this fact, but the question is why is that we don’t see that many Ethiopians from Tigray region standing up against Meles? There is no question about Tigray being the heart of Ethiopia through out Ethiopian history. But why many Tigrayans choose to let Meles destruct Ethiopia?, Why don’t we see them joining the peaceful struggle in numbers with consistency? In my opinion that is very important to win over Meles’s assumption of Woyanne and the people of Tigray being as two sides of one coin. I personally don’t believe that Woyanne and the Tigray people are two sides of one coin. Woyanne’s are ethno-Nazis. I know a lot of Ethiopians from Tigray region with compassion and civil attitude that helps to get a long fine with others. However, primarily Ethiopians from Tigray region, especially the one who are educated and the Diaspora need to work hard and more to show that Woyanne really doesn’t represent the Tigray people.

  13. Joro Daba
    | #13

    Wy gud and Hello,

    Don’t be fooled by the title. Please first read the article before jumping to criticism.

    Mesfin( The articulate one)
    We know MAMO is writing under your screen name.
    He smells woyanae…

    Admin: Please kick MAMO out.

    Joro daba aka yelehubetem

  14. Mesfin
    | #14

    Wow, when I was writing my comments above a couple more people come up with harsh words on Ato Berhne’s article. Just like Samson said above guys pleas go back and read the whole article once again. Ato Berhne’s style is probably a bit different from what we used to when he writes. At the beginning you would think he was writing the article with a strong criticism of Ato Obang’s latest work, but that is not the case. Keep going; Keep reading up until you get through with it. Then you can see the whole picture.

  15. Wey Hagere
    | #15

    OH I read the first paragraph and got all mad…well I appologize!!

  16. esat
    | #16

    Unfortunately, Mr. Birhan obang mehto did all the things you criticize him not doing. Before criticizing obang do some research, meet him and ask him what he did, ask others about him and you will get the answer. Mr obang is the right person to criticize the diaspora Ethiopians, kinjit,eprdf, and the likes. What Mr. Obang did on his own, the 250,000 stong ethiopian in the USA haven’t done it. He has been the voice of Anuaks and Ethiopians for many years. So before you spend your time writing this junk, Mr. Birhan go and read about anuak justice council.

    from toronto

  17. Betty
    | #17


    Could you please try to understand what the brother is saying. Read it again he is supporting him

  18. | #18

    kkkkkk…AYE KINJIT WEY ATAMERU.. WEY ATAFERU. than’s god that i’m knot one of u losser’s.i guss is hot out here for pimp holla.. LONG LIVE EPRDF.

  19. TATEK
    | #19

    An attempt by the Eritrean regime, which received a severe blow on the battle and diplomatic fronts, to mastermind terrorist attacks have successfully been foiled, the National Intelligence and Security Service and the Anti-terrorism Taskforce under the Federal Police Commission said.
    you will never have the chance to hert us.

  20. ataklti
    | #20

    you write what I want to write. God bless you.

  21. | #21

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