Reporters Without Borders’ 2007 Anual Report

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Reporters Without Boders | February 1st, 2007

The international community might have believed that legislative elections in May 2005 would mark the end of “authoritarian democracy”? and the beginning of a genuine openness. But the polling fiasco and the riots which followed them dashed this hope. Around 15 journalists have been in prison since November 2005 after being picked up in a crackdown on the opposition coalition.

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  1. TATEK
    | #1

    There is no other cruel and irresponsible torture than miss informing the public.

  2. TATEK
    | #2

    Ethiopia is best place for true journalist or proffesionlist journalist, but worst place for those OLF and other anti-Ethiopian amatar journalist.
    for schabiya too !!!

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