More on torture at Mae’kelawi

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Source: Seminawrok | February 1st, 2007

Further details about the Mae’kelawi torture are uncovered by this blogger. Police sources confirmed that the US resident who has been detained and tortured at Mae’kelawi is Daniel Hailemariam. He is accused of liasoning young Kinijit supporters in Ethiopia with diaspora backers. He has denied any knowledge of the diaspora kinijit leaders.

Both Endalkachew Melese and Zenebe Tadesse reside in Saris Kadisco area. Another man who has been suffering from torture at the same prison is Sisaye Bogale, employee of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.
Torture alert:
The following persons have been arrested and tortured at Mae’kelawi:

Endalkachew Melese
Zenebe Tadesse
Hirut Kifle
Fantaye Beyene
Daniel Hailemariam
Saba Mekonen
Menbere Tsegaye
Tigist Tilahun

This must stop right now. Please ask international human rights organizations to pressurise the EPRDF government to stop torturing political dissidents.

  1. j.p.h
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    This is really sad news! We have to at least expose the situation continuously, until the World sees the real picture of the atrocity. Thank you for the news and if possible we have to support our hurt with some visually seen photos and video clips. I know how that could be dangerous and difficult, but despite the fact several pictures and videos have been recovered by some brave Ethiopians, and the messages are powerful to the World.

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